Death toll could rise to 50 in Italy mudslides

by Matt Carlson

Mudslides in Sicily have killed 21 people so far, Italian Civil Protection said on Saturday.

The number of dead, however, could rise to at least 50 as 30 people are still unaccounted for after mudslides hit the area two day ago, according to CNN.

Officials acknowledged "that deforestation and unregulated development -- a widespread practice in Sicily and other parts of southern Italy -- had weakened the soil and contributed to the mudslides from Messina's surrounding hills and cliffs" in Italy's deadliest mudslide since 1998.  Italian newspapers said no improvements have been made to the area where landslides struck two years ago, injuring no one.

Searches continued Saturday to find the 30 some missing people, according to the Associated Press.


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children according to the way television roles like he likes to draw. TV screen is not fixed, so this can not only develop the child's observation, but also training his memory.

12, to ask the way baby

9, let the children introduce themselves

25, to identify vegetables

six. trained powers of observation and memory

to other people's homes when the child simply to introduce myself, do not talk too much, if the child is shy, just tell us the name, age on it, which not only foster the children's interpersonal skills, but also enhance his intrapersonal intelligence.

mother allows the baby to be a little helper to give him the appropriate ground command, such as . Of baby talk, her mother should be more with the following words: inside, above, below, front, rear, top, bottom, and so on. This can improve the baby's spatial intelligence.

29, to draw their favorite character

33, to identify the sound

30, say the color of toy

you tell the baby the next target, so that the baby is now on the map to find your location and destination location, and find the right forward direction. The way to the destination, but also to remind parents to see baby signs, destination, and then pulled out a map to the baby that the target is correct.

32, identify colors

Sometimes parents have to pick

seven. enhance intrapersonal intelligence

34, touch things guess name

her mother cooking, let the child practice to determine when the cooked vegetables, lettuce and ready meal look for a different color, can train the child's observation.

children to identify vegetables, spinach and other vegetables, to identify their common and individual characteristics, can improve children's naturalist intelligence.

leaf color change, growth and withered in the baby's sight continually turn, enhance the child's spatial intelligence and natural intelligence.

20, to walk and sing songs

take the baby to an outdoor environment close to nature, the chances of contact with nature sounds, parents can tell the baby to listen to a voice note. For example, animal sounds, streams of water, sound, wind and thunder, can be used to enhance your baby's hearing. We live in the city there are many voices, such as: motorcycle boot, car horns, fire engine blew, the percussion build tall buildings, etc., can be used to stimulate baby's hearing. In the baby with the memory of these sounds, you can let him hear the sound immediately after identification. By stimulating the baby's hearing will make him feel more sensitive, more clever.

three. enhance spatial intelligence

up and down stairs make the child feel tired and tasteless, but if this time the parents with some interesting ways, not only make your baby smart has improved, and noisy with the baby on the stairs to adults hold their own situation will also significantly reduce the . Parents can lead the children a step one step, layer by layer count the order of the stairs, climb the stairs in the process unknowingly, children's mathematical logic, intelligence will be increased.

11, let the children come to help

baby's intelligence is the father and mother were always very concerned about the issue, but it requires a slow process, raise the baby in here the 40 intelligence methods, hoping to improve the intelligence of help your baby.

13, identify the direction

talk with their children, the deliberately wrong one thing we all know, a story or wrong, for example, the sun is shining today, and you say that today the weather is not good to see the child's response, which can improve the child's inner Provincial intelligence, logical intelligence.

14, identify the truck

role of their favorite child must be very deep impression. Allows children to listen to her mother described as his favorite role look like, is a small duck, or a big Benxiong, it's mouth is what color and so on. This can foster the child's powers of observation and language skills.

8, with people greeting

23, singing

mother holding a baby can be items of interest, as he describes the characteristics of one or more items, such as talk about its color (green is the grass-like); or its shape and size (small round ball); to the amount of (two orange); or its texture (soft or hard); or describe its sound (TV loud, very noisy). You can also let the baby try to describe the characteristics of this item.

37, expression of feelings

17, look at the map to find direction

in outdoor activities, parents can take advantage of the outdoor experience of a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and so different things to enhance your baby's tactile ability. Let the baby put his hand behind the palm facing up, the parents picked up all kinds of little things to put on baby's palm, let him look at the hands of the things described the feeling of touching up, and then say that he guessed the answer. For example, parents of the baby on his hands can touch the pebbles, said: guessed right. Enhance such intelligence activities in addition to using still life, animals can also be used. See if the baby can guess is he was a touch of silkworms, or an ant.

you are not a whole family once every week and clean it? can make children with you, while cleaning, while listening to upbeat music. This can improve our emotional labor, the child will think this is a happy time and help to develop good habits of his love of labor, but also to enhance his musical intelligence.

parents with children walking in the road, there are many opportunities to increase knowledge of the child, the child can guess, such as The songs on this image will be a lively interest in the child's linguistic intelligence benefit.

18, school name, know the scene along the way

chat with family and suddenly the child to determine the rest of the family is not happy, How happy; or tell a story, let the children practice expressing joy, anger, sadness and joy and other emotions, in order to enhance the child's introspection intelligence.

7, change clothes in mathematics

you and your baby ready to eat breakfast, but not the boxes opened early, parents can allow children to guess: This method can improve children's mathematical logic intelligence.

this activity can exercise your baby's communication skills (language and physical expression), in a fun game type activity to enhance the baby's body language, intelligence and kinesthetic intelligence.

4, search for program schedule

can teach a child a toy to put together different materials, such as some plastic toys, some stuffed animals, and some is made of wood toys. This can foster the children's tactile perception and visual resolution, let the children learn to classification.

mother with children can often take to the streets, in the street, the mother should be encouraged to ask the way baby, which can improve his interpersonal intelligence, because the road to ask a stranger, can fully exercise the baby's interpersonal skills.

teach children to use to find their way around the landscape, for example,beats by dr dre, a balcony, leaf orientation, signs, etc. to help identify the truck, the training helps the child a sense of direction, but also enhance the child's spatial intelligence.

I. logic to improve the baby

21, describe the item characteristics

watching TV at night, when the children love to see what the program is broadcast it? can find on television reported that the time to teach children about time. This can foster the children's mathematical ability, and children can unconsciously learn some Chinese characters.

