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March 3, 2010

Remembering numbers from childhood

I remember my addresses and phone numbers of every place that I lived from 1st grade until High School. It's easy to remember, since I only lived in two places. I lived in Newport when I was in elementary school at 1520 fifth Avenue. The house is no longer there. It was a little house tucked back behind an industrial complex. After we moved, the company behind us moved our little house off the property and used our lot for expansion of their operations. Poof, gone. I remember the phone number too even though I no longer needed it.
Then we moved to Cottage Grove when I was in 8th Grade. I lived at 7848 Harkness Avenue, S. That house is also gone. It was torn down for commercial expansion. I remember our phone number too. But this number I called more to talk to my parents after I left home. And I graduated from High School, I moved around in the Army, not remembering a single phone number from that period in my life, until I moved back to MN to raise my family. Then I started with my own places. It was pretty interesting. We moved five times in five years.
But none of that surprises me that I can remember some numbers so well from childhood, and others not so much. The other number I clearly remember is my grandma and grandpas number. I must have called them a lot to say hello. So I guess the important numbers I remembered and the not-so important, I didn't.
More significant than the numbers I think, is that the two main houses I grew up in were torn down in the name of progress. That doesn't really bother me, because I was gone, but It is interesting to me. If I went back to look around either of those addresses, they would no longer be there. And when I lose my memories of the houses I grew up in, then I suspect the numbers will go too, because the numbers are linked to the memories of the people and places.

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