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August 28, 2007

Mandolin Rain

Last night I purchased a mandolin, case, chromatic tuner, instructional material and hope that I can learn this new, interesting instrument. I've never played guitar or anything else so it's a gamble, but I'm encouraged. Last night I learned four chords and basic strumming technique and previewed my other lesson material. Now I'm on vacation for a week so I can practice a lot and see what a little immersion feels like. My fingers are a little sore already. haha.
I purchased a Roger RM-50. Not top of the line, but it sounded better than a few of the other ones I was trying out. I had another customer help me check the sound quality. He was in there to buy a mandolin also, but he was an avid guitar player and probably had a better ear than I did. So I had him play some things on the mandolins I was looking at to see which one sounded better. I think I made a good choice and am satisfied with it. Then a young girl and her mom were in there looking for mandolin music so I talked to them about instructional material and settled on a combination of what they recommended and what the store owner recommended. I think it'll be fun. The trumpet is on hold for a while I think. ;-)
Now, back to practice!

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