2, count the steps of the staircase

40, long-distance communication

seasons, plants, the most obvious change. Life, you can observe the changes in the leaves throughout the year, your baby understand the concept of the season, while enhancing baby's visual-spatial intelligence.

two. enhance the communication ability with people

children on the road singing songs taught kindergarten teacher, can mobilize the child's emotions, because in kindergarten, not every child has the opportunity to sing alone, sing if you let him alone, he would be interested in music .

before traveling, will be items for Mom and Dad, do not think this is an adult thing, nothing to do with the baby, in fact, to prepare your baby before traveling to be effective in enhancing his logic, intelligence and intrapersonal intelligence opportunities.

26, observe the color changes in food

5, and the number of children with toys

39, let the children pick up toys

in wearing clothes when you can let your baby line buttons, from top to bottom lines, or lines from the bottom up, so that the baby's mathematical logic, intelligence has been improved.

1, test reasoning

allows children to first tell the color of a toy, and then say what toys out of the same color, which can teach children about color, but also to cultivate children's visual resolution and observation.

35, deliberately wrong thing

19, described his children's favorite cartoon characters

6, see product price

ready to go before it is best to buy a map of tourist destinations, of course, you can buy at your destination. Do not underestimate this map, but you raise it an effective tool for baby spatial intelligence.

3, their way, the number of numbers

38, before traveling to the baby in preparation

mother cooking, so careful observation of the baby next to her mother in the cooking process, good, let him step out of a dish, such as making celery or shredded first, when the first fried shredded celery so, this will train the child's memory, increase knowledge of children's lives.

teach children to pay attention to recognize the road way, a sense of direction, such as the building for the identification markings. In particular, to the crossroads and other complex terrain, allows children to observe, down, left, right, front and rear in all directions. This can enhance the child's spatial intelligence, let the children familiar with the roads.

eight, improve exercise capacity

baby in the process learned to use language and organization of language, his linguistic intelligence can also be improved.

allows children to observe the natural landscape along the way for the introduction to the child, telling him the name of a variety of landscapes, characteristics, function, seasonal changes, etc., to enhance the child's observation

think travel should be prepared to baby items, there may be something he would particularly like to bring their parents did not remember. In the preparation process, from living to the diet, one by one into consideration, encouraging the baby to fully contribute their efforts, which will make your baby smart depicting the logic to be improved. Must also respect the views of the baby, let him feel their needs, which is to develop his intrapersonal intelligence is very effective.

parents can pretend they have difficulties, let the children to help look busy, so as to help rub rag look. Through work, children can build self-awareness of services and service to others. Request to help parents make their children a sense of participation, and to train his first cooperative, on his good interpersonal relationships.

summer leaf color is emerald green, to yellow autumn, while in the winter to fall away, leaving only the branches alone, but the warmth of spring, the green buds of the tree has cropped head . Father and mother can observe the same tree with the baby, observation year, and for the baby to explain the truth.

10, to the age of the children of people with similar guest

22, work together to determine what to buy

on the way home, you can also teach children the number of house number, to distinguish which side is even, which side is odd, can strengthen children's number concepts, mathematical logic to enhance intelligence helpful.

in the shopping process, you can let your baby's attention to the things you are doing, as is the selection of bread, and baby you can discuss your ideas, but also to talk about his ideas baby, he must Why buy this bread will say, perhaps like good-looking, perhaps smells and so on. We are happy to make a final decision, the baby made his comments at the same time, greatly enhance the logic of his intelligence and linguistic intelligence.

24, easy listening to upbeat music work

V. arts culture cells

pointing the way streets, stations, buildings, tell them their respective names, the construction years. Language can improve children's intelligence, increase the child's knowledge.

15, to give the baby the next command

at the beginning, you can let the children help you to organize, gradually let the children learn to clean up. When children make their own time, to encourage children, even if he is not very good, do not blame him. This can train the child's ability, but also let the children know that children should learn to do whatever things.

four. exercise the ability to speak

teach children to encounter acquaintances greet, say hello to them. Hello, when teaching children courtesy call with a different, such as This can enhance the child's interpersonal intelligence.

to accompany the baby to eat, parents start with the nutritional value of each dish, and then see how many children can remember, not only increase the knowledge and the training of memory.

parents could use the opportunity to let the children learn to identify colors. Such as leaf color, with green, there are yellow, you can also ask the baby, There are many different colors of outdoor plants, you can teach your baby to distinguish the types of flowers and colors, such as the very many varieties of chrysanthemums, the color is diverse, is very good natural materials. In the process of identifying the color, baby's visual intelligence constantly stimulated, give full play to his visual ability, to develop his ability to identify and observe. Identify the color of his parents to try not to suggest, let your baby to observe things around, to recognize visual objects are looking for.

16, observed changes in the leaves

31, the same materials to teach the children to find toys

night before, let the children put their toys packed. To do their own thing their own, but parents can assist, to take this opportunity to help children learn new skills. The very beginning, parents and children can be loud with a few toys, put away a few complete one. Number of children can know the number by imitating the order, since you can let the children put toys and a number. This can foster the children's mathematical intelligence.

kids go out, you can use to go home for some time, because time is very adequate way home, the child's mood is mostly relaxed. This time, the face of easily accessible by all of the road, let the children identify and remember to identify the characteristics of the road and the differences, learn to use reference to their way, can improve children's observation.

This process may seem complicated, but to enhance the baby's spatial intelligence is very effective, while the baby's sense of direction. Space, imagination and execution have also been training and training.

warm weather, clothes to reduce; winter cold, the clothes have to be increased accordingly. In this process, can the number of children with the number of clothes, summer wear unlined 1; fall underwear + sweater + coat of 3 parts; winter underwear, winter clothes + sweater + coat + of 4. In this process, the baby will be warm and the cold weather and wear thick clothes, the weather is cooler and the heat and wear thin clothes together, which allows children to enhance specific proprioception life experience, understanding of nature.

go shopping, parents and children together to see the labels of goods, let the children know that every kind of product has its price. And then, and children calculate, how much money to buy two, mother of 10 dollars, enough to buy a few ... this can have a first child for the concept of money, but also to enhance his mathematical intelligence.

28, describes the nutritional value

27, observing the order of cooking

Mom and Dad can bring the baby to a more open grassland or square, dad, baby, mother 3 a distance interval between individuals, and my father plus sign language to express clearly the word, and then learn to see the baby a father like this sentence passed on the other side of the mother.

about a guest of the object. To have a child of the people to come to a guest, for children to create with people's time. Together with the children playing, children can develop the awareness of teamwork and cooperation.

