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August 7, 2007

Ten Days with Jeff Ray

Today the Jeff Ray song of the day is dubbed, "Longing to Belong." It's a place we call home. It's the place we've been working at, or the place we hang out. Like another song we know, where everyone knows our name. It is the comfort and saftey zone.
Today felt like that at work, yet at the same time, there was a current of doubt as more people were laid off, and rumors were flying. Insecurity is fear and nobody wants to live in fear. I said when I first started here, that in order for me to solve the problems at this company, we would have to change the work culture. And I think that is about to happen in my department.
Here is another discontinuity in life. Too many times I've been in the situation where there is no security in a job. I have never been laid off or fired in my life, but who knows. Just like everyone else, I would love to go to work, feel like I'm making a valuable contribution to society and to others. And be appreciated. This is my longing for home. It's why I feel so good at home. It feels good and I'm loved and I give love. Even at work I'm working on my feeling of belonging. The song hit it on the spot. There is more to life than work, but it sure is nice when work-life is more than just a paycheck.

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