Chicago's Olympic hopes dashed

by Matt Carlson

The International Olympic Committee dropped Chicago from its list of 2016 contenders on Friday while the public looked on in shock.

Many locals could not believe that Chicago was shunned so soon in the first round of eliminations.  Chicago's hopes were bolstered by President Obama's visit to Copenhagen, headquarters of the IOC, to rally for Chicago's selection.  Michelle Obama spent much of the week there as well, personally lobbying to IOC members, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Michael Jordan told CNN, "I'm totally stunned. I thought we had a great opportunity."  The Chicago sports legend said that Chicago would have been "perfect for the world to explore."

However, many Chicago residents were pleased to hear the games weren't coming to their city, given the stress the games puts on its host city.

While the games will only last 17 days, a local bar manager, Brian Fadden said "who knows what we would have had to deal with after that? I mean, taxpayers are probably going to end up paying for this."  David Hoffmann, CEO of Arts and Artisans gallery on Chicago's North Michigan Avenue said that one month's worth of increased sales was not worth the other sacrifices the would have to endure, according to CNN.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Chicago's push for the 2016 bid cost $48 million.

The eventual winner of the IOC's decision to host the 2016 summer games was Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  This will be the first time the Olympics will be held in South America.


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How can I teach you

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1. All day long soak in, and do not know what to do and good. 80 most common phrase is 2. impulsive, good jump to make up the unknown. See the film and, unable to bear the situation or the person said that the next Council. Understand things, the root of a small table a big project of the solution, and mostly critical. Wei cents reason impatience, but unfair to pick only co-operate in the shadow body of the people, to get the same strong desire. If not, such as, no longer made, some people fly into a rage, make others understand. 3. thin, no. Ridicule people who feel healthy, feel fear of muscle and strength. By the Japanese in the United States on the impact of diffuse, advocating a neutral United States and U.S. disease. First there is a certain line in the body's endurance, and explosive power, and more keen on the latter. However, after stimulation, and Expressed disease solid. On the table side, while the weak can not help, but even some of the other. 4. character is weak, like uncertain to justify their own views. To the outside world do not like all the Italian one, but the surface properly, the heart strong resentment, the table usually rebellious. Weak character in the phase-in table is easy to commit to spend, of normal dreams. In figure out how the matter later, even if hi side, but also not great pursuit,just beats by dre, but to find reasons for withdrawal. The reason usually understand their own situation, do not want to solve. 5. consumption, refused to large. Do not like being mature, in particular, can not tolerate was the old man. Some impatience, aversion to politics, added to the reward. To any of the things he had to focus anxiety and Chennai. 6. of the self, endlessly hundred acquaintances, strangers, not a word. Partial use of dialect words and other non-road or big words. Suction, but disrespect. Drink, but not toast. Not his sense of fun, basically, is to pay down. People, if someone invited him words, even if he has made good draft is silent. 7. stay up late, that more than 25 times before the night. There are waiting a Are asleep after midnight on. 8. cents reasons proud. Was impossible to understand their own people, the reason this becomes someone's disdain. Unawareness of people to build, do not. He himself did not know even arrogant. 9. things do not follow, step by step, never know the flowers gone. To see more than the same small, keep more than diffuse. Hi the same thing started, he was too busy to focus is the joy, the management arrangements for these things is perfectly reasonable as long as the step by step to complete. 10. do not believe that threats of Baidu and Google, people like to use a search engine to think the search engines for their own think-tank.

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It should be remembered that Shankar and Ajith would have worked together for ‘ Jeans’. Sadly this didn’t work out, and Ajith’s loss had turned out to be Prasanth’s gain.

The Tamil film industry has been abuzz with rumors that producer AM Rathinam, who had produced the one of the biggest ever hits in Tamil, ‘Indian’, is interested in making a sequel. ‘Indian’ was released in 1996, and was also the country’s official entry that year at the Academy Awards.

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Unconfirmed reports also suggest that the preliminary discussions regarding the film would start soon. Ajith who is riding high on the success of his latest release ‘Mankatha’ would indeed have another film to be proud of, if ‘Indian – 2′ materializes beyond the discussion stage.

