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February 18, 2010

My Dad is a big man

It's my turn to shine a spotlight on the kind of person my dad is. And I recognize where some of my attitudes came from.
A few years ago my dad was honored in his local paper as he retired from his job as a rural district bus driver. "Bus driver Bob gets a big goodbye," the headline reads. My dad drove bus for nine years and four months and the kids loved him. It's the only name they could spell the same forward and backward.
Now my dad stands at six feet-four and a half inches, so that might be where some of the respect from these elementary school children comes from, but their smiles when they saw my dad told the story that they were happy to see him.
And from the stories my dad told, he treated them with respect and held them accountable for their actions on his bus. Maybe that's another reason they respected my dad.
I've always known my dad had a good heart and would give a person the shirt off his back. He would not pay his own bills in order to give one of his kids some cash when in need. He would drive hundreds of miles for someone in need, even if it wasn't a relative. And my dad is down to earth, honest and would rather make peace than carry a grudge. There are more than a few lessons he taught me when I was in trouble over the years. And those lessons usually involved getting at the heart of what I truly wanted and needed at the time. And I don't think my dad ever had a lot of money, but somehow I feel to focus on that would be missing the meaning of my dad's life.
One of my dad's greatest talents has always been the use of common sense and easy going temperament to help someone else. I can't say anything negative about my dad, because that would be to admit that in myself. My dad is a big man to live up to.

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