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March 25, 2010

What I Enjoyed about this Last Winter

Spring of course! I enjoyed when winter was over. haha. Well, I'm just sayin' I was ready for the winter to be done. I was ready for some warmth.
But I did enjoy winter too. If I have to pick one thing, besides the beauty of winter, it has to be the good holidays with family, and the time off from work to explore new things and introduce some new technology into my life that is quite helpful. I have an e-book reader now, and I love it. I am reading more, I'm able to search text, and I'm able to take notes and carry it with me. Over the winter I also made myself mobile with an internet phone and email. I can stay connected a lot easier.
I have also read a lot this winter, and that was a nice luxury in a busy life. Maybe I liked it so much because I decided to slow down and take the time to enjoy reading again.
Maybe next year I'll take up cross country skiing again.

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