Changhong Nanjing famous food market is the largest wholesale food markets, the Spring Festival approaching, the sausage in a prominent position before the wholesale point, filled with a variety of brightly-colored sausages. The sausage is still a large number of constantly loading and unloading of, the business was very prosperous. But the reporter has discovered a strange phenomenon, where the sausage is not only the price vary considerably, and some pork sausage prices even lower than many

23. rice

boss: This is the added flavor of MSG. Do not ask this question on that, you potential buyers to potential buyers on the line. white plastic bottle filled with MSG really is the boss said it? Next to a worker gave away the secret. workers: This is a food preservative sodium nitrite, which eat the bad things. sodium nitrite as a preservative in foods to add a dose countries have strict rules. Seeing the bottle's secret has been exposed, the boss is no longer taboo.

22. Heung right guy

filling up the shelf to get a good dry sausage before, but also to put in front of large pan yard, dip, workers say that this particular treatment is to pest control. workers: (sausage) is easy to stick flies Reporter: So how do you do workers: water treatment (flies) with a dozen of medicine to fight mosquitoes (in water) on non-stick the

18. dumplings

Reporters: how do you mix it by hand? Technician: hand than a stick handy, a stick area is small, hands still flexible. Reporter: This health it? Technician: health, what not to do it by hand, and eat things that are made out of hand.

as watered wine to reduce the degree of alcohol, then why in the watered but after adding a lot of liquor and alcohol do? Technician finally tells the truth to us: in fact watered is to increase production, the price of water sold wine, but because of watered too much, so had to join to improve alcohol alcohol and liquor. Against the water's taste and color than the pure rice wine brewed rice wine a lot of difference, so should be a special blending. Technicians began bartending color.

correspondent: the standard soy sauce is fixed, right? deputy director: there is a standard, use this with friends. This color can not do. According to him, this powder at a ratio of more than 3 Duishui dissolved into amino acid solution on reduction. Use it for the preparation of soy sauce, in addition to the rapid expansion of production, but compared with the soy sauce, soy sauce prepared with the amino acid solution can be reduced at least half of the costs, some companies make soy sauce and the relationship.

raw rice is rice covered with mildew smell pupa silk

Expert: alum is not added, why? Alum is among the first stages of the program we have talked about, very clearly, because of alum which contain aluminum, this material impact on child intelligence, in addition to this other than the way the whole production, this water, that is (water) microorganisms, total number of bacteria, E. coli must be exceeded. So often cause our consumers diarrhea.

Reporter: There is no other toothpaste brands such as Black Girl nitidum China have boss: Yes, ah that is false really a hair more correspondent: the number of Chinese on both sides of the needle Money boss: you or the Chinese goods are cheaper to really point (false), cheaper (fake) money-seventh of (fake) Chinese herb on both sides of the needle to be seven. boss: Qi Bafen money on both sides of the needle Chinese toothpaste are false.

11. Yiwei material murderous four volts Changyuan, Henan Province, China Ding Luan town is known as the However, interviews with reporters in the small town only to find Luan, where health materials wholesale deserted, many shops have closed the door. we decided to follow the horse owner to the processing sites to see. In a small room, a woman is sewn gown.

30. dead delicious bacon baked pork debut

in accordance with national standards, in addition to modulation wine caramel color, shall not add any food additive. However, in order to exchange the water after the bland taste to bring up the wine, but also add a variety of additives. Reporters found that the sodium cyclamate and used to dissolve the salt water was actually used to soak the bottle of water.

27. beef injection with new tactics change

workers: our people here, to see to do this dirty, and generally do not eat soy sauce. Generally, we do this thing, and know, we do not eat! Ha ... ...

Reporter: What is the meat technician: the scraps under a knife, not a butcher.

order to understand the quality of these sausages, what difference, according to the address provided stall, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, straight reporter in Taixing City, close to the side of the road Nantong Rugao County, a processing point, the workers of a sudden we there was very alert. Reporter: You can bake this day how many pounds of sausage ah workers: do not know that you have to wait for the boss to (talk) correspondent then went to not far from a cold. Far you can see, workers are carried out from the minced meat in cold storage. Workshop, the workers are crushed to the ground with a spade to shovel into the drum, drying yard has some sausage. In another workshop, the floor and pig meat.

28. concoction of

After a child, carried away a bag of starch from the back room of workers poured into a large vat, and took out a stick from the corner began to stir, and that big mouth of the water tank It is just that workers wash hands water. After mixing starch, workers floating down the tank side of the starch with a spoon to gather up a little, pour in the starch and good. According to workers, in addition to corn starch, other starches can also be distracted by the sweet potato starch. They can also by controlling the mixing ratio of different starches, so the average consumer not to eat mixed with other starches.

boss picked out a small bottle of some red powder, colorless, oily liquid poured into a pot inside to reconcile. Bowl of oily quickly became dark red, dark red oily substance that is applied in the basin of the sponge. Subsequently, dry the oranges were put into a bowl.

often say wine is Chen Hong, Chen and if the rice, not only not sweet, but toxic, and even chickens, pigs are not good, strange is that some of the larger grain Guiyang market , Chen Liang from around the country, good to buy these Chen Liang, Chen Liang rotten Valley how these so popular, buy it, they can do what? in Guiyang City, most of the rice market, the price of ordinary rice, about 1 in a catty, but in Guiyang City, Gan Yin Tong markets sell a lot of rice is about 8 cents a pound, than the market average tumbled by nearly 30%. Gan Yin Tong Guiyang market is one of the largest grain market in the southeast corner of the market has a huge warehouse, which was piled high with bags of rice, (empty mirror) where the workers have told us they are very millet Chen millet a long time. workers: must have at least 7-8 years, 9,10 years. Reporter: must have at least 7-8 years? workers: should be, this rice is yellow. Reporter: This should break out the yellow rice (Qu ADM), right? workers: should be yellow, with yellow should play out (song ADM) of the

Luan in the small town, a dozen reporters followed the production of sanitary materials processing point of an interview conducted a survey and found that these processing sites are family workshops, production environment and health conditions are poor. Cotton production in a workshop where the reporter saw, bamboo dress costumes turned out the pockets of the bags of fertilizer. Ceiling covered with cotton and dust.

the soy sauce and not be immediately filled, but was transferred to the upstairs of a large storage tank. Some technicians went, Riga jar sauce thickener and flavor, soy sauce on the preparation of the so-called complete.

addition to the South Basin and Range market, the democratic way in Xiangtan, Changsha Takahashi, West Long Street and other regular large-scale wholesale market, the reporter also found a similar bacon. boss: The point added pigment, which is wiping the sauce. Reporter: there is a large maggot through a procedure and carefully dressed, deterioration of color becomes attractive pork bacon. These poor quality meat was sold to the country. Reporter: Some goods can sell to Canton? Boss: Of course there. What can be, Xinjiang, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing issued a day later the goods are to go. Shenzhen, Guangzhou has shipped.

soon to usher in the Spring Festival travel season, away from many of my friends would choose to live in hotels, restaurants. Because these consumer sites usually offers convenient services, accommodation, food, and live in some of the necessary supplies, like toothbrushes, toothpaste and so on. These items are often one-time, and many of them are Chinese, black girl, etc. brand, so that consumers with very ease. However, in Hangzhou, Yangzhou City, town, the reporter found a number of small family workshops produced substandard health and quality of small toothpaste are also marked is traveling 20 km east Hangzhou Hanjiang market town, small town on the road across the north and south of this dawn, the road lined on both sides of shops, shop toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, bath gel and other travel products dazzling hotel. A boss says, Hangzhou hotel travel goods distribution market town seven or eight one hundred shops, our hotel is the main origin of tourism products. Where sales of goods in addition to local brands, some well-known domestic brand is everything.

