May 2, 2005

Vacation and the Lady Tramp

What would a Lady Tramp care about the end of the semester, I still have to work full time. I feel so overwelmed working full time and going to school half time that I just can hardly wait till the end of the semester so I get a vacation from homework. I always think tha tI'm going to run through the house screaming (with Joy ) life will be a breezer, I really should be glad, but instead I'm blue. It feels like something is missing when I'm on vacation from school.
I miss the intellectual stimulation, I miss the challenge, I miss having more to do than I have time---go figure. I still have some homework to get completed this summer so I shouldn't have too much withdrawl. I won't have the comradere of the debate house or the feed back from my professors--yes I like feedback especially when it is from positive people. So Kay Sa Ra Sa Ra.

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May 1, 2005

Illness and the Lady Tramp

What could a Lady Tramp possibly know about illness. I don not have a M.D. behind my name. However I do have a philosophy. I beleive when I am on the right path spiritually I am healthy. When I am not on the right path I get sick.
So I guess I should clarify my opinion--or philosophy as I prefer to call it. For instance when I moved to Las Vegas I was sick for the first couple of months. During this time I wasn't doing much to feed my soul. I didn't go to church, I didn't go to any support groups and I gave my power away. I'm not saying coming to Las Vegas was the wrong path. I'm saying that my actions, or lack of them and my soul were in opposition. If I quit feeding my body I get sick. If I quit feeding my sould I get the same reaction, my body gets sick. There are other things that cause my soul to get sick...worry, anxiety, resentment, and lack of faith just to name a few. There is even more to this story. If I include negative people or people that are not on the right path in my life, I get sick.
Amazing how something I can't even see can affect me in such physical way.

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April 21, 2005

Inspiration and the Lady Tramp

What does the Lady Tramp find inspiring? Many things, however this week was not one of those weeks. What happens when someone you respect and admire is frustrated with you. I usually feel badly. When I disapoint someone whose respect I would like to have, I am usually disappointed in myself. Since I don't like feeling disappointed in myself, I try to take a step back and put myself in their shoes.
So I put myself in their position by reminding myself what is like for me when I supervise young apprentices. I tell them that no question is to stupid to ask. I was very green when I was in the apprenticeship, as a matter of fact I didn't even know the name of the tools in my tool pouch. My journeyman had to tell me what to do every step of the way. On days that I am in a good mood I have no trouble with guidance in a kind and nurturing way. On days when I feel overwelmed, I bark commands and am short tempered in short I am very vindictive and intolerant.
Back to the person I disappointed with too many questions and negative energy. Maybe that person is overwhelmed, it is the end of the semester, the end of the semester is hard on everyone involved in school at this time.
So rather than being too disappointed in myself, I will remind myself that I can own some of the frustration, but I do not have to own what is not mine--and maybe this person is overwelmed themselves.
The last step is to release this--easily said, not easily done.

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April 17, 2005

Harry Potter and the Lady Tramp

What could Harry Potter possibly have in common with the lady tramp. Imagination--thats what. My imagination was reborn when I read the first book. The man who suggested the book is not someone I would think would suggest the book. My boss : electrical designer, superintendant, math whiz, was the man who suggested the book to me...amazing that a book could draw people together from everywhere and anywhere.
We all do have one thing in common; we were all kids once. Some of us would like to be kids again. I try to revisit childhool every chance I get. When ever I enter a drugstore, I like to look in the toy isle--fun, fun, fun. I still like to play board games too.
I think that is why I liked Harry Potter so much, I got to be a kid again.
I've listed some of the greatest things about being a kid in the extended entry...I wonder if you have the same great memories too.

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March 31, 2005

Time and money

Time and money, two issues very important to students and the working population a like. Time, the topic of this weeks class reading, was particularily interesting, or maybe ironic is a better word in this case. My lack of time has been increasingly adding stress to my life. I love school... I love school so much I suggested in a recent class that it would be great if there was a profession where I could be a professional student. The professor smiled and said ther's called being a professor.
I work in the construction trade. Tradespeople and Academics seem to have a completely different idea of what life is all about. For instance, when I was in Minnesota last, a business associate asked me about school. I was very excited and described my course, "rhetoric of rock music". He rolled his eyes at me and exclaimed, "What a waste of money!" I was irritated but didn't react.
The mind set hasn't changed on the west side of the country. Last week I talked to my boss about needing time to do homework....he looked at me like I was nuts. He couldn't beleive that I would pass up overtime(time and a half/double time), or as far as that goes, ANY work time to do homework. So much for that idea.
So I feel a little frustrated. I guess I'm looking in the wrong direction for support.
It's amazing, no matter what, it all comes back to me...moral of the story...misery is OPTIONAL!

