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March 17, 2010

My Relationship with my Father

By telling about my relationship with my father, I am telling about how we get along, if we see eye to eye, how often we see each other and other related topics. there is so much any one of us could say about our dads. We've had enough experience to know by now how our relationship with our dad is. I'm going to keep this real short and just say a few good words and pray that I can spend more time with my dad.
I love my dad. Tonight I was talking to him about genealogy and where our Carlson ancestors came from. I never knew that my great grandfather, John, also had a brother named Eric. I would have liked to have known Eric. (my dad's dad's name was Erick) He sounded like a fun great uncle. My dad told me his earliest memories of his great uncle Eric. He used to call my dad, "The Kid." when he came to visit, he would say, "Let's go see the kid."
This story about his great uncle Eric reminded me of what happens when families get spread out and physically separated from each other. And that reminds me of the song, "Cats in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin. 'When you coming home son, I don't know when.' I've this job, the car and the kids. you know. A busy life. It's such a hassle to get away sometimes. My greatest wish in life sometimes is that I really could spend more time with my dad and mom. But it sure is great to chat with him on the phone and see him a few times a year.
I guess the only lesson in this story is one that I haven't learned yet. I have not learned how to slow down enough to see my father more. So right now, our relationship is like any distance relationship. We love it when we connect, but it's too long between. Thanks for calling tonight dad! I loved chatting with you. :-)

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