December 1, 2006


This blog is about myself and how I get depressed in the winter. You see, it all started when I was young and pissed my pants because my mother made me wear these snowpants. You know, the ones the girls wore except they werent pink. Then it just natually progressed to being a cold depressing day after day and people would poke fun at me because I was chubby and didnt have any balls in 8th grade. Did I mention I was an only child? Isolation nearly my entire life. Then in high school id go to the bus stop every day while the wind carried off peices of my soul by the minute and I almost died of hypothermia. This, of course, was all in the pitch black. I would awake to no light, come home with no light, sight around with no light, and look out at the world in the perspective of dark, dark surroundings. Not to be confused with those idiots who want to be "dark" and "mysterious" and scream anarchy while they still attend hischool. I hate them the most. Every year I force myself to get up even though I just want to lie in bed for another 5 hours looking out the window at people and thinking of how much I hate them. Oh, and I ski and attending the university so I can get a good job and make more than everyone else.