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March 24, 2005

Money or people

Ideology was subject of my reading this week. What ideologies belong to the group called tramps. I posted earlier "the rules of the road" which in some ways represents the ideologies of "good" traveling brother's and sisters.
I have a few ideologies that my roommate does not share, and she is a traveling electrician--some would refer to her as a tramp, or traveler. I beleive there is a smaller group within this group. This group is know as the brotherhood or sisterhood. There are some traveling women I would call my sister, and some traveling men, I would call my brother, the other people I would just call union ticket carrying members. What is the difference between these two groups. Simple. Ideology. Brothers and sisters help each other out on the road, the most important thing isn't money...(it is still important, just not the most important) Brothers and sisters are about for the good of the brotherhood, in other words how can I make our working, living, and overall conditions better for everyone in the brotherhood. Ticket holding members are members are all about how can I get more for me, me, me, me, me, and me. I got mine!

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March 12, 2005

Family as guests

Here is am in Las Vegas. The good news is Las Vegas is a place my family will actually visit me. I have worked in other states, South Dakota, Colorado,
Texas, and of course Minnesota. I rarely got visits, none in Texas, or Colorado,and maybe 2 or 3 in Minnesota. My family is from South Dakota so they are off the hook at home. I have been traveling since 1992, so that adds up to a handfull of visits in 10 years. I have been in Las Vegas for only 4 months.
I adore my family of six children, three girls including myself , and three boys . By the end of March I will have had visits from four of my siblings, two of my in-laws and my neice. Sometimes family comes to visit and never leave. Two of my brothers have decided to stay and work here. So I am thinking that my brothers have changed from guests to roommates. There is a BIG difference between being a guest and a roommate. Guests, as I was brought up, are treated like royalty. We wait on them, make special meals for them, and take them places that are special. Roommates, on the other hand share in the responsibility of the house, they watch their manners, make meals instead of just eating them, and find their own way around. What is the proper edicate for helping family with the transition from guest to roommate. I tried the strategy of inviting my brother to certain tasks around the house. Now, here is where the gender gap comes in. When I arrived home the other day, the jetskis had been shined up. My brother was waiting for a big fat ATTA BOY. I entered the kitchen to same mess that was there the night before. Now to me, the messy kitchen is a priority, to my brother, what ever he feels like doing is worthy of infinite praise. The gender gap can be described in one short sentence.

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March 1, 2005

Who moved my cheese?

The latest developement in my education is not making me happy. It sounds as if there is a possibility that the GC at U of M may be eliminated. I can't imagine how many this affects--but it affects me directly, my advisor is a prof for GC. No, I do not support this change.
I read a book once that was called "Who Moved My Cheese"
the book was fantastic. I'll try a brief summary. When our lives change, how much time do we spend complaining, whining, and in self pittying ourselves about whatever has changed in our lives, or in the story, someone moves the cheese. The cheese represents our financial security, our self esteem, our identity. When our "cheese" is moved it is often difficult to seek out new "cheese". We are afraid.
I don't want to look for more, or new cheese I like the cheese I have. My cheese is named Walt Jacobs, he is one of the most finely aged, and unique cheeses that I have come across. He is the kind of cheese that makes learning fun, interesting and exciting. It would be a crying shame to lose the Walt Jacobs cheese

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February 24, 2005

Music and the Tramp

What could music possibly have to do with electrical construction, more specifically the electrician? Music on the job is very important. Music on the jobsite became so important that many construction sites are now music free. The dual between portable stereo's got so loud noone could hear their music.
The biggest music differences I have witnessed originates from social groups. Generational, racial, and environmental social groups seem to have a music genre that is associated with them. The older generation, 50+ play country music, late 30's to 40's--enjoy classic rock, and some heave metal. The 20 year olds are associated with Rap and Hip Hop. These are general statements and are based on observation on job sites. The significance of all these social groups is that all of thes social groups are often all on large construction sites. Construction workers are very passionate about their music. Music can fuel the pace that a construction worker produces at and even a positive attitude.
Unfortuately the source of motivation is different. The louder the motivation, the more power the social group has. It is a power struggle that didn't produce a winner, instead the result was all losers. The solution may seem simple--where a headset. Headsets are band by OSHA (a govenment safety agency) as unsafe. I wonder if the result was predictable, why didn't construction workers negotiate a compromise?

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February 17, 2005

Politically Incorrect

What exactly is politically correct? Some reference books define politically correct as -marked by language or conduct that deliberately avoids giving offense, for example, on the basis of ethnic origin or sexual orientation.
the definition itself is relative to each individual. What is offensive to me, may or may not be offensive to someone else.
What significance could politically correct really have to a Lady Tramp. I am confronted with politically incorrectness on a daily basis. However I don't find some of the labels offensive, however other Lady Tramps may.
Why am I not offended by labels such as--honey, baby, sweetheart, darlin, sugar, and sweety. I am not offended by these comments because I work with a lot of men from all over the United States, many from the South. These labels are a part of their common language, and traditions. These labels are the way gentlemen show respect for women. I understand and honor these traditions.
However if some young man were to say something like, "Honey, don't you worry your little self about that, I'll take care of it." I would find that offensive. What is the difference? The difference is the author and the context the word was delivered in. the author has insinuated that I am incapable of handling some situation because of my gender.
So there you have it.

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