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February 20, 2010

If I could spend one day learning to do something I've never done before...

I would like to spend a whole day learning how to play games I've never played before. Tonight I was at a Korean New Years celebration and dinner and I learned about some games I have never heard about. I played Jegi-Chagi - like hacki-sack and Yut Nori, a traditional Korean family game. There was also Gong-gi Nori - a five marbles game. And I arranged to play a game of Paduk or Go with a teacher there. I am excited. That is an interesting game that is full of strategy and mental challenge.
I've always loved games and still like to play chess and other games. I'm not much of a fan of gambling games though, but like to play for fun. And I realized that there are a bunch of other cultural games I have never played before. It would be fun to just take a whole day to play and learn some new games.
When I was a scout leader we did something very cool and fun with the boys. We held an overnight sleepover at the church that hosted us. It was an all-night game night and pokemon tournament. We had plenty of cards there for everyone and even those boys that did not have their own cards learned how to play in little mini-workshops and practice rounds, taught by their peers before the tournament. Then we had the tournament and prizes. We also played risk, monopoly and Pogs! There was no sleeping going on at that sleepover!
Playing is essential in life. How easily we can forget how to play.

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