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January 29, 2011

Learning a new art form

I want to understand the learning process. I want to understand what I have to learn. This is much more than a lesson in learning technique or skill. Learning a new art form is like learning to breathe again. Or learning to learn again. Breathing to learn again.
I want to understand what I'm supposed to learn to be able to create something new. To eventually be inspired to create something new. I want to learn.
At first I thought I could just learn the techniques and create something. But it is not really so. I look at the techniques and understand, they are not whole. They are just the motions behind the creative process. The creative process is understanding and knowledge and vision coming together. The techniques are necessary but do not create the artwork. The artwork is the vision and the techniques are the means. I am learning a new art form and the learning is part of the artwork. It is the heartbeat of the new art form. It is the heartbeat of creativity. And yet the heartbeat is only the beginning of new life.

Posted by carl1236 at 9:36 PM