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August 5, 2007

Ten Days with Jeff Ray

Last night I took my wife and another couple out to the Ginko Cafe on Snelling after dinner to hear Jeff Ray play. I did it mostly to seize an opportunity that presents itself and is gone like a vapor if not recognized. Jeff is promoting his newest "record", Last Great Winter. As usual Jeff's playing was mesmerizing; the guitar seems to take on a voice of it's own, singing it's own tune with Jeff as backup!
Several years ago I discovered the power of Jeff's music for long bicycle rides. The reason it works for me is that it's mostly instrumental with fast, motivating lyrics and a perfect pedalling cadence beating underneath for a good workout.
This morning I woke up slowly, quiet and peaceful after a good night of sleep. Waking up slowly is a rare opportunity that I savor. Hanging out with my wife, sipping coffee it dawned on me that I had Jeff's new CD sitting there on the table unopened. I looked at the case and read the names of the ten songs. It's funny how disconnected those names seem to me, with the feeling of the guitar sounds. Jeff said it would be interesting to hear my feedback on the new Album, so the inspiration came to me this morning as I put the CD in the player and turned it on. Ten Songs, Ten Days with Jeff Ray. Each day for the next ten days I will attempt to put into words the feeling of each song, giving a name to each one that represents how It feels to me.

As I reflect, sip my coffee, listen to the entire album as a whole, the Morning gives a name to the first song, Peace with a heartbeat of excitement; Anticipation.

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