Fast food spoon cause of man's mystery illness

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by Matt Carlson
Man has plastic spoon removed from chest which plagued him for two years with respiratory discomfort.

Over the past two years John Manley of Wilmington North Carolina had been experiencing unexplained coughing, vomiting and pain, according to CNN.  Upon a doctor's visit, he discovered that a fragment of a Wendy's plastic spoon had been lodged in his lung.

Manley says that he can recall no specific instance of eating such an item as the fast food giant, a one-inch long plastic shard.  However, Manley also admits that he is used to "wolfing down" his food, ABC News reports.

Last week the object was removed from Manley's chest and he is now expected to make a full recovery.  Wendy's has yet to contact him.

1 Comment

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