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September 27, 2007

To Kill a City - My current reading list

I live in the city and have seen some ugly things happening. Then just the other day I read an article in a newspaper which quoted Jane Jacobs. Her ideas resonated with me. I felt a connection. As the community bike shop gets uprooted and forced to move to a different community, to serve a different community, to be part of the growth and learning of a different community, I feel kind of sad.
Basically the change occurred like this:
The owner of the building defaulted on his loans and had to sell. Run.
Developers built condos in the sea of parking lots all around it and are planning more.
New Condo owners complained about our type of business in their new upscale neighborhood.
Now the good 'neighbors' are fighting the new owners because the building is planned for work-force low-income housing. They don't want that in their neighborhood.
This got me thinking that I should learn more about what kills a city, pits 'neighbor' against neighbor. So here is my new reading list:
All three Jane Jacobs books
City Politics - Private power and public policy - Dennis R. Judd and Todd Swanstrom
Seduced by Hitler - Adam LeBor and Roger Boyes
The failures of Integration - How race and class are undermining the american dream - Sheryll Cashin
Urban Injustice - how ghettos happen - David Hilfiker, MD
and a book by James Howard Kunstler.

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