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May 14, 2008

A toast to my son

When we dropped off our toddler at daycare, we worried if they would take good care of him.
When we watched our little boy get on his first school bus, we worried that they would get him there safely.
We worried about the bullies at school, the grades he made, the friends he hung out with.
We worried about the transitions from one grade to the next, from one school to the next.
We couldn’t wait until he grew up so we could stop worrying.
But then our young man moved out of our house, and we worried that he would never return.
There is a lot that can happen in life, and a lot of things for parents to worry about,
But there is also a lot to be sure about, like when we first set out on our own to find the world, to find the love of our life and reach for our dreams. Even when our parents worried about us, we had the world at our feet and the power to make it all work out.
We discovered that life’s not always easy and things don’t always work out as planned. But the love we find in life makes all the difference in the world. When we have someone to share the struggles and the joys with, our lives seem just that much more meaningful. Love enriches our lives. It makes us happy. When we look at this grown man and think about the love he has in his life now, and what that really means for his life, we don’t have to worry any more.

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