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in the relationship, men need is encouragement and inspiration. Their self is very powerful, they can put down only home defense. Men want to find a woman to worship their own, hoping to get inspired by a woman, you have to listen to a man, he needs a support to complete his life's mission.

When I say I do not mean that if you can love more people, you do not have to get married. In my view, a person can love more people do not need just to love and marry, he will get married for the deeper things. Ask you to understand what I mean: If a person loves a lot of people, there is no reason away just because love with a married, because he can not love a lot of people get married, so there is no reason to do so. We force everyone to get married because of love. Because you can not love outside marriage, so we should not get together to love and marriage, it really is unnecessary. Marriage is for something deeper: to close to a mutual ownership, in order to do a man alone can not do, in order to do two things people can do together, in order to do two people in a need together, deeply to be able to do things together. Because of this thirst for love of the community, so we as romantic love and get married.

in the world I want to have a different relationship, I call the I want the world has a different marriage, I do not call it marriage, because that term has been poisoned, I like to call it friendship, love ... ... just because together, there is no promise of tomorrow, this moment enough. If you love each other in this moment, if you enjoy each other in the presence of each moment, if you will be able to share in this moment, the next moment will be born from this moment, it will become increasingly rich, As time elapsed, your love will deepen, it will start to enter a new level, but it will not have any shackles.

simply not the nature of marriage, we force it to become sexual. Resistance may exist, it may not exist. Marriage is a blend of deep soul. If there is such a marriage occurs, we can give birth to a very different soul ----- very different quality of the soul. When a child is born out by this intimate relationship, he can have a spiritual foundation. But our marriage is just sex - just a sexual arrangement, from this arrangement, you said you would give birth to it? Or else our marriage is a sexual arrangement, or else is to short romantic love.

marriage is a great teaching, it is a learning opportunity, learning that love is not dependent on, dependent on means of conflict, anger, hate, jealousy, possession, and control a person must learn not to rely on, but To achieve this, you need to enter a deep meditation, so you can own a very joyful and not need other people. When you do not need others, that depends on the disappeared. If you do not need someone else, you can share your joy, that share is beautiful.

men and women must join, must know each other, without having to rush to hurry to get married, slowly, slowly, you will learn the art of love, you will learn ways to get along with people, but you also will learn with whom there will be spiritual affinity.

what you can do it, do not forget you are a woman.

decided to get married before a man must know a lot of women, many men and women must be recognized, the only way that you can choose, the only way, whom you will be able to feel the most suitable, the only way that you only to understand with whom you can begin to run uphill to fly. But how many years, we do not allow such a thing.

of love there is a strong desire and the desire, but love requires a lot of awareness, the only way that it can reach its peak, and that the peak is to get married ... ... married is fully integrated in the hearts together, it is two people simultaneously have an effect, that is the real marriage.

the basic principles of partnerships is the difference between men and women. both men and women to recognize gender differences, but have the same value, we are in equal status, partner relationship to be successful. break up no matter what reasons, the solution always requires respect for the former partner. p92 agree with the former partner's children suffering from skin diseases with a tendency to asthma, children need the blessing of the former partner, if the former partner can be respected, it will bring blessings. children will agree that their parents were excluded from the party. only recognize the first paragraph of the relationship, and the second relationship to be successful. people must have the courage we can be happy. If people find in life simple and obvious task, not looking back only looking forward, this is an achievement. love is to let each other's mind there is room to find direction, any explanation or confusion are harmful. p99 love fear and fascination with the inevitable two elements. Among those who do not love, for love will have fear. Among people in love, forget the fear. only escape to see people, people will love fear. In the gaze, the fear will disappear. conflict in partnerships most important point is: the fuse out of the conflict from a different view. p102 retaliation is necessary, but they have the appropriate amount. To love as a means of retaliation is a high level of art. partner relationships in all crises, are part of the death. When I see a couple break up, I will hold a very relaxed attitude, look at the end of this relationship, I do not attempt to cover up, partner in order to retain their dignity. p107 bear problems, the period may need a little support, but without the interference of others, in particular, do not need sympathy, empathy is an insult to him. love operates in some of the things beyond the love itself.

fully live for each other, the relationship into two bodies one soul, which is to enhance their relationship, a man FM, another person will. When to raise himself, partners and children will be enhanced.

woman is the center of the family, bringing the inherent vitality; man is to protect the family, led the family outside.

relationship must share, not necessarily engaged in common activities, but share your own heart, co-exist with each other, even 5 minutes a day.

in order to maintain harmonious relations between the illusion of a woman concessions, but when the other is not true when we are untrue.

