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August 13, 2007

Ten Days with Jeff Ray

I didn't listen to Jeff Ray at all today. But a spark that started a flame has prompted a search for a new creative endeavor for me. Actually several sparks, several fires, an interest in beginning and and creating new beautiful things. It's like the flame of magic on my fingertips as I touch the flower bud and see it open and bloom. The cool, silver liquid flowing through me, spreading outward and through me, bringing out the beauty that is hiding, waiting to be released. Calling to be released.
I don't have any money to buy the instrument I found, but I'm solving that problem by selling two extra bikes I have. Anyone want to buy a bike? I have a brown Schwinn Suburban five speed that I just love commuting on. I'll sell it for 60 dollars. It's in great working order and has a rack on back for hauling stuff. New, semi-knobby 27" tires for all condition riding. I rode with those tires last winter and it handled most conditions and kept my upright. It's a classy old-style upright bike with comfortable spring seat.
And I have an antique rod-brake british 3-speed that is a little too tall for me. This is a great bike that needs the right owner. It works and has new brake pads. I'm 5'10" so you would need to be taller than me to really fit this bike. I would sell this for 100 dollars.
Selling these two bikes would buy me a used mandolin I found. Anyone interested in helping me get this instrument? Need a bike?
The other creative spark is the collective yoga/spiritual/healing/arts center I'm becoming involved in creating. We met for the second time tonight. There is a very cool energy that comes from beginning something new, creating something that comes from everyone involved.
Jeff Ray, you rock. I think it's energy in your soul that always smiles and radiates out with your music.

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