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March 5, 2006

The boat that stayed

Well, I tried to give my old wooden sailboat away, but it is in too bad of condition. I kind of suspected this but you know, I don't have time to work on it nor do I know enough about boats to have known it was this bad off. But it's ok. I wish it would have been in better shape, but it's not and I really won't be able to work on this for at least another year. I wanted it to go to someone who wanted a good restoration project. But if it's this bad, it's almost like building a brand new boat. At least with a new boat the materials are all new so it's starting fresh. Rebuilding and reusing is a cool idea to me though. Oh, well, the boat didn't want to go. But my table saw did. I gave it to Josh because it was going unused and he is going to repair it and use it. New life for the table saw that I haven't used in at least 5 five years. And since I declared it Spring already, I've started my spring cleaning! haha. This table saw came out of my garage, which will be transformed into a bike shop/inventor's workshop, welding shop eventually. Proof that Spring is here? we rode from St. Paul to Minneapolis hauling the table saw on a trailer. Then I had a great cup of tea and rode back! It was really fun and a good experiment and experience! I can Imagine the possibilities knowing this is possible, because i did it! Yeah the boat stayed, and there is a good reason I'm sure. But the table saw went to a good home! So it was a great day!

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January 5, 2006

Giving up the boat

Well, tonight I knew there was a reason I hung out at Spokes Pizza longer than usual. After conducting business, one person in the group mentioned he was learning to build/restore a sailboat. I have a 1967 (I believe) Johnson X-Class racing scow sitting in my driveway waiting to be restored. I gave it to him if him and his friend want to take on the project. He was excited and had sailed an X boat before. They are pretty fast boats and fun to sail. Good for sailing on our lakes. It's a wooden sailboat that was made right here on White Bear Lake by Johnson Boat Works. Honestly, I really want to restore that boat and have put it on hold so many times and now I'm deeply involved in running a bike shop so have no time to restore this boat. So I'd rather see it go to someone who can appreciate it and will restore it. I made him promise if he doesn't restore it and sail it he has to give it back to me. It's up on a cradle and covered with tarps so it's not hurting it by me waiting to have more time. But I'm also excited if he takes it because then I won't feel bad that it's just sitting there waiting. If you know what I mean.
Isn't life full of priorities. It's one of the toughest tests or challenges that we have in life. And choices (or prioritizing our activities) are rarely clear. There is a lot of grey area in our priorities, and much of it is not so important as life and death, and prioritizing our activities becomes a matter of what we feel is the best use of our time now. Right now I feel like I won't get to the boat for at least 2 years. The bike shop and artwork and family is more important to me right now. So, I'm giving up the boat. And I'm happy about it. Is giving up the boat like giving up the ghost? No, I think it's more like giving someone who has the spirit to tackle a huge project like this the opportunity to do so.
Now I'm back to my original plan to build my own friendship sloop from a set of plans I bought in 1981, which I've carried with me all these years. It will be a fun project someday. When I'm making that a higher priority. So far I haven't though. It's ok, my boat will come out eventually. I like working with wood and sailing, so maybe down the road as I have more time I'll set myself up in a boat shop and go to it. Hmmm. bikes 'n' Boat'. Has kind of a ring to it. Maybe I need to build a pedal powered boat. haha.

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