February 17, 2005

Politically Incorrect

What exactly is politically correct? Some reference books define politically correct as -marked by language or conduct that deliberately avoids giving offense, for example, on the basis of ethnic origin or sexual orientation.
the definition itself is relative to each individual. What is offensive to me, may or may not be offensive to someone else.
What significance could politically correct really have to a Lady Tramp. I am confronted with politically incorrectness on a daily basis. However I don't find some of the labels offensive, however other Lady Tramps may.
Why am I not offended by labels such as--honey, baby, sweetheart, darlin, sugar, and sweety. I am not offended by these comments because I work with a lot of men from all over the United States, many from the South. These labels are a part of their common language, and traditions. These labels are the way gentlemen show respect for women. I understand and honor these traditions.
However if some young man were to say something like, "Honey, don't you worry your little self about that, I'll take care of it." I would find that offensive. What is the difference? The difference is the author and the context the word was delivered in. the author has insinuated that I am incapable of handling some situation because of my gender.
So there you have it.

Posted by carl1259 at February 17, 2005 11:23 PM