February 24, 2005

Music and the Tramp

What could music possibly have to do with electrical construction, more specifically the electrician? Music on the job is very important. Music on the jobsite became so important that many construction sites are now music free. The dual between portable stereo's got so loud noone could hear their music.
The biggest music differences I have witnessed originates from social groups. Generational, racial, and environmental social groups seem to have a music genre that is associated with them. The older generation, 50+ play country music, late 30's to 40's--enjoy classic rock, and some heave metal. The 20 year olds are associated with Rap and Hip Hop. These are general statements and are based on observation on job sites. The significance of all these social groups is that all of thes social groups are often all on large construction sites. Construction workers are very passionate about their music. Music can fuel the pace that a construction worker produces at and even a positive attitude.
Unfortuately the source of motivation is different. The louder the motivation, the more power the social group has. It is a power struggle that didn't produce a winner, instead the result was all losers. The solution may seem simple--where a headset. Headsets are band by OSHA (a govenment safety agency) as unsafe. I wonder if the result was predictable, why didn't construction workers negotiate a compromise?

Posted by carl1259 at February 24, 2005 8:57 PM