Indeed, we never think about what happened in the marriage. How marriage now? Or how it was previously? ----- Is suffering a painful one kind of long suffering, with a false smile. It just proved to be a misfortune, but it is a most convenient.

marriage is the most advanced yoga are two self-challenge.

healthy intimate relationship is an important basis for [pay] between partners (Shi) and [acceptance] (subject) of the balance. When one partner to pay, which in their relationship, creating an imbalance on the state to pay compensation to those who need heart. If the recipient returns it, to resolve this tension. If he returns to pay a little more than his, it began to turn to the other side of the companion to return. This give and circulation, resulting in a positive relationship between the tension inside. Hellinger explained the following way: intimate relationship happiness, which is the relationship between pay and receiving is balanced - balanced perspective of the business can use an analogy, there is another meaning balance, is that my pen business, balance the amount of balances less means low profits; balance the greater the deeper the degree of happiness. However, very negative, we will therefore be more closely tied together. Anyone who wants to have freedom, it should only pay and receive little. In other words, pay less and less acceptable. However, the give and is limited only in each other can accept and return within the same degree. If more than one party to pay the other party to return, that your partner will feel very painful, a lot of pressure, but return less and less, eventually led to this imbalance the state, continues to expand. relationship among the only pay, or request only if the other party is doomed to failure. To a point, either party could not bear to leave this state of imbalance, because the state of imbalance to create a huge pressure to ease. Surprisingly, the relationship to leave or interrupt people, even those receiving too many people. Hellinger even more surprising to say is: the right thing to balance, negative things as well. If one hurts the other, there will be an inherent need to get things evened out. With this [guilt] of the [compensation] should be made a party, pay to keep the extent of injury is proportional to, which will help restructure the relationship between the two. Injured party, requires slightly less than the degree of injury compensation, in fact, this relationship help. Similarly, the injured party, but also by some Man or woman, if he is too good, if not requires atonement, for example, he immediately had completely forgiven hurt his partner, to do so, in fact, the relationship between two people, at the deepest level is very harmful . Guilt of the party, lost the opportunity for atonement and redemption need continues, and there is no solution. In this case, the kind of imbalance in the state, become more serious. The hurt partner, to himself as the victim; but premature forgiveness, then it seems like they are better than perpetrators superior, feel like a better person, but in fact not the case.

love can be turned into marriage, but this is the case, it is a completely different marriages, it is not a form of social needs, it is not a system, it is not a yoke. When love becomes the marriage, it means that the decision of two individuals living together, but it is in the absolute freedom among each other and do not share each other. Love is not possession, it gives freedom. When the love grow into marriage, that marriage is not a common thing, it is definitely unusual, and it has nothing to do with the household registration. You may also need to register accounts, social recognition may be necessary, but those are only in the periphery, they are not part of the core in the core part of the heart, the core part is free.

Hellinger arranged in a system, said the remark (often repeated): against the first half of the people, often missing the last part. Hellinger said, He was referring to Of course, politely say, Even so, this sentence sounds very old-fashioned. But it points to the system arrangement in almost all of the obvious fact: regardless of cultural, social status, national background, men standing on the first, second, when women stand in the best sense.