According to the boss to do so is to introduce color to orange wax. This red powder is a pigment, and this oily substance is paraffin.

boss also said that he was here, the meat is actually quite good, in the village to do some processing sites with sausage meat, much worse than he used, and some simply do not eat . clues provided by the boss, the reporter went wild Takemura processing point to another to see the boss said, Processing point, several workers sitting in separate window under the meat. Piled around the yard piles of meat.

relevant national standards: need to go through hair bran oil deacidification, deodorization, bleaching and other processes in order to become edible. Hair without bran oil processing in China is mainly used for soap and lubricants and other industrial goods production. These gross bran oil without purification was mixed in the off-white starch, the starch slurry into a transparent yellow jelly,beats by dr dre, these workers are hot specially treated starch slurry spread into a thin vermicelli.

12. seeds Bengbu, Anhui Province Taiping market is the largest seeds wholesale market, where sales of a wide variety of seeds, much consumers. This stall to us, these seeds are manufactured locally, with local production of seeds compared to the other, due to selling a good friend, bright colors, but not easy to damp soft, it has been selling well.

He told reporters that hair are rich in protein, simple amino acids can be extracted after acid hydrolysis, amino acid solution produced by the factory over the years are in fact used to process the hair, the hair all day, consumes 10 tons so.

Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, famous for the production of bittern cooked food outside the province, where foods are produced Stewed chicken, chicken wings, eggs, etc. variety. Correspondent in an interview on the local market found a strange phenomenon, where the bittern cooked food plant species although different, but the product name is surprisingly similar, there are not guys called fragrant, and have called fresh Balao There are many manufacturers call rustic. According to local people, such as the first production in Cangnan halogen products manufacturers with a It is understood that specializes in Cangnan Stewed cooked food as much as there are hundreds of manufacturers, mainly in Shanghai and the nearby town Lingxi Hill, piers and other towns. In Lingxi, the reporter came to China are the food factory, this factory is a medium-sized Cangnan Stewed food processing plants. Middle of the yard piled frozen chicken legs and wings, many bags have been damaged, and workers are free to go in the above step to step. Workshop in the bittern, halogen good chicken wings out in a greasy floor, but also by the workers to pick up, back into the pot to continue processing.

now many students hold the pencil case has a rubber, and replaced by correction fluid. As correction fluid, easy to use them, and cover very strong, but the correction fluid altered the writing, but left some toxic material, much of the damage the human body, if long-term use of correction fluid is likely to cause chronic poisoning. correction fluid as easily as the paper like strips torn, unlike rubber, as for the pen, ball pen helpless, it is convenient, fast, clean, strong coverage, was the students as a good helper to correct the error correction fluid is indeed harmful, because it is a chemical compound, there is the larger danger is the first: p-xylene, long-term use can be liver, kidney, and so cause long-term chronic hazards, even some small children can also cause symptoms such as leukemia, and so on. followed by a variety of halogenated hydrocarbons. Including dichloroethane, trichloroethane, tetrachloroethane, etc., these compounds have a very clear eye irritation, frequent use will cause tears, red eyes, the individual will result in nausea, vomiting, feeling not comfortable, even causing some of the more serious long-term harm,

leave Chiping, correspondent subsequent Dongchangfu, Gaotang, Yanggu County in more than a dozen interviews with slaughterhouse survey found. For live cattle is widespread irrigation. Luxi meat marketing in Gaotang reporter saw a big market, live cattle to be slaughtered before the irrigation, but also through the arteries after slaughter and then water. The cow is injected into a bucket of water, but the butcher with the water left in the pipe is not willing to give up, holding the high ground water, where efforts will be left in the pipes in the water column into the cow's body.

he told us that these mule meat and beef mixed together, processed, produced meat sold as beef, mysteriously, most people simply do not see, he said, with mule meat, beef, nothing to do, the key is to look at what technology, as long as the skillful, no matter what the meat, he was here, after processing, can be made The so-called Pingyao beef. order to understand the proud owner of the magic of technology, the third day, the reporter once again came to the point of this process, the yard filled with good meat division, part of the beef, and more mule meat is the boss in the side is to the meat filling.

13. Shaoxing rice wine is a blending wine in China on behalf of the class, it mellow quality thick, taste good and known throughout the country, the reporter found that in the interview, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, where the vast majority of manufacturers strict implementation of national standards can be qualified and high quality wine production. However, Wu Tong at a local winery, reporters have found that they plant the rice wine and other manufacturers is not the same, the taste is not the same.

25. sweet potato starch noodles

Reporter: so heavy, musty! several workers to remove boxes of oranges, fresh bags. Reporter: What was that? workers: This is dirty, want to change the bag. reporters found that many are split out of the oranges grown mildew. These have been moldy oranges to do? Reporter: This stripped Why? workers: After peeling, dress up. Dress up.

reporter went to Shanghai Town, visiting more than a dozen food plants, even the least to see some factory dust proofing measures are not. Reporters: how so many flies here Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Shanghai Jiali Mountain Food Factory boss: Of course there are so many flies that Reporter: What do boss does not affect health: It does not matter a bit There are several homes have their own flies

Reporter: Why are there so many bugs? boss: pickled (soaked sauerkraut), when there are insects, playing a drug, there is no. After a while, a worker began to hit the pool kimchi of drugs. The worker also told us that, in order to prevent insects, kimchi in the factory once every few days to fight drugs. Reporter: This is for agricultural pesticides, is not it? worker: Yes, (this is) and low toxicity. this , Workers and bosses said they do not know.

