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August 11, 2007

Ten Days with Jeff Ray

Meet the Instructor Jeff Ray. Just last year the St. Paul Guitar Studio, LLC opened in Lowertown. This is such a cool idea, bringing together five instructors with vaired music backgrounds and styles to teach what you are interested in. Between all of the instructors, they span Rock, Blues, Fusion, Folk, Country, Classical, Finger-Style, R&B, Funk, Jazz, and Latin! I'm already plotting to take some lessons this winter.
What I thought would be fun is to find an old mandolin with good sound and turn it into a resophonic slide mandolin. Do you think Jeff could teach me how to play it? The way he tunes his guitar on stage over and over, he could probably tune anything and make it work, haha.
Now I'm off on my road trip, ipod in hand. I get to drive for five hours listening to nothing but Jeff Ray. ;-)

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