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August 22, 2006

President Bush is straining the psyche of our country.

President Bush is straining the psyche of our country. He talks about our country losing it's soul if we don't support people who want to live in freedom, but our country has already lost it's soul as we use power and control over other human beings for personal financial gain. Our government uses words like this to convince you that you are not patriotic or don't love freedom or you have no soul if you don't support their decisions and actions. Does President Bush really LOVE the Iraqi people? Does he really LOVE The Lebanese? His answer is more
military power. It's because he doesn't really understand what love is. President Bush is about as Christ-like as a terrorist. President Bush is straining the psyche of our country, not his war in Iraq.

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August 19, 2006

Fifty things I want the world to know - 2

2. Whenever we think we are better than someone else because of our skills, brain, muscle, talent, position, etc. we are already rotting flesh with propultion, moving around flapping our lips, gone from the inside out. Except we cannot smell the stench yet. If we make it long enough , we have an accident or get older and have kidney problems, or cancer or lose our hearing, we will smell it. As we are forced out of our career and livelihood by a younger, more talented, more beautiful, stronger, better connnected, faster person, we will smell it. It's good not to treat other people like the rotting flesh, plugging our noses when we are the ones who stink. Is there a more repugnant smell than treating someone else like shit? If we are somehow better, just wait a while, we'll be no different, but by then we'll have wasted our opportunity to love another human being. We'll have wasted our gifts by hoarding. When we look at other human beings, it's good to be humble.

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August 16, 2006

Fifty things I want the world to know

1. I want the world to know that people count. People may not seem equal in skills or talent, but each person has an equal value. If we cannot see that value, we are the one's who are lacking.

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August 15, 2006

Hit and Run

Yesterday my dogs made a way through the fence and escaped. They went on a little neighborhood tour. My daughter discovered they were gone almost right away and started driving around the neighborhood to find them. She was about four blocks from our house when she saw one of the dogs so she pulled up and called out to her. She didn't come at first, but then when my daughter opened up the door she ran and jumped in. Then my daughter saw the other dog, laying in the boulevard whimpering. He couldn't walk and he was in a lot of pain.
Well, the looked him over and determined that he was hit by a car. His hip was dislocated and he had bruises all over. The vet reset it, but it's all bandaged up and difficult to tell yet if it will heal or if it will pop out again. I'm hoping it will heal. We'll know in about a week I think.

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August 11, 2006

Doing good things

It's good to do good just because it's good. We don't need to have an alterior motive or wait for something to gain if we have a mind to do good.

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August 8, 2006

Drilling a derailer adjuster out

My cable adjuster in the rear derailer snapped off in the derailer hole and I had to drill it out. I nearly wrecked the derailer but it was shot anyway. I did a pretty good job of it but it was time consuming and now it's back together and the bike is working. I should have just replaced the whole cable and housing at the same time, since the sticky housing is what got me started on this repair in the first place. The cable is all twisted and rusted, so I'm going to replace that tomorrow. Maybe put a new derailer on that I can adjust again. My mountain bike race is on August 26, about 3 weeks from now so I'd better get it working good enough so I don't have troubles with it during the race. I remember last winter this thing got stuck in one gear while racing on the ice and it was a pain. I could have won one race too if I had another gear to shift into. But it's a good thing I'm working on it now rather than the night before the race haha.

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Changes with age

One thing that happened to me tonight made me think about the changes going on in my body as I get older. As anyone who has been reading my blog I've been getting pretty physical and working out a lot and feel like I've made some incredible gains in the fitness area. But tonight in one instant I hurt my foot so now it hurts to walk. How? By crouching down next to my bike working on the rear derailer. Somehow my left toes bent funny or something and I felt this pain in my toes. now it hurts to put pressure on those toes.
I think this is part of not being well rounded in fitness yet, but more so a sign of the changes that happen to our bodies as we age. Things like that seem to happen a lot easier and our bodies are not as forgiving and do not recover as quickly. Though I'm far from being old, in our general idea of an average human lifespan, I'm no longer a growing teen and I experience the aches and pains of falling apart. I also seem to recover a lot slower than I did when younger.
However, I still have a long way to go to understand sports nutrition and proper, healthy living. So I'm sure there is a lot more I can be doing to minimize injury and make myself as healthy as I can. So I'm stilll on the track to better shape.
Change is inevitable. And I'm willing to accept change, but do I really understand what is changing and why? Sometimes I think we could attribute problems with aging when it's really years of unhealthy living catching up to us. For instance if I were a smoker still I'd probably be feeling much worse than I am now and have a lot less energy to go around. So I'm better off on this goal of good healthy living and general overall fitness.

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August 7, 2006


What happened? I haven't been able to get motivated to train seriously since Friday. I discovered some kind of allergic reaction to something in the lake water when I went swimming on Friday night. I was trying a new pair of goggles and they were leaking constantly for the whole mile swim and when I got out I was sneezing with itchy eyes and running nose. It got worse. I had to take some benedryl. Then by Saturday afternoon I felt better. I'm still recovering. Now I have to go out and buy a new pair of goggles that work before going swimming again.
But ever since this episode, I have not been able to get myself to get going. I'm almost back to normal but still trying to get get going. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I am going to bike hard into work and bring my running stuff so I can run at lunch.
I discovered Allergies can take away my motivation. chemical imbalance in the system?

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August 5, 2006

How will you see me?

How will I see you? I keep looking into your eyes, listening to your cries, hearing what I've already heard. Seeing what I've already seen.
So how can I see you, for who you are until I can be what you see in me? I'm trying my friend.

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August 1, 2006

A person's value for any given purpose

Today I went for a job interview. It's the first time in six years that I've done this. One thing that's weird about this whole process is that person A has to convince persons B, C, and D that A is exactly what they are looking for. Person A has to promote Person A to B, C and D in a way that they find a value in A.
One of the problems with this scenario is the money involved. Person A has to convince B, C and D that A is worth what A is asking. Well, A is currently getting paid a certain amount and doesn't really want to take less, so B, C and D must be convinced that A is worth what A is getting paid currently. It's wierd.
I know the goal of the owners of the company is to make money. The purpose of companies to exist is to make money for the owners. It's an interesting position for employees of the company, B, C & D to have to place a value on a person applying for a position in their owner's company. I don't even know if I'm worth what I'm making but I'm doing a job and someone is paying me to do it and I keep getting raises and they are satisfied with my work and value it to some degree. Therefore I must be worth what I am getting paid. By this company. It's all wierd. In any case, I have opened pandora's box. I am looking for a new job. My current company doesn't value me as a person, yet still pay me as if they do. Short sighted B, C and D people don't understand that the real value of a human being is not the money but the person. In society we slap all kinds of labels on people and place values on them and many times it is because of this need to make money. Or the perceived need to make money for the owners of a company even if we are not the owners of the company. Many people value themselves by the company they keep and the position they hold. One of my problems with seeking new employment is I don't value position or title, I value my contribution to other human beings. So i'm struggling with this a little.

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