correspondent: the smell, which eat dead people, right? boss: no. Not smell, taste is salt, the baking out there is no relationship. Put some salt will be less smelly, extra salt will not stink. original, in order to cover up the smell of pork and pork to prevent further spoilage, to the processing point by App Zhu Fanzi before wiping in a lot of salt pork. Congestion and wrapped them with black pieces, covered with mildew and even meat.

closet out went boss and a red bottle, the bucket and pour some red powder. Reporter: What is this? boss: the red color of the food bucket boss that operating room, pick up a bucket of water. Then the whole bucket of food red solution was poured on the meat to the pool. Workers quickly began to stir.

but these were well water irrigation of a stomach of live cattle, no time to digest, it has been dying. Live cattle to the slaughterhouse then gastric lavage in the end is why? The boss finally tell us the secret: the so-called gastric lavage, is to increase the water content of beef. A 300 kg cow through the

original, so-called special treatment is to add starch pigment. Then, after a night, we saw in this process has increased over points pigment vermicelli. The bright colors really attractive. In response, workers are quite proud to say that no they do not tune out the color.

an illegal processing of rice warehouse

26. hotel supplies

problem of food a day down to the ground 500 consumption of aflatoxin contaminated food after a serious fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, severe cases occur in 2 to 3 weeks hepatosplenomegaly, liver pain, yellowish discoloration of skin and mucous membranes, ascites, leg edema and liver dysfunction and other toxic manifestations of liver disease, may also appear enlarged heart, pulmonary edema, and even convulsions, coma embolism. Chu Metropolis Daily Online News (correspondent reporter Fang Lin Xiao Zhen) 300 tonnes from Lianyungang ! Yesterday, these

16 Vinegar

29. chronic killer - correction fluid

saw his side of the heated liquid amino acids, while to the pot with a white flakes. This kind of thing one added, the pot immediately emits a strong irritant gas. the foot of a wall in the shop, the reporter found a bag filled with white flakes, and screamed for industrial use

Reporter: Where received over? workers: all over the country. Reporter: every day and unloading? workers: every day unloading. through simple sorting, these filthy hair is no longer any treatment, it was sent directly to the machine to play loose, and then labeled package got me feeding. Subsequently, the reporter following the pulling of hair came to the production of amino nitrogen dray liquid feed plant, a worker Chia Tai to get over a lot of hair to put into the reactor inside.

State Food and Drug Administration issued a workshop to set his shoes room, coat room, bathroom, shower room and air blowing cleaning air conditioning systems. Reporters found in the survey, the small town of Luan's workshop production of sanitary materials do not have these production conditions, but the business has become increasingly prosperous

Speaking of Pingyao, which was the world famous ancient city, and the ancient city of Pingyao beef is among the well-known signs, it is a unique formula, a unique production process and praised, but the big woods, what birds are, there is a boss in Pingyao, where he was the processing point, no matter what the meat, it can be processed into so-called Can not make the beef to beef? This must be enough, and we a look.

Reporter: Where fans are sold to workers: There are Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan boss: all over the country

sodium nitrite in food processing mainly as hair color and preservatives used, its maximum amount per thousand gram 0.15 grams, while the boss on the meat at 500 pounds added to 100 grams sodium nitrite, more than twice the maximum dose. But the boss know that sodium nitrite adds a well. boss: this thing (there are) highly toxic as you eat so little more than good health died

Tianjin Xinda Food Factory is actually a small workshop. Outside a hut, be regarded as ground meat shop, dimly lit inside, the walls covered with dust. A meat grinder and a few mouthfuls of big-block is the main equipment. (Empty mirror) The eyes of young people claiming to be wearing the factory technicians. He said they are using pork butcher waste when discarded.

boss said that these counterfeit toothpaste and all brands of travel is very similar to regular manufacturers, the consumer is difficult to distinguish.

how to identify: production technology experts to Mingqiao seeds: seeds, when consumers buy, how to identify high-quality seeds and the addition of talc, paraffin seeds it? Take a watermelon seed, we first look at its appearance, quality of watermelon seeds the middle color is yellow, surrounded by black, two color boundaries are very clear, poor quality of products it is often obscure the surface color, while some increase the talc, paraffin wax seeds, what he a white crystalline surface (material), so it will be more slippery feeling. Here we do an experiment, here is the piles of seeds, when we slowly lift this flat, when the plate reached 45 degrees or so, there's a bunch of seeds on talc (sliding) down, while good seeds it is not moving

really fragrant roasted in Bengbu City, the reporter saw factory, warehouse filled with the raw materials used to process the seeds, the top covered with dust. (Empty mirror) boss told us that they are processing the white seeds. A worker to being poured into the pot to cook the seeds of a white powder-like stuff. Reporter: This is what you put things workers: alum Reporter: How much you put this pot of alum workers: just put the number of workers, according to this description, with alum boiled seeds is not easy to make the seeds damp soft, maintaining good taste.

Reporter: school name boss: study called Acid Orange Reporters: What usually is done with the boss: painted walls, the paint can also be dyed a chemical dye acid orange mainly used for textile dyeing leather banned as a food additive Subsequently, the reporter once again came to Cleary Foods plant survey, in the bittern in the workshop, a worker was diluted acid orange. with industrial dyes out of the chicken, chicken wings, bright color looks really attractive, you can go through after the vacuum packaging for shipping. Reporter: Where the product sold in several provinces boss: Yiwu, Nanjing, Hangzhou Reporter: How many sales a year on average boss: (annual) value Wuliubaiwan boss also introduced the now-halogen product quality supply of raw materials, but also to the end of the season, their products are already in short supply, in Nanjing, Hangzhou and other places in the supermarket have been out of stock. Dealer: We sell particularly well at home the goods are sold empty and can not get now getting goods prices rose too scary

dumplings are a few workers say they do not wash their hands. Homemade stove smoke soot, smoke and dust flying into the small room and made, foul. The workers are still puffing away. Reporter: Do you smoke soot fell into the dumplings in how to do. workers: all right, I and, still eating

Reporter: Where you are the main sales market? boss: Hang sets retail outlet to buy us all to hang set of shops and I basically buy out the business of running hotels are also getting goods to our town's small workshop division of Hangzhou very small, most of the small workshop production of the product is single. Reporters subsequent shampoo, bath gel, soap and toothbrushes survey interviews, found that the small workshop-style hotel in the local tourism products manufacturer is common: Pegasus Travel Products Factory in the next, workers are a non- to produce two square meters of small house toothbrush. This large hotel designed to provide shampoo and bath gel on the manufacturer's production plant is located in an abandoned elementary school, the shop's door is full of garbage. Reporters saw the workers are busy filling shampoo and bath gel. A variety of raw materials and packaging are free of the ground lost in the production environment, health concern. State of the toothpaste, shampoo, bath gel and other manufacturers have strict sanitary conditions of the production requirements of small workshop-style production that manufacturers failed to reach the national environmental health requirements reminder: in hotels and restaurants or bring their own things with ease, not to seek a small profit.

