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March 30, 2010

My Least Enjoyed Chore as a Child

Dishes. That was our job. We hated it. We avoided it like the plague. I remember a few traumatic incidents when we didn't get the dishes done before bed and my parents came home late. We were pulled out of bed and forced to do them. It probably wasn't as late at night as it felt and it must have taken us hours to do those dishes while half asleep.
That did not make me like doing dishes any more. But eventually we got the hint that we would suffer more if we didn't do it. The lesson I learned was not to learn to like doing dishes, it was to lessen the pain by doing them before going to bed.
Now I don't mind doing dishes. Once I had to do it for myself, I learned the lesson of liking having clean dishes. And even as an adult there were times when I was lazy and didn't do dishes. But the older I get, the more I like having a clean kitchen. Especially the more I cook myself. When I cook, I can't stand leaving the dishes to the end of the meal. I like to clean up everything as I'm going. I found waiting until bedtime to do the dishes can be a very negative thing. Doing them as I go, and finishing immediately after I'm done cooking feels really positive.

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