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August 14, 2007

Ten Days with Jeff Ray

Sandstone Footprints (June Generation album)

Just like our days, sandstone footprints crumble away. Nothing is permanant. But I don't mind. Soon we'll find a brand new way. Phrases like these remind me of how all of life really is not about time at all. It's about change. We are and everything else is in the process of changing from one form to another. From solid to liquid, liquid to gas, to energy, etc. Nothing stays the same. But I don't mind. It has to be that way. Sandstone footprints have to crumble away because it's the nature of all things.

All things change. New things are always being created and soon we'll find a brand new way.

btw...I found a mandolin and just have to pick it up this weekend. Music is cool. making music is cool. my trumpet practice will be put on hold for a while I think. Like Sandstone footprints. :-)

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