Although the flies flying around the yard, but the flooding over the sausages on the drug, but a fly can not. A few dead flies scattered in the basin filled with syrup. drying for a while, the sausage was taken to a brick, and simple baking workshop

boss said that there is no problem of chemical raw materials in the end what is it? He refused to say, we always find the answers. In another processing point, a worker inadvertently revealed that they generally start production in late at night, only to sweet potato flour Riga chemicals. This reporter decided to processing sites at night to continue the investigation. o'clock in the morning, we started this process before production came to a point where, in the dim light, the workers are the ingredients. Workers from the corner out of a bailer, which soaked some of the liquid has been poured into the starch slurry in a good tune. Reporters noted that two still remained in the bailer is not completely melted white lumps. workers have always refused to tell us that something magical whitening effect what. However, the reporter found in another small room, sealed in cans in a large number of such whitening block.

14. industrial salt kimchi kimchi Sichuan dishes sounds like a humble, and Sichuan hot pot as it is in fact, famous. Sichuan pickles can be eaten directly, or as pickled fish and other ingredients made the dish to eat, tasty, but also go well with rice. In Sichuan, nearly every household all day without kimchi, kimchi can now have a factory owner told us: they simply do not eat their own kimchi, only to outsiders eat. Do they change the long-standing habits? Reporter: water ye are this color it? workers: against that is that it is anti-bad (the drugs). boss: This is against the use of water, sodium benzoate. according to national standards, the processing of pickled vegetables, the amount of sodium benzoate should not exceed five ten thousandths. However, this plant has exceeded six times the amount. workers directly by hand to cut pickles, fresh ingredients and cooked in a large bowl full of water mixing, through the packaging and sealing can be on the market.

Red Star is located in the southern suburbs of Fuzhou, a fruit farm storage, warehouse piled high with boxes of oranges, the air was filled with a thick musty.

24. carrion lard

operating table covered with the dust, workers just wipe trouble. This production process is completely manual. For the production of dumplings hands, the workers do not bother to wash. Reporters: how not to wash your hands ah? workers: they do not eat our own.

Reporter: how do you master your mouth suck ah workers: how to do mouth suction flow out? Liu Buchu. Reporters: Health suction mouth it? workers: unsanitary that have nothing to do, engage in out of wine, do not mouth suction Liu Buchu, is not.

Reporter: Why to add color? technician: the color should be dark vinegar, and the original color is too light vinegar. Reporter: added color on the dark pigment, like vinegar-like

manufacturers of products but also passed the relevant test has been identified as qualified products, this is why? The boss finally tell us the secret Reporters: how do unqualified boss: that you are responsible Reporters: you and your boss does not matter: it does not matter at that and I Hang in advance so that we all set and you say this problem Correspondent: Do you where to test boss: Our local sampling of Reporters: sampling can pass it boss: he came to sampling we production is not qualified to give him poor are poor production quotas to others

alum can be added to sodium cyclamate, MSG, alcohol, water and other rapid penetration into the peach flesh, both to increase the weight, but also can not mature and become crisp taste of sour peaches sweet.

Reporter: What is this?

20. sausage

in the slaughterhouse reporter saw workers are the first one 1.8 meters long, thicker than the thumb but also the plastic tube through the nose into the stomach and then connected pipes. Reporter: This is what? workers: gastric lavage, gastric lavage. Reporter: gastric lavage, gastric lavage Why? workers: stomach dirty, dirty you see these things from the stomach out.

Chaotianmen small wholesale food market in Chongqing, one of the largest wholesale food market. In this market, selling all kinds of food, there is a local specialty: pot bottom material. It is understood that, in Chongqing, the production of such bags of pot bottom material manufacturers are different, but the packaging is very similar, mostly labeled The boss told reporters here, pot bottom material quality is good or bad, it is difficult from the packaging point of view out, but you can touch it. Reporter: What is coagulant boss: coagulant is added in the hardness of the boss repeated questioning by reporters, only vaguely revealed that the secret. Reporter: What is coagulant boss: chemical raw materials

19. rice

Reporter: just finished the water it? boss: just finished the medicine. he told reporters, to hit the meat is not ordinary water, but their preparation of a special kind of medicine. Seeing the pot of syrup used up, the boss brought a bag to the pot, add some yellow powder, which he says is used to deploy the medicine, he was doing here is something essential adulterated beef.

the meat is slotted head meat, tongue and groove behind the head meat is pig meat, the boss told reporters that they point to this with a lot of processing meat sausage with slotted head, and near Taixing Takemura city has a place called wild, almost every household with a slotted head meat sausage. according to the boss's instructions, the reporter came to more than 30 miles away wild Takemura. Locals told us that wild Takemura sausage is well known for. Reporters random walk into a processing point. Boss took several sausage, let reporters distinguish good and bad. boss; you can not tell which is good, which is the NAO's Reporters: Your good or bad (sausage) how the difference? Material is not the same, right? boss: the use of materials to the tank are not the same as the first lymph gone

. .Ha ~ ~ so read carefully you will be able to clearly and simply a blanket of death ~ ~
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ~ ~ ~
10 orange, peach

Reporter: (you) cooking oil you can use this boss: cooking without Correspondent: Do you eat the oil it own boss: We do not eat lard to eat peanut oil

Qidong County, Hengyang City, Hunan Province in south China's main producing areas of sweet potato starch noodles. And loess in the east county area, Dipu Town of sweet potato starch noodles dotted with large and small laboratories and factories. The point of the production of sweet potato starch noodles processed by the wholesale to the county fairs around the country. Reporters interviewed found here, in every booth, are placed in several different colors of sweet potato starch noodles. Here's the boss tells us that the sweet potato starch noodles different colors there is a difference. another boss also told reporters that they eat only one color depth of local sweet potato starch noodles. Although this is not very good pasta fortune teller, but it is authentic goods. Those sweet potato starch noodles are a good fortune teller wholesale to the field, the locals never eat

workers are against the pool water to wine. This wine can hold the pool of about 3000 kg of rice wine (the amount of empty mirror with a stick). But the correspondent measured with a stick and found the wine poured into the depth of the pool depth is less than a quarter of the wine.

this is to use the aging process out of the rice paddy, experts point out that aging meters in the metabolism of Aspergillus flavus produces aflatoxin, which is a highly toxic substance aflatoxin. the toxicity of aflatoxin is 10 times the potassium xxx, xxx is a 68-fold. And aflatoxin has a strong carcinogenic. Xxx is not allowed into the country which is the main grain market. workers told reporters, because aging m color yellow, the appearance of new rice with the difference is very obvious, so here they are aging-meter factory to be pulled through the processing of other xxx meters to sell out.

repeated questioning by reporters, the boss told us just to add a chemical raw material, you can easily make the aging black and yellow and bright white rice to make rice noodles. After several days of observation, the reporter found that workers in the processing of rice, the bucket every time this liquid add the white rice milk them. This liquid brought to our attention, the boss told us that this is their use of chemical raw materials, he said this material had not liquid but solid, then a worker from the house out of a few white thing, thrown into the bucket dissolved.

