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April 29, 2007

Craftstravaganza was a huge success!

There were so many people at the State Fair Grounds this last Saturday at the Craftstravaganza that we hardly got a break all day! I don't know what the official count was yet, but there were thousands of people there. The isles were packed with people almost all day!
In any case I really enjoyed talking to people about some of my artwork. And I could not believe how many people actually said they made these Pysanki themselves. It's really cool.


I was not able to give away any of my Ukrainian Easter Eggs to any of my blog readers. Too busy I guess. Oh well, maybe next year.

Overall I would have to say that Saturday was a very positive day for me. Now I'm working at cleaning and blowing out my 23 new goose eggs I picked up on Friday night. yikes.

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April 26, 2007

Happy Day!

Saturday is the Craftstravaganza at the State Fair Grounds in the Fine Arts Building. Be there or be square. I'll be there. Come and say say hi. Do you know what my craft is? The first person to show up and tell me you heard about it on my blog gets a free one! I'm serious. I'm really good at it and I want to give you something special. I'm so excited. This will be a blast. Last year we bought a cool woven plastic bowl made from recycled plastic heated up. It is awesome. Also, if you are into Zines, I picked up a few good ones there from around the country.
Did I mention there is live music?
Hope to see you there. 9am to 4pm Saturday, April 28th.

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April 19, 2007

For lack of a better system, I got started

This falls under the category Change by Will.

Change requires an change agent doesn't it? One force acts on another and there is a reaction of some kind and an effect or effects. Change occurs in one force or the other or both and maybe even the surrounding objects. Maybe my description is crude, but in my view change is basically cause and effect. So at work I'm trying to implement personal change in order to accomlish what I was hired to do. I realized right away I did not have the skills, knowledge or wisdom to to tackle the challenge ahead. I began to study project management and improve my technical skills. Six months later, I'm still working on it.
But right from the beginning I started keeping a daily work journal. It's already proven very useful, but now I'm finally getting around to doing what I meant to do all along. I'm creating a weekly summary of what I did with an ongoing task/completion list. The next logical step is to take the time to reflect on my week, plan for the next week and look back at the big picture. Why am I here?
I answer that by accomplishing what I was hired to do. And for that I needed to change.

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April 15, 2007

Working on Bikes is Fun!

Today I cleaned and organized the bike shop, and did some basic bike maintenance on my own bike, then taught a bike class to a group of 8 ten year old boys. It was fun!

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April 12, 2007


Progress is inspiring and motivating, so it makes sense to make progress, to make motivation.

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April 6, 2007

A Chinese Meditation for YOU

So today I couldn't pass up a book on Chinese proverbs and meditations complete with Tao Stones. There are 8 stones of two colors, each with the chinese characters for Tao, Yin, Yang, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth. This makes sixty four combinations of characters, from which we can obtain a personal reading and meditation.
Today you are lucky. I am going to draw two stones from the red and gold dragon bag and give you a reading. As with all little gems of wisdom, it does us no good unless we somehow find a way to apply it to our lives.
WOW! you get Metal and Tao! Very auspicious!

First the Proverb: Sacrificing your conscience to ambition is like burning a painting to get the ashes.

Now the poem:
No act of power goes without its reward.
A good deed brings back good in return.
Be gracious, my child, in your power
And bless the common people,
So that your reign may continue forever.

Is there much to add? Act justly, live humbly and walk quietly with your God.

My thoughts on this:
In the end, nobody can live your life for you, and nobody but you can look into the mirror and know if you've been true to who you are and what you believe in. It's better to live your life honestly with yourself than sacrifice your principles along the way. Yeah, easier said than done sometimes, but life is what it is and we know what we know. We all die, some sooner than others, and it sure is nice to be able to see an image in the mirror we are not ashamed to look at. And oh the beauty we miss in life when we lose sight of who we really are.

Have a great day!

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April 5, 2007

Modifacations to my programming

You know how the programming process goes... Plan, code, test, debug, test, debug, test, debug...
Same is true with developing more efficient working habits. There is some debugging to do. But the design is good, the company is good, and it'll be a high-performance application. Providing I can get it done before the deadline. Whenever that is. Yes, I know there is a learning curve on any new job, but I'm approaching the end of my first six months and I realize that I am just at the beginning of really learning what I need to know to accomplish what I need to accomplish. It has been fun and challenging though. Now for the next six months...

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April 3, 2007

The Fat Cat has left the building

Our empty nest just got one 19-pound cat lighter. This is the same cat that we put on diet food and then found out later he was still gaining weight! After installing the secret night-vision spy cams with motion detectors, we discovered he was eating the dog's food too!
Really at 19 pounds this cat is bigger than some dogs. Kind of like a R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Size). But our cat looked and walked like a racoon instead of a giant rat. He was kind of lazy too. When he ate his food he laid by his bowl and pulled up under his chin to eat! But now he's gone. He left home with one of our children. I'm wondering if he'll miss picking on the other cats. He was kind of a bully. In fact our oldest cat now can be seen out walking around in broad daylight! So, that's it. One more departure from the family zoo. The Fat Cat has left the building, let the singing begin.

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April 2, 2007

Flash Fiction Number 17 - Language Learner

Language Learner

I learn the words, pronouncing each one with feeling, as only a human being can feel.
But your language is still foreign. It’s not mine because I did not grow up with it. I did not say my first words with it or think my first thoughts of love with it. Even now the flutters that I get are a foreign translation. Maybe you cannot see my butterflies when they flutter about with other words.
They say that all human beings think with the same feelings, but when we feel with the same thoughts, maybe then you will understand me.

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Flash Fiction Number 16 - Getaway


“Own it now!? the ad said. “Once the exclusive luxury of the very wealthy, this age of affluence has brought you the leisure you desire.?
In the worst way, he wanted to get away from the pressures of work and this damn congested city!
Torn between career demands, planning for retirement and just surviving, he reached a boiling point. “It’s either this crazy idea or explode!? Visions of deep woods, with no people around filled his eyes.
Be rational, he told himself and picked up the phone. Every Sunday night was the same, but exhilarated he asked about the ad.

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