January 26, 2005

$30,000.00 Light Fixture

No wonder they say that Las Vegas was not built because there are so many winners.
I installed $30,000.00 chandalier today in the High Roller Suites at the Venetian. The High Roller Suites mus be reserved for billionairs, or at least people that have millions to gamble. Each High Roller suite (we're talking about a hotel room) is 7000 sq. ft. Each has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (with whirlpool, all marble shower, and dressing room) salon, fitness room, spa room, theatre, 2 kitchens, dining room, living room, fireplace, and a custom marble foyer.
the $30,000.00 chandalier is about 4 ft high of hand blown glass from Italy, inlayed with gold dust. The fixture takes about 6 hours to assemble and install.
It is impressive, it is fantastic, it is extraordinary.
I have mixed feelings about this light fixture.

The artist in me thinks this is fantastic. Finally someone with practically unlimited funds to provide a designer with a "no holds barred" design. The kind of opportunity that an artist wates a lifetime for. Creating custom lighting that is handmade is funthikable from the world I grew up in. It is like being in one of the epesodes of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
I personally come from the world of the poor and obscure. I am a straight ticket Democrat. The Democrat in me looks at this extravicant expenditure and thinks...how many people could $30,000.00 help. Why does part of the population really deserve to waste money like this, when the rest of us are scraping to get by.

Posted by carl1259 at January 26, 2005 10:50 PM