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February 12, 2010

The best present I have ever received

Whenever I see the words, "best" or "most" I instinctively rebel against our cultural expectations. My best present ever was not a car, or a cruise to some far off desert island, sipping margaritas. There are occasional gifts that I like a lot, and I could rank them by how much I use them., but to rank them is irrelevant to me because it's still just stuff. Tomorrow I may be without that stuff. But I could consider the emotional connection and thoughtfulness of the giver. I wish that I was as thoughtful when selecting gifts for others as some people have been for me.
A year ago at Christmas I received an electric blanket from my wife as a gift. I was constantly piling more blankets on my side of the bed so I could sleep more soundly. It's not something that I would have asked for, and certainly did not expect it. This is a thoughtful gift! With my blanket I don't have to suffer a MN winter night in a chilly bed. It's like I'm sleeping in the Bahamas.
Oh I get plenty of gadgets and clothes and wiz-bang stuff for gifts sometimes and those are good too in their own ways, but that electric blanket warms up my side of the bed before I even crawl in. And on a cold, blustery Saturday morning, I can lay there and read in total comfort. Nothing compares to thoughtfulness when it comes to perfect gifts, be it a practical gift or whimsical.
And I appreciate the caring and the practicality. I am not one to balk at a practical gift. You've heard that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but it is also through practical, handy, useful, thoughtful, caring gifts. So while I lay in my toasty bed of roses, dreaming of electric-wool sheep, I can be thankful for such a thoughtful wife and the gift of something I use and appreciate every night! It warms my heart!

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