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April 20, 2006


It’s a quarter to six in the morning. The sun hasn’t come up yet. Most UMD students are still in bed, but Meghan Roth is running sprints and lifting weights.
Meghan Roth, a freshman at UMD, is the sweeper for UMD’s varsity girl’s soccer team. She is one of the hundreds of students who struggle with maintaining a balance between sports and academics.
Roth has to wake up at 5:45 in the morning three days a week, and has practice in the afternoon the other two days of the week.
“All I wanna do is sleep all day after practice, but I know that I have to go to class,? Roth says.
Roth says that she would probably go to class more if she wasn’t so worn out all the time. She misses class at least once a week, if not more than that.
“I always try to at least make it to class, but sometimes the lack of energy takes over me,? says Roth’s teammate Stacey Prodaniuk, “It would be nice to go out more on the week days, but 5:45 rolls around pretty fast.?
Roth says that besides waking up early for soccer, there are many positive aspects of being on the team.
“Soccer is my top reason for coming here,? Roth says, “And I’m getting my entire tuition paid for.?
Roth has struggled with maintaining her grades in high school, and she believes that being in soccer has helped improve them.
“It motivates me to keep my GPA up so that I can play soccer,? Roth says, “I believe that soccer gives me a lot of opportunities to succeed.?
The love of the game is what keeps Roth sane through strenuous exercises, early morning practices, and time commitment.
“All I know about soccer is that I love it. L-O-V-E it,? says Roth with a smile.

April 7, 2006


Andie Carlson
Meeting/April 7, 2006

As many as six council members from the Desegregation/Integration committee of Duluth Public School’s, simply do not show up to any meetings.
During the Desegregation/Integration meeting held this Wednesday, their absence was discussed among the members of the council.
The members who do not attend these weekly meetings do not show up because they are supposedly too busy with their personal lives.
Since three out of the six non-attendees happen to be Native American, this greatly affects the councils need for diversity.
The whole purpose of Duluth’s Public School’s Desegregation/Integration program is to maintain the compliance with Minnesota’s Rule 3535, which governs desegregation.
Diverse members of the committee are especially needed to represent desegregation in the community. Their attendance is crucial.
“The desegregation council has worked long and hard to insure that the District hires people of color for programs that are funded with desegregation dollars,? says Secretary Diana Stratioti. “Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen and they are disappointed.?
On Wednesday, the present members of the council discussed their fellow absent community members, and would like for them to still be a part of the council. They are planning to write them letters of encouragement to stay in the council.
If these members don’t respond to the letters and repeat their record of attendance, they will be replaced. Not kicked out, just replaced.
If replacements are necessary, they too will be Native American’s from the Native American community.