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March 16, 2010

My First Job

My first real job was de-tasseling corn. It was hot, dirty work with long days, often in the hot sun or early morning cold and wet fields. Or both. Sometimes it poured down rain on us all day. But I actually enjoyed the hard work and sense of beating the clock to see how fast and efficient we could be.
The objective was to walk down isle after isle of corn stalks, reach up to each one, yank the tassel straight up, toss it on the ground and move on. As I remember it, the reason behind this job was to keep hybrid seed-corn from cross pollinating.
I did this for two years I think. The worst memory I have of this experience happened toward the middle of first season. I don't remember how it happened, but somehow our entire crew staged a mutiny and quit. I was not proud of that. I basically let myself be talked into something I did not feel was right. The crew leader talked to us. They brought in his supervisor to talk to us. All the while, we sat on the bus and stuck to our decision. Were we quitting all together or demanding more money? I don't even remember now. But I do remember that we all ended up quitting so they took us home. We rode home in silence and got off the bus and went home. That was the end of that part of it. The rest of the story is that there were no other jobs, and I still had no spending money. I learned a valuable lesson about work and life from that experience. Besides that one negative incident, it was hard, fun and a good first job.
I then moved on to selling shoes! ha ha.

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