Reporter: What is Liu Xin food factory boss: This is the food (stone) wax Reporters: wax is

together to build a quality of life, here is the We often say, open seven things: poor Youyanjiangcu tea. Mention of vinegar, our first reaction is acid, in addition to acid, what flavor it? Henan, a consumer even in the vinegar eat the astringent taste, but also eat a pungent feeling. What kind of vinegar do? This vinegar is where produced?

Reporter: beef, water content can reach the number? Can not achieve the 15%? boss: Up to 18%. Let this be 15%, 16%. Reporter: How much water your water. boss: 15%. I take you back to thaw the beef, one is 50 pounds of beef, thaw over the remaining 42 half kilogram. slaughterhouse boss said that they complete various procedures here. boss: animal quarantine certificate, health permits, security labels, the Inland Revenue Department, animal quarantine station has. boss: disinfection qualified, leave. Quality of the product, go. The whole of China is no problem. boss said, they live cattle to irrigation, there are already five or six years. Liaocheng to irrigation in the early cattle is nothing new.

in Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, southern Basin and Range vegetable wholesale market, every day, some people always take advantage of the night market to sell things, usually beginning from 2:00 am to about six to leave, they sell Hunan eat bacon, bacon Why should middle of the night to sell it? Reporter: The meat is green. boss: The meat is rotten, and these ribs open, smell of the meat inside. Despite the obvious deterioration of the meat has been , but two bags of meat or in the price of a five kilogram deal. According to the reporter, Xiangtan, the average market price of frozen meat in three or more, then the meat is so cheap where come from? boss: mostly dead and hot dead pigs. Reporter: What was the main disease of swine disease? boss: mainly 5 disease.

17. pot bottom material

clues provided by the enthusiastic audience, the reporter in Hunan Province, Changde City, Li Zhou City, a wholesale food store, and found this is called According to the shop owner said, this popular school canteens and other units welcome soy sauce, do not use traditional brewing process, but with a special kind of raw material blending. soy sauce is the main component of amino acids, while soy sauce is an important test indicator, that is, where the nitrogen content of amino acids, amino acid solution prepared using the soy sauce, soy and other raw materials not only do not need to ferment, and the nitrogen content fully able to meet national standards for soy sauce. However, they prepared soy sauce factory and the normal method of preparation is completely different, then, he showed reporters the amino acid solution with the processing of soy sauce used in special process.

boss: this way, others quietly brought, seized of a penalty, is Salt, simply does not allow to sell. boss: the state purchase and sale of salt, we use the salt can be said Salt.

pot bottom material production of raw materials, mainly butter, pepper, bean, spices, etc., and some manufacturers to reduce costs, or even replaced with artificial flavors and natural flavors.

15. Pingyao beef

China's Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places found on the market, levels were excessive. shocking the poisonous rice

Reporter: Do you wrap your mouth the more unsanitary. Health do you wrap your mouth? workers: health. How unsanitary. Reporters: Health ah. workers: health. body from bottle washing, filling, to the labeling, packaging, are concentrated in this room with only seventy to eighty square meters. Workshop debris accumulation.

Reporter: What is the role paraffin general workers: from hardness Reporters: Hardness workers: Food Factory of Liu Xin, the boss, while recognizing the pot at the end to add the paraffin material for coagulant, but also explained that this wax is added to edible.

21. hair soy sauce

living in China can not change, the only thing to do is adapt to the environment boss told reporters, Stewed food mainly from the added flavor of the sauce, the color of the product is also very important, if adjusted properly, will soon fade, change color, not sell, so the color should be special modulation. He also introduced, in Cangnan County, Stewed chicken legs and wings of the main two colors red and black, boss: taste is the same price as the same halogen material is not the same color then, these two how to adjust the color is out of it? Reporter: This pot is black, right boss: the Correspondent: This is how black tone (color) workers: the sugar with the black color interest in good food factory workshop, one worker pointed to a black viscous liquid container of plastic barrels, told reporters that the boss said, filled the inside of sugar color.

together to build a quality of life, here is the In August 31 programs, we part of some of Bengbu City, Anhui poor jelly jelly manufacturers to do a report on the situation, the program was broadcast, the local government immediately set up a joint investigation team seized three jelly production and processing points; the same time production and sale of jelly on the city's market a comprehensive revamp. Liaocheng City, Shandong Province cattle slaughtered each year five or six one hundred thousand, urban Chiping Hong Guantun Township near a slaughterhouse, in the local large-scale, where the cars come to the day, business was very fire. boss: I did not here a NAO goods, the quality of my hard, so I pulled back one hundred customers at ease. boss: This is the best beef. She said all the Chinese here are first-class beef, the best beef.

vehicle chances are poisonous rice into our family day on the kitchen

correspondents in the survey found that unscrupulous traders selling poor condition of the plant fungus, is also extremely poor health conditions. Unscrupulous traders to make them close to the fungus with a low-cost high-quality mushrooms like the Northeast has been With low-quality ink and colored to look like the glossy black. In addition, in order to increase the weight of fungus, unscrupulous traders also added a fungus called material things. Heng Fa Chuen, Shandong Zaozhuang dry on the market and found the price very low black fungus, under normal circumstances, a pound of black fungus is three to four dollars, but they only sell in this market forty-five dollars a pound , let's this specialized market for a variety of dry products is the country's largest distribution center for one of the fungus, the reporters saw in this market, the vast majority of stalls selling all fungus, and many stalls are nominal he is the direct point of fungus Northeast, where fungus is very cheap prices, in other parts of twenty or thirty dollars a pound mushrooms, selling only a few dollars a pound here.

few hours later, they received (Empty mirror) face is dying cattle, the butcher who refused to give up. They then will be a more than ten centimeters long, sharp little finger thick steel insert cow's stomach. Reporter: What is that thing? workers: This is deflation, you know? stomach with gas.

our attention to today's reporters the investigation. I am afraid of how everyone is no stranger to boil lard, because it is very simple, as long as the hot wok, and you can proudly lay down fat to lard, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, in some deep-fried lard workshop, refining from the pig oil is used as an experiment, pour some liquid into the moment, a moment pour powder into the lard of color also will change. Are put to some harmful chemicals, refining what is it out of the can?