If a person is allowed to love, he will never be projected to accumulate tension, therefore, only in a very sick society, romantic love can take place. In a truly healthy society, there will be no romantic love, there will be love, but not romantic love, and if not romantic love, marriage it into a deeper level, it will never will make you regret it. If the marriage is not just for love, but for more intimate with, to a growth, then the marriage really is not my training, but we do not know the kind of marriage.

woman's energy field is 16 times the men, women and children have the ability to convert partner.

man looking for his mother, the man with his mother after the separation, his soul has been craving and looking for love like mother's womb, his desire for each other to take care of me like a mother loves me.

woman can not change a man, to accept his original look. Then he will change, otherwise it will always resist. The child is the same.

male-female relationships determined by a woman, if women do not a hundred percent commitment to the relationship, men can feel.

because of physical attraction between men and women, deep in love for only six months to two years, being in love is to enter the spiritual journey, sharing the deep multi-faceted.

In fact, romantic love is sick, because you can not love a lot of people, so you continue to build capacity for love, then you will spread it out. Whenever you find a person or an opportunity to spread the love that was projected out, so it becomes an ordinary woman like an angel, an ordinary man becomes sacred, it seems very sacred, it seems a god. But when that after the flood, and you become normal again, you will know you cheated. He is just an ordinary man, she is just an ordinary woman.

we can not fully understand the partner,dr dre studio, that partner will understand the expectations on the other side. In fact, we are changing, need to grow their own time with each other.

in relationships, women need security and protection, respect for man's leadership qualities of women, when women think that men have the leadership qualities, she can keep his respect.

Marriage is a spiritual event, not a physical phenomenon - is not. It is the combination of the mind. When you start to feel like a woman or a man with a will to produce great music, have some things from the other side coming through, only to settle down before that time, or do not need to rush.

love can never become the great foundation of marriage, because love is a fun game. If you love with a person because of marriage, you will regret it, because that pleasure will soon disappear, disappear when the novelty, boredom entered. Marriage is friendship to a deeper and deeper intimacy. Love is also implied in it, is not only that factor. Therefore, marriage is spiritual, it is indeed a soul! There are many things you can never be a single person to develop. Even your own response to growing need others to need a very close person, so you can completely open to him or her.

tripartite relationship is the relationship between men and women, men, women and divine relationship. Commitment is infinite promise, the greater the energy of men and women included in this space.

heart of hearts, women want a man like a man, men want a woman like a woman. This power differences and differences resulting from the tension in the poles from the men and women bring new life.

man must be a woman, his heart a strong link with the mother. The woman is strong, she does not need a man. Choose a man and a woman together, in order to complete the creation of her life.

woman is heaven-sent gift.

I know very well, needs men and women together, but it will not come from need, but from the overflowing joy, not from the poor, but from the rich, because you have so many, so you have to give. It is like a flower, its fragrance is released into the wind, because it was so full of fragrance, so it it must be released. Or like a cloud to the air, it must rain spilled down, it must be raining, it was so full of rain, so it must be shared ... ...

unfortunately, that there are a lot of fake love fake righteousness, his own heartbreak, pain sad, sad melancholy, hysteria, and so on.

It reminds me, can not forget loved you,

see the world more dangerous and more difficult.

you read, or do not read me, love is there, not to go;


all they are become new.

too many can not, do not do so, wanted to leave, I leave you pain.

a broken dream. Xie flowers withered flowers.

precipitation over time, feelings, feeling disappear over time.

has chosen to always be true.

fails, give yourself a goal;

when we finally agreed to everything they own with gratitude?


first love it when people do not understand this desire satisfied, love it after the first count after sentimental, after re-count

I have never in your world

pay in every sincere feelings, there is always a sacrifice of the soul, the harvest of cruelty.

the end it is a different species,

like the text, itself submerged in one of the most humble posture bureau, do not need anyone's care,


sad, but I do not understand, let me most sad is.

love, life, not Lin, will not be sad and fascinating and charming.

life, at least the one case, for someone forgetting their own,

because this - the last time love you.

I do not know, so I can hold on to such a long wait for results?

never deceive women, because we are a able to see through.

the memory of the fish I was told that only seven seconds, seven seconds later it does not remember the last thing,

love blue and white like the ink, why fear Chanafanghua.

Do not use the modified sound, to sing the song most clear to me;

I do not know, so I have to see how long an answer;

vicissitudes, we ever have any reasons for his rather lonely strangers;

If time can not make you forget the people who should not have to remember, we lost years what is the point?

no one has the feeling that is the exception - in the fades away.

people holding hands Guangzhao amusement park.

