Kate Carlson | Personal Health in the Design World

Being a designer and staying healthy in this job is very difficult. Whether it is physical health (like getting a cold or flu) or mental health (staying sane) it's a difficult balance to achieve for me at least. Being a designer or design student is very stressful and sometimes it takes a toll on ones body and even a toll on ones sanity. I struggle with keeping a balanced life with design, I mean were surrounded by it 24-7 and it's hard not to notice it or think about it or create it. I know our major is definitely a passionate one to be in as well as personal and emotional, and that's wonderful, I just wonder if students or people in the field of science or English are put under as much stress as we are?

There is always this thought in the back of my mind that is reminding me "you have to be better, come up with something new and innovative, be more clever then everything else you see out there" and its STRESSFUL!! Where do we draw the line of work and our personal lives? I find myself taking my work and schoolwork home with me (well all students do, that's our job) but I feel like I never stop thinking about it. There are nights that I lay in bed and I cant fall asleep because there is SOO much going on in my head about design, deadlines, how to create a better design, how to be the most up and coming designer, portfolios, becoming edgier or more simple...The list goes on and on!

Although stress is not fun it can be productive, it can force a person to get organized and time manage things, but in the long run it does have a huge effect on the body. Click the link below and you can watch a short clip of "The Doctors" talking about what stress can do to the body. If your interested on how you can learn to alleviate some of this stress check out the second link below it has a list of things you can do, obviously we cant do #1 because that is our life but maybe some of the other things could help!

So how does a designer create a well-balanced life with some time to themselves, their personal/social life and work? I don't know if you figure it out let me know!!