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March 8, 2010

What I know about my parents wedding

I don't know if I never heard the details of my parents wedding or if I did and forgot, but I don't remember anything about it. Over the last few years we've been having more discussions in general about our family trees, especially since my brother and my parents and my aunts are digging into old information and hunting down leads. One common idea I hear is that it would be nice if previous generations left us a little more information!
At some point in a family tree, future generations might become curious about who you were and what your life was like. Maybe your family tree will die out and there will nobody curious enough to dig, but then again, maybe someone will be researching you for historical purposes in a town or region.
When my brother did some digging, he found out that our great grandfather on my mom's side was also being researched by the Wisconsin historical society because of his colorful past in Wisconsin. That was kind of a surprise, but convenient and helpful to my brother's research.
One of the purposes of this new writing project, my "journal in a jar" is so that I write down some of my family history, my experiences, my memories and my thoughts about things. Overall, I think there might be much more information available about people in our generation than there ever was in previous generations, so maybe research of family trees will not be as difficult as in the past.
But for my mom and dad's wedding? I know very little about it. Now I have to begin the process of finding out before they eventually take their memories, their ideas and dreams away with them. And I think in light these kind of thoughts, I had better record more about me and my wife to make it easier on future genealogy hunters. Also, because of our families efforts to find out about previous generations, It might even be my duty to leave more information for my future generations.

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