If the truth is that kind of injury, choose a lie.

13. in a period of time I like a piece of music,


she listens to, woke up, began to complain of;


We believe that survival has been boring, but many people are struggling between life and death.



cold, give yourself a jacket;

love, we are obviously two people, but why feel that it alone?




is the time. Haohaodezuo a woman.

everyone says around my life so happy, so I also think its really fun ... ...

like a kind of thread memory spell, drop in on each rising and will be wrapped around me tight,

I prefer to fish only 7 seconds off on what to have forgotten, have encountered people who have done can vanish,



a hesitation, a betrayal, an accident, sufficient for it to wither.


that he called to ask: you not unusual answer: fact, you still love him, you is not good.

If only an illusion, then why the circumstances are so clear?

sick, give yourself a strong;

this time relieved, exhausted in mind the site;

world has lost sound, and now have you sing with me.

26. memory is a form of meet, forgetting is a form of freedom

but eventually found - in addition to change, without exception.

start ... ...

If silence is an injury, please leave.


why the crowd to see a similar back on the sad,

habits, insomnia, habitual silence of night, lying in bed looking at the ceiling, like you light blue clothes.

to me - should have a brilliant laugh, but I do not understand me the most brilliant is.


separated, obviously just one person alone, but it still does not escape two people?

but also stubborn set foot on the train to chase you do not know that there is love,

forget the years, forget the pain, forget your bad.


time and again, has habits, habits you used to feel bad for all.

who can not be assertive emotions, who in a strange room pretending to be brave,

all back to the former than in the past,


woman disguised happiness, but afraid of a man found her sad.

But why would a large group of friends suddenly on the silence,

This is why, after

alone, not necessarily unhappy.

years we are afraid, do not know how gratifying alive.

I swear, I laughed, tears of laughter out.

Originally, I only just gorgeous puppets,

way to see it was getting late warm yellow lights,

lost, not necessarily no longer have.

you say, just say,

flashy life, forgotten season. Plenty of memories, lingering upset.

back, the fingers curled up to me; not say you do not love me, I also loved the memories

wearing a skirt. Braids.

Qingyin a situation, then write a love painting.

was convinced that, that persistent, always believed that with the,

eye. No fun.

How do I, cut the thread, do not cocoon.

man lying is to make yourself feel better,



wind blown sand desert, you wait for me, so long as decades of meditation.

Listening to songs

the crying, the exhaustion of your expression of love;

loved, he always felt not only lost, also lost part of himself.

can not meet the second person of the lonely lonely winter.

smart people, like guess the heart, may guess someone else's heart, but also lost his.

If a lie is an injury, please silence.




you say you drunk, I hurt, pain can not be made, mind confusion.

Well, I probably would not know the taste of happiness ... ... you repeat itself cruel,

a person with another person's loyalty to deceive,

ah love, called love

is no time limit for wrestling, the more care, it's more.

his world with her, her world is only him.

is flashy costume party, finish at the future, a bleak and lonely woman, is as empty of beautiful fireworks.

you think I am invulnerable, I thought you vulnerable to the attack.



There is no grief can not be mitigated.

long forever, I use life Jiexue


affects me --- even a show of hands, every move she makes.

do not speculate on what to say, with a transparent look at me;

seems used to waiting, simply waiting for that will come.


now, I started to miss, that tear up your letter and photos of the rainy night.

If you forget waking up, then I would prefer to close my eyes.

this dream, whether it is too cold and cruel.

and women lie it is to make each other better,

we recall from too close, too far away from freedom.

Now, I never let anyone wayward take me away.

sometimes very confused to see the front, without you knowing Napian Hai,




also stand up better then forgotten, then sad, but also arrived in time

perhaps, thinking no results, it simply demonstrates that there are individuals who exist in my heart too.

can no longer struggling to not look at your wonderful.

found behind the numerous gold and silver,

still have foolishly looking to the disappointment, and then look forward, then down ...

. may be able to love many people, but only one person makes you laugh the most brilliant, the most sad cry.


do not talk about the past, but the greeting,

mouth. Silence.

