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March 4, 2010

One pet that I never had, but always wanted

Remember the Friends episodes when Ross had a pet monkey? And remember that song 'If I had a million dollars...' I'd get a pet monkey. What I really wanted was a pet chimp. A really smart one.
We have to keep things in perspective. I grew up with Disney showing monkeys as heroes in space and on earth. I grew up with the Planet of the Apes movies and cartoons. I learned to read with Curious George books. I also grew up with our human fascination with teaching monkeys to talk and communicate with us humans. I was fascinated by the monkey who learned how to use sign language, proving that they were capable of communication with us.
Would I have ever really wanted to take care of a real monkey? Probably not. Evidently I wasn't alone in wishing for a monkey when I was a child. But I have heard that they are a lot of work. I might have been up to it, but who knows. I never went as far as getting one.
I did however have all sorts of other pets, some of which were a huge amount of work. I had pet toads, frogs, snakes, dogs, cats, rabbit, bugs, hamsters and fish. And for a short time as a child we even had a pony. I think pets are generally a good addition to my life. I like the good nature of our pets, regardless of our moods. Speaking just about our dogs, they always seem really happy to see me and never hold a grudge. Our cat's however...
The rabbit was very affectionate and cuddly. But he left little pellets everywhere he hopped. And he chewed on things, like electric cables. And my snake tolerated me and had very little emotion.
Maybe someday I'll get a monkey, but probably not. It's a nice thought though. Maybe I'd spend my days trying to teach it to talk to me and to ride a bicycle.

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