April 28, 2009

Final Cut 1


Music is almost done for the video, I plan on making small changes with some type frames within the movie with phrases or a few words, all relating to a theme of the natural flow of the earth and the suggestion that we are messing with it.

April 7, 2009

First Proof-

With lots of changes to still be made-


April 4, 2009

Video Update

Things are still going good, and I am still compiling small clips to incorporate into the video.
As for the video, I have compiled a test clip, but am still working on fine tuning this for our upcoming critique.

I will be sending this clip to my friend Ben, whom is doing the music for this project. He will watch the video, and react accordingly to the clips in the music. I showed him a short clip of the rain sequence I developed, and he said he had ideas and riffs running through his mind already.

March 23, 2009

Post Spring Break-

I have collected a few more video series out of my window for this project.
I have my friend Ben doing music for this project- and might develop into something else involving a projector and a band...
As for music, I'm leaning towards a post rock, instrumental track with awesome buildups and a modern feel.
Bands that will be influencing this decision-
www.myspace.com/portraitofadrownedman (local)
www.myspace.com/sleepingingethsemane (Fargo based)

I'm thinking of switching my idea up a slight bit, and going with a video that shows movement and dance within the frame would make a beautiful arrangement with the stuff I'm getting so far. The video will be fairly minimalistic with decent sized scenes, but hopefully switching with the music in a drastic manner.

March 9, 2009

Another change!

I've discovered that I have Premier Pro CS3 on my computer, and that provides even better quality and more managability. I will post a video soon.

March 4, 2009

Update- 3/4/09

The project has been advancing along well- A few problems so far though.

Lots of my videos will be very short clips- I have a feeling as if they might be too fast? I think some collaging of similar scenes will help with this.
I don't have my zoom lens that I am wanting to use for this project- a friend is borrowing it. I should be able to get it back sometime soon.

As for successes, I'm finding a bunch of sequences/images back in my image bank that will be good use to me.
I will be proposing to a few friends the music idea-

Over the next few days I will be compiling shots on campus of people walking, and possibly a few other ideas will show up. A time lapse in the ven-den or food court would be very good for a theme I'm leaning towards (and I tend to deal with this a bit...)- Human consumption in the American sense.

My shot every three minutes I was talking about last post came out very well. I can't wait to start throwing some barebone videos together to get some feedback on.

February 26, 2009

Update- 2/26/09

This first few weeks of this project has been going decently well. I have been capturing many many images, and am looking at the world in video terms now. Lining certain things up in terms of shot, focus, zoom, angle and such.

I have changed how I am compiling the videos as well- I will be using Windows Movie Maker (yep, I use a PC...) and compiling the videos in there. It has proven already to be a ton faster, and a lot more manageable in terms of frame by frame manipulation.

This is a quick test of what came out using WMM.

As I type this, pictures are being taken out of my window all day, every 3 minutes.

February 24, 2009


Idea: Compile a stop-motion video using just my camera and computer software. The pictures will be compiled in Adobe Photoshop to create moving gif images. These compiled gif images will then be moved into Adobe Fireworks where they will all be combined into one video. The manner in which I compile the video will probably change to allow for a playable video with better quality than the web-safe gif file will allow me.
With the videos will be sound of some sort- I have many friends in the music scene and they would be more than willing to compile a short composition to which I would assemble the video directly to the best of my ability.

The video will not be staged, all the scenes I find will happen on their own.

Concept: The videos will deal with four different elements-
-Interaction of all three
In addition to these videos dealing with these different elements, there will be an over lying concept with all the videos. This concept will develop itself as I compile these moving images and arrange them in a meaningful manner.
I believe that my photographic style will take this concept on very well.

Research- Stop-Motion on Youtube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J89sqxmF5a4 - Interview with a stop motion artist.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tqtTiuCV7Q - How to do a stop motion

Here is a link to a test gif I put together using some sequences I have obtained.

Weekly Timeline:
Week 1 (this week): Start exploration of tripod based shots with moving the camera and utilizing focus/zoom functions to direct the viewers attention in a certain way. Further idea building for "element" in the videos.
Week 2 (March 1-7): Keep compiling shots, and propose to a few friends for them to do the sound/music for the videos.
Week 3 (March 8-14): Focus on one subject (i.e. Humans) and have a rough finished version by the end of the week.

Week 4 (March 15-21):
Week 5 (March 22-28):

Week 6 (March 29-April 4):
Week 7 (April 5-11):
Week 8 (April 12-18):
Week 9 (April 19-25): Video tightening, moving frames and making sure the videos are tight.
Week 10 (April 26-May 2):