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January 20, 2008

A new skill, a new bag

Over the past month I've been learning a little how to sew things on our sewing machine. It's really an amazing machine. whoever invented this is a genius!
My first project was a simple pocket bag with the top edges folded over and sewn so there are no ragged edges. I used some old scrap flannel material. Now I keep my art cards in there.
My second project was another bag made from a portion of an old curtain. It has a draw string to one side and a loop at the top back to hook onto a belt or something. The loop was already on there to hang on the rod. So I basically folded the material over, creating a bag around that one loop. Call it creative reuse or something.
And my third sewing project is the grandest bag of all.
I sewed this bag with a double draw-string and gray-colored liner, with no raw edges showing. Basically its a bag inside of a bag. That was tough trying to figure out which side to sew together and which order to do it all in. But it worked and it's very cool.
Now I'm having dillusions of grandeur and thinking I that it's possible for me to sew my own clothes! Hats, costumes or something, someday, with a little more practice.
Sewing is fun! And it has tangible, useful results.

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January 17, 2008

Inspiration does not always lead to the vision

Last night I went to a writer's workshop and was really inspired. So when I got home I was all energized and wanted to create something. I decided I would finish a small art project I had started a while ago. And it was looking pretty cool until I applied the last two steps in the process, which could not be undone! The vision I had for this picture was not at all what it turned out like. So basically I ruined the art project. Now I have to put the creative process to work and figure out how to turn it into something else that does work.
This experience should teach me a lesson about this particular art technique. And I conclude that experience and knowledge are the partners of Inspiration in achieving a vision.

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