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January 5, 2010

Facebook fun

I am now on Facebook and it has presented some interesting interactions and discoveries. It all started when I decided to upgrade my phone shortly before Christmas. Is anything by chance? I saw an ad for free internet-enabled phones and the expiration date was in two days. I checked my current contract and it had already expired months ago. I switched phone companies, got a new HTC droid and verizon wireless. Once I got it and set it up, I discovered what the real power of this phone is...connectivity. Instantly I was amazed at how connected with people I can be. Because it's easy to access google, I decided to switch email to gmail so I could get that on my phone. I then set up google docs so I could read and edit those on my phone.
Then a friend told me how she connected with so many old friends on facebook. I never had a desire to be on facebook, but then a couple other friends said they were on facebook too and I decided to try it. And of course, I had to try searching for old friends I might know.
A couple names later and poof, there they were. Two of my oldest and best friends from when I was in high-school. I contacted them and it's been fun finding out how their lives turned out over the past twenty five years. It is fun and interesting and I am thrilled to be able to reconnect after so long. I also have a lot of observations about this experience.
Number one, is that some mannerisms never change in people. But People do change. And I have changed. I see it in my reactions and my attitudes. I am more accepting of other people and compassionate. And I see that in my new-old friends too.
Facebook is the beginning of a new adventure for me in being connected with other people.

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