January 19, 2005

What's a Lady Tramp?

What's a Lady Tramp?
A Lady Tramp is a female traveling craftsman. (In my case an electrician) There are carpenters, plumpers, pipefitters, etc.
What's the big deal?
The big deal is that there are very few of us. We are considered pioneers in our fields because women weren't allowed into the trades until the last 15 to 20 years. Even more unique is a tramping (traveling) female craftsman. Traveling and working has been neither safe or condusive to a woman's life style in the past. Leaving children and spouses at home to work out of state has been a traditionally male acceptable role. A single woman traveling and working in the past may have given Lady Tramp a definition that is completely inaccurate.
The purpose of this blog is to give the perspective of a Lady Tramp's trials, tribualtions, and triumphs.

Posted by carl1259 at 12:29 PM