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June 22, 2007

Three weeks on two motorized wheels!

It's been about three weeks driving my motorcycle every day back and forth to work. It's not getting the gas mileage I was hoping for, but it sure beats most cars. It's only doing 40mpg right now. I think part of the reason is that after all the messing around with the carberators I did, it's not idling properly and needs to be tuned up.
Still, I'd like to get that mileage up to about 50mpg. This is a 1979 bike so it can be worked on.
With this much practice, now i'm feeling confident on the bike and I'm signed up for the "Street Smarts" and "ERC" (Expert Rider's Course) July 10th and 15th. These classes taught by the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center are awesome. I took the Beginning Rider's Course when I first learned how to drive a motorcycle and it really helped me. A real life example of how it helps...
Last week a cab went through a red light when I was crossing the intersection. He slammed on his breaks halfway into my lane, I swerved instantly and missed his front left quarter-panel by inches. Swerving by counter-stearing is one of the skills taught in that class. Fast, emergency breaking while maintaining control is also taught. I've had to use that several times also. People drive stupidly sometimes. But it's easier to predict stupid moves with the tips taught in these classes. So, I'm excited. The Beginning Rider's Course is done on their small motorcycles and the ERC I'm taking in July is done on my own bike. That should be very interesting and fun.
I'm also beginning the process of rebuilding a 1974 Honda CB 360 for my wife. It's a smaller bike so she can stand over it. This one is definately a project that might take all summer.

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