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May 30, 2007

New Old New

I bought a motorcycle. It broke. I fixed it. It took three weeks but I had to wait for parts, twice. So I've been driving my motorcycle back and forth to work every day this week, relearning how to drive one. I had a motorcycle a few years ago and gave it away. Now I have one again. It's a fun to drive. It's almost the same kind of bike that I had before, only one year newer. So instead of a 750 - 4 Honda motorcycle made in 1978 I'm driving a 1979 Yamaha 750 triple.

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May 22, 2007

A lesson in Patience

I bought a motorbike, it did work, but then broke. I did some troubleshooting, ordered the part, waited a week for it to arrive and fixed the problem. Until it really didn't fix the problem. It fixed only one of the problems. So it still doesn't work. So I did some more troubleshooting and discovered the carberator float had a crack and was filled with gas. So I ordered a part and it'll be in on Friday. Three weeks with a bike torn apart, put back together, torn apart...and waiting for parts. And in the mean time I'm learning to dislike our local bus system. Anything over a few miles and requiring more than one transfer is not fun or reliable. I missed several busses in the last few months because one bus or the other was running too early or too late to make a connection. And then there is the waiting. Three hours per day on the bus is not a good use of time. And it's too disruptive on the bus to study or read.
Maybe next year I'll buy a little yellow and black Smart Car.

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May 13, 2007

Cleaning out the Junk

Do you know how liberating it feels to haul away junk? To clean out a garage that took years to fill with stuff? It feels really good and having my space become clean and organized again is very motivating. The release of attachment to stuff is very motivating.

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May 3, 2007

The excitment of Dogs

When we come home, the dogs go wild. They spin around and wag their whole bodies! It's so funny and cute! All of life should be like this, don't you think?

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May 2, 2007

I never got into that blogging thing

The other day I mentioned something about my blog to a friend and he said, "I never got into that blogging thing." And I just sat there, like, Oh. And then we moved on to other things, but I thought about it afterwards, and it reminded me that blogging is really not that important to some people. Many people. Nobody in my entire family except me blogs. It's like computers. We all take them so seriously but I know quite a few very good people who get along just fine without the internet or computers. And they are happy, successful people.
Therefore the importance of blogs or computers is only relevant in the context of a reality that values them. It's all relative to how we see things and how we go about our business.

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