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March 15, 2010

John and Todd's big adventure to the City

When I was in elementary school my friend Todd and I decided we were going to ride bus from Newport into West Saint Paul to the Signal Hills Mall. That was when Signal Hills was a hoppin' place with movie theaters, and fun stores. That was close enough to the big City that it might as well have been. It's also in the neighborhood of the old Farel's Ice Cream place where birthday parties were incredible! That giant banana split and fire truck routine were amazing for kids.
Anyway, we decided, the two of us big boys, that we were old enough and smart enough to do this by ourselves. I think Todd was a little more advanced in the art of adventures than I was at this point, because he had it all planned out. I remember being surprised that we actually got away with it.
We paid our fare and rode the bus to Signal Hills. We watched a movie, hung out at the mall, and bought candy and stuff. Then we rode the bus home and our parents never knew. The bus driver put up only a small argument when we first tried to board the bus, but Todd had a good explanation. I forget what that was, but the driver said kind of gruffly, "Alright then, come on get on!" I think we were holding up his schedule.
I imagine myself now, as that bus driver, seeing two little kids getting on my bus.
"Does your mother know where you are?"
"Ye, yes. We are going to meet her at the mall."
"Like I'm supposed to believe any mom would let their kid go riding around on busses at your age!"
"Oh, but here's a note sir."
"Oh, no, I'm sorry, you cannot get on this bus. Go home and bring your mother with you."

That's not how it happened though. We did pay our fare, got on and spent a whole day at the mall and returned home safely. I don't really remember ever doing that again, but that first time stuck in my mind. That was our big adventure to the city.

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