Qingxu County, Shanxi Province, Taiyuan, close to 100 vinegar producers, produce vinegar, Vinegar 10 million metric tons, is known as China's Nationally known production base of Shanxi Vinegar - Tower Group, Shanxi is located not far from the county town of Meng seal. Meng letters in the old Town warburg we find children Cuchang amide, where less than a kilometer away from the towers Group. Amide in the old office we saw children Cuchang the factory owner, according to them, are vinegar factory production, made in September 2003, comparable

Expert: Yes, most of them are using copper sulfate and magnesium sulfate to increase the weight of the black fungus, black fungus because the absorption is characterized by its great solubility, many other (physical), including sugar, salt can be absorbed into, and this copper sulfate and magnesium sulfate two substances, than a major, the second is also very soluble in water, so it into the water after dark when the fungus bubble, put the sulfuric acid absorbed into the copper and magnesium sulfate. Moderator: So magnesium sulfate and copper sulfate in the end is what kind of material? experts: what is the chemistry of these two things, copper sulfate is toxic itself, is generally used in insecticides, bacteria, pesticides on Moderator: as a raw material for pesticide

Why not be disheartened releaseI should sing : Jacky Cheung Song : Wu Guojing eyes off you will loose color scarf down I then inquired who like to kiss you in my arms ,Lady Gaga Heartbeats, but your heart is not in loading I alone suffer still do not have to separate that already did not expect should be disheartened Why should not come back yet to release hurt by your love What wonderful I love you hope your character will be sad always waiting for a future changes irony you who live in the fifties I do not have to wait a beloved always crying to the door who were you are outside came within the sound of applause should already be desperate why did not expect should not let you come back from the injury Love What wonderful I love you sad ah should already be desperate not expect why not let should not come back from the injury love what you wonderful I love you sad What love I love you deep mountain

outstanding teachers to the Chinese American parents 10 recommendations: First, try to praise the child. Child has a certain self-confidence, will be willing to learn. Make every day feel his children in learning has made some progress, even if it is to correct a shortcoming. Second, more attention to children's learning content and the actual degree of progress. Parents should ask their children more than what the recent study, mastery of such a system. three, children often develop a few easy reach of the small target. This can make children feel able to do, children have self-confidence, which will help children play potential. Fourth, to stimulate children's desire to learn. To seize life's opportunities for children to practice. five, to help children establish a sense of responsibility. Let the children learn to wash dishes, wash a handkerchief, put my bed, appliances, live up to their share of responsibility. six, in front of the children set a good example. seven, try not to talk in front of the children of teachers, especially teachers, do not belittle in front of children. eight, set the family to learn the rules, and throughout implementation, to form good study habits, activity habits. nine, to guide their children good to ask questions. To train children to ask why. ten, to make the emphasis on school children, the children try to avoid non-attendance to happen. how to cultivate a spiritual child: one mode of education, For this, do not know how much the teacher smacked back to the classroom. She touch a teacher fired her classroom, she would just look at ants fight. someone asked her why she did not listen, she said: say ah, ah practiced repeatedly, trouble again! then stand out because of outstanding results. In a nationwide contest among the best chemistry. Graduated from university, there are 7-8 well-known universities sent invitations. Finally, she chose the Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate. This case reflects the shortcomings of the current school of traditional education. The traditional model of education is largely an education, they ignore the individual differences of children, for students to develop a unified goal, the same material, do the same exercises, requiring the same pace, the same papers. This will inevitably lead to the honors have enough to eat. And forced the child to talk back and forth, back and forth to practice, just let the children feel uncomfortable Er weariness, so that the child's curiosity, learning initiative disappeared, the original spiritual loss of a child to develop a Gaofendineng learning machines are considered good. This girl was lucky enough to enter the Beijing eight in the Junior class, the school to be good training for children with extraordinary intelligence, said a relaxed learning environment, children can play the advantages of personality, so that this problem has become honors students. Second, relaxed environment, children play in the personality strengths Beijing eight and a boy, elementary school homework is not love, his truth is: we need to do? Later, my mother helped to imitate his son's homework every day font. Mom said: duplication will erode the child's creativity. It is said that the child's teacher to set the children's class of more mean is this: This boy has a small cousin, almost a child and his intelligence. Little brothers to see who has been climbing walls approach than the more, the result is a draw. But the homework is often because the wrong cousin wrote a word on the penalty to write 100 times. Later, he was the punishment of confiscation of energy. practice is not possible, and perhaps the sea tactical short-term child will get a high score, but it will increase the child's burden. The amount of child work to acquire knowledge for the purpose should be to properly review in order to deepen the impression. Because the school assignments based on the standard of most of the students,Beats by dre pro, so the child has mastered the knowledge of the premise, can charge many children do not do their homework. Do not force a child to do the simple repetition of the title, so will the child's learning strengths and worn as a defect, resulting in the child's emotional weariness. Less to do the subject so the children learn to focus on the ability to develop the child's potential will be significant. To accomplish this, we must have peace of mind, not to score look unique. Third, the expectations are too high, so that children are generally miserable numerous achievements, but the parents eager to succeed in life, they thought the child into the brand-name schools. The schools are all top-notch elementary school, high school students each year are promoted to focus on more than 95%. Junior high school for three years, all the school triumphantly last contract first, and ultimately did not obtain the ideal high school, and stay repetition. triumphantly as we can imagine this situation in his school. Into the key focus of the school or class can enjoy high-quality teaching resources, of course, has its benefits, but if long-term gap between children in the kind of great learning environment, children are more likely to lose confidence. If such children as triumphantly to an ordinary secondary school, there would be no such troubles. A network called painstakingly people, he said: operations. often did not remember the word before the class finished, the previous case that did not have mathematical content. do a late night, exhausted, a new curriculum will affect digestion. operations, on a temporary and teachers in touch, do a few little problems, and concentrate on the subjects really understood. But he felt, which shows that he failed, and my heart is hard to accept. Some parents Succeed, Wang Cheng-feng, unwilling to face the gap between their children, the child's expectations are too high, only the child confused exhