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February 25, 2010

My First Car

I reached into the jar and grabbed the next slip of paper. Ugh. Another car topic. But in the spirit of writing whatever comes up, here is very short tale of my first car, the one my dad traded a freezer for. My first car, a tank in it's own right, was a faded-powder blue1968 Buick LeSabre. (Very similar in appearance to this 1969 LeSabre sitting in a parts yard)
The 1968 LeSabre had slightly different grilles and taillights from previous years, and like this picture, had concealed windshield wipers. It had a square speedometer and big bench seats inside. When I got the car in 1979 or 1980, I don't really remember the exact year either, it was already old and almost ready for the junk yard. But I remember how proud I was to drive it to school for the first time. I got to park it in the west lot with all the other students and drive my friends. But like all old cars, it had it's issues and driving it to school was short lived. One of the first few times I drove it, the battery died while I was at school. I came out and it wouldn't start. I had to ask someone for a jump. Sucky. Yes, sucky is a real word when you are 17.
I don't even remember how or when I abandoned that car either. It meant nothing to me except that I had to have a car and this was the easiest one for me to obtain. But I did abandon my first car. Because I got another car after I left high school. And that is pretty much it. I did what most American teenage kids dream about when they get their license. A set of wheels meant freedom and mobility. It meant arriving at adulthood. I chuckle.
And that was my first ever car, and the end of my car blogging. If I draw another car slip from that jar, I'm turning it into a motorcycle story!

Tomorrow should be much more interesting (to me). Who would I most like to sit next to on a long plane ride, dead or alive? Hmmm. I see dead people.

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