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December 8, 2006

Play Go?

I first discovered the game of GO in January of this year. So almost a year later I finally bought a portable game board with pieces. It's a fun game that takes a while to play. It's interesting because like many games it's a good way to practice focus and forward thinking.
Anyone want to come over for some Korean food and a game of Go? Or how about the card game Hwa-tu (hanafuda)? I would love to find people to play that with also.

Speaking of games, I am creating a Korean Language word card game to teach me Hanja and Korean vocabulary together. The basic premise is that cards can be combined with other cards to form words. Cards in the deck have point values and also words of different lengths have point values which multiply the players score. There is a game that can be played with a partner and also a solitaire version.

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September 29, 2006

I found some Hwa-Tu Cards, let's play!

I now have a set of Korean Hwa-Tu cards (Japanese Hanafuda, or flower cards)! I found them at Kim's Market on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul for $2.49.
So tonight I bought some Kimchi, Jasmine rice and Hwa-tu cards and learned to play the game. It was a bit confusing at first, but the instructions I found online were pretty extensive so we were able to figure it out. And they were right, it is an easy game once you learn the scoring combinations.
Either I didn't catch on quick enough to the strategies of the game or I had really bad luck, because I got whooped, ending the game with zero points! But now I have my first taste of a common Korean game. I can also play it with my friends who are studying Japanese, with a few slight variations in scoring.
If anyone wants to meet for coffee and a game of Hwa-Tu just let me know! It would be fun.

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