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March 22, 2010


As I mentioned previously, I have three brothers and a sister. So when we were growing up, I remember a crowded house. And when we ate meals, the food disappeared fast. The four boys came first and we were really active, so I can imagine that our food bill was one of the biggest expenses my parents had. Although, my mom always had a garden, which I loved. That's how I learned to love my veggies.
Here is something I've seen in many families. Siblings always seem to have such varied tastes. One would think that they were not living in the same households, eating the same foods. But not so in my house. I will eat just about anything and love it. When I was really young I loved to try things. I ate lutefisk, pickled herring, fried liver and onions, corned beef and hash, spinach, whatever. If it mooed, clucked, oinked, swam, grew or otherwise was edible, I would eat it and love it. But one of my younger brothers could not stand onions. It's just one of those things.
Another thing about Siblings. It seems there is one connection and bond that we start when we are very young, and it sticks with us. Probably because we start out together, and develop through life at pretty much the same time. We are familiar faces to each other. And with many families, someone to lean on in need and help out when they need a hand.
I would do almost anything to help one of my siblings if at all possible. It's nice to have that kind of family, and hopefully I can grow old with them. In one way, I wish we could all live in that eternal family setting we feel when we are young together. But our lives all split up a little as we get older and have our own responsibilities, jobs and families.
Now it's awesome when we can all get together for a wedding, Thanksgiving or even for funerals. As sad as funerals are, It's a really good feeling being around and seeing so many family members together. It's wonderful catching up and hearing all of their stories.
My dad and his siblings just experienced the loss of one of their siblings. That has to hit hard. I loved how all of them came together and told stories and comforted each other. To me that is a shining example of what siblings do for each other. And they are good role models for me as I get older.

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