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June 20, 2008

Miscounted Hub Holes

Well, I'm finally building my fixed gear bike I bought all of the parts for, two years ago! The start of the project is to build my own wheels. The back wheel actually is going fine so far, but when I started on the front wheel I discovered the hub I bought has only 32 holes, vs. the 36 holes in the rear and in the rims I bought. So now I have to hunt for a good front hub to replace this one. I should have learned more about what I was getting before I bought. But I had this stuff picked out for me by someone who should know. I call it distraction. Too caught up in other life activities to make sure the right objects were assembled for the job.
But I think this project will finally get built.

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June 6, 2008

Hard work can get you by?

I think, yes, hard work can get you by in life. And it's rewarding in it's own way. But does that mean hard work = wealth or health? No. Not necessarily. I keep thinking about this more and more these days. I work really hard when motivated and have become skilled in my career field, but the job is not always satisfying or financially rewarding. But working hard and accomplishing things is rewarding. Recently I started entertaining the thoughts of starting my own business so I could work hard for myself.
But as I'm doing research into some business ideas, I keep asking myself, "How could anyone survive owning a business like that?" Many small businesses fail after a few years. Overhead is high, employment issues are challenging and generally revenue for small businesses aren't high enough to pay the owner a decent salary. I know friends who have done it, and are doing it but a couple that I talked to said they are just breaking even. So why be in business if it's destined to fail or fails to produce the kind of income or freedom desired? Passion for the work? The fun challenge of working hard?
I read that new businesses fail generally because the owners fail to plan to win. Every piece of advice I've read said that a good business plan covers all the bases and works on paper. It's less expensive to plan a winning business before even opening up the doors, vs. jumping in without a real plan and failing within a few years.
So I may be planning for a few years, or a lifetime.

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