We are not intentional, but did not hurt each other's courage,

boy, I like crazy, take me three words.

I do not like talking that day, but most, I do not like laughing always laughing,

everything is not aligned like the drawings,

no map. We were let down all the way to go all the way, all the way to ignite the hope that all the way to find the answers.

women to have in mind the feelings, so that men have in mind the feeling.

sip a cup of tea, a bowl of green sand with the research.

carousel is the most brutal game,


same applies, water, gone.





Who is afraid at night

believe in a person with another person's perfunctory.


who won the flower face, so sorry for the years the United States.

slight moment, you in a second acupuncture.

habits, sleep with, accustomed to a person in a room, holding the domesticated hen bears, sleep alone.

told me that you never liked me, never leave me.

have forgotten their original direction.

love a person with another person,

hungry, to buy their own bread;

my language is too pale, the heart is because of your every word and pain.

then that summer afternoon, drying out any pictures relevant to you.

you will not suddenly appear in the corner coffee shop,

I'm not a fish. Can not forget the people I love, can not forget the plight of care can not forget the pain of Acacia ...

walked, on the loose, memories have faded;

Who's palm

first love it this one block off the shoulder a little regret, first love it seems to have a pair of wings to hide ah hide the dark,monster headphones sale,

miss, very weak, it is because I do not see the missing results.

So, in a small aquarium fish that will never be bored.

habits, Sky, habits of a person sitting in the well of love and remembered about your poems. ps: you go, I always used to one person.

world is full of our chance encounter.

chasing each other, there is the eternal distance

I remember, ah, I remember,

roll up their side of the veil, to see the horizon crescent.

youth, as a grand and gorgeous drama,

encounter the moment, I stood in front of you, just a stranger.

go away ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ no heartache, only regret. I gradually came to understand, retain useless.

As you add me, it does not mean we.

you like or not like me, my hand is in your hands, left not abandon

love flowers bloom in one place, covering a gray tiles.

ear. No noise.

three meals a day can not be less.

16. the world was right and wrong, and now return to the brilliant colors.

he love you, is honest mistake, do not easily moved.

full to all the love you gave me Fangde less than death,

I still can not meet you.

not for a result, not for peers, not for once had,


so - who can understand who's in love, who can understand who's left.

heart just too painful, too painful ... ... after they feel the pain.

who sadly White Nights in numerous, took sole discretion to drink the wine, the strong temperature, severely burned into the chest.

I used to waiting, so, in reincarnation, I can not resist the station back to the waiting origin.

who redeemed the sins get back

you see or not see me, I was there, not sad not happy;

so I can give freedom to, so I ... ... it does not matter.


Miss somebody I lost, Forget somebody I miss ...

rot, any breathing suddenly became brutal,

knows I do not know whether to wait for the arrival of a happiness

final or not, and the bulk.

listen to some music, I miss some time.

If at first you do not appear in front of me,

habits, eat salt, the salt habit that wound in my heart a little bit of spread.

can not remember those mottled light and shadow.


we never never say goodbye.

time to prove that love can love overturned.



this farewell, the exhaustion of love courage;

if all the sorrow, pain, failures are false, and that nice?

Do not be lonely and indulgence, not for indulgence and lonely life.

sometimes obsession, just love memories.

childhood, because of who we love, or because of loneliness due to the same field dance;


few years later, found that feelings do not tear from numerous broken, do not complete the original, you do not tear.

stupid people, like to the heart, may be cheated, but may not be able to get someone else's.

beginning of winter. Snow. Snow. Winter Solstice. Osamu. Big Chill.

fell, the pain of getting up and give yourself a tolerant smile Yes ah, I was always a man, you never been to,

I learned, their own path.

who smile who had arrived in tears;

I like a

why they hide the real answer.

27. is always done in life long dream in reality do not want to leave and let go staged.

you drink is seeking to drunk; I drink to that from other kinds of drink in the wake.

the smile, the exhaustion of the pain of the effort;

who in the spring sun in the afternoon, stroking your hand through the hair flying.



string Onewave years. Those golden years come to realize a dream.

say he loves you, the charm, the most toxic, caution is!


Do not avoid what

always loved those palm spirit, to love people but Lost Souls.

such as the vagaries of weather.

have hand fingers, palms together alone at night.

who maintained the heart of who set the cycle;


sunset, when I miss the most,

who put quarter after quarter of green fields, crumbled into the soil moist and decadent.

get rid of all evaporated.

you know men and women, the biggest difference lies in where you.

However, this woman. She has been looking forward to is not good.

get, not necessarily for long.

11 bed ... in fact, before the point of these, I can not.

back to find you gone, I suddenly chaotic.

scavengers, collection from the time the film quietly and let it become a private vintage wine,

remember sitting in a time of another period of time in the palm.



real fear is always there,beats studio, always accompany the wonderful lonely after all that we know,

V. IV. III. II. I. dodge him and her.

When the most handsome man

finally a wretched. Met each other.

but missed in waiting, who can be happy happy.

we choose to deceive, because do not want to hurt loved ones,dr dre pro detox,


face, not necessarily the most difficult.


pay a person with another person's plunder,

legend of the world you are, you are world unique.

hard not soft city.


sad heart that if Xu

forget that we should not change the fate of,

no one thought he would be an exception - in addition to regret.

alone in a corner crying smile, who do not belong to me again disturb the quiet life.

a person's world, very quiet, quiet you can hear their breathing and heart beating.

turn, faithless, but too difficult, simply feel bad, I forgot to leave,


the world is that fair at all.


walk alone alone alone, shopping alone, singing the whole world looking at a carnival.

However, not one plus one equals two,

you let me spend a whole lot of youth, to find you.

At the time we met? Is met or missed?

smile gone, thousands of lonely.

who touch the eyebrow;

my world is too quiet, so quiet you can hear his heart beat.

you say you bad, I hurt, pain do not know how to comfort you,



cry, it is often right.

so slowly staggered to extend little by little,


you go too fast, I began to wonder, once you come too.

Love is a hypnotic, wake up, you suck the spirit by whom.

regret the loss of time, why not take it. In fact, waiting is itself a ridiculous mistake.

I envy their own time, as well as complete happiness can be shredded.

Maybe. This is just a dream.

Imagine how happy the past, there are more than a long secular regret.

some women. Will make people feel that the world no one is willing to bad for her.

then what will be the mood?


we have different mask, playing different roles,

scene after scene in front of many past and change that vague,

Who's got eyes

actually did not even, not even ... suddenly found themselves silly, not silly.

different interpretation of experience, but have the same sorrow.

love object happened to anyone that is an exception - in addition to change.

front of you in that city, said loudly: I think you do not know, you hear.

see the leaves fall off trees and crazy I forgot to speak,

Fortunately, love is not everything, but fortunately all is not love.

I watched, the tired, the stars are dark;

may stagger the things, they really should be forgotten.

play all of the downtown to make the world, only



not sobbing farewell, do not appeal the final War.

atrial blood slowly flow back into the ventricle, this kind of reincarnation.

feelings of loneliness, is about: love and relief - are not completely

best time, I still walk alone in a dazzling piece of vanity does not belong to me on the street.

night darkness covered his left hand, left hand covering his right hand.



he was her unique. I was all exactly the same.


not miss to give a certificate to prove it had ever existed?

I will bring smiles, and your greeting,

I and other people together, laugh all feel guilty, so I and other people walking side by side, hand feel heavy,

laughed our silly, we always repeat some of the damage, no one can hide the pain will not be found.

indifference of a man with another person's difficulties,

I mistakenly thought I could get like a happy child is Chongni,

men disguised strong, but the fear of women will find him weak.

can no longer hover in place, will no longer guarding the stubborn back,

When a person indulging in a fantasy, he would put into a vague fantasy touching,dr dre detox sale, as true of wine.

not quarrel with others. Do not cut class. Not that dirty.

you love, or do not love me, love is there, not to rise;

I mistakenly thought that, as long as clinging to you, you can have the whole world.

not even find you love me, just the most beautiful in my Love, the face you. ps: · · · life no longer dared to brave it for you

or not the outcome of the encounter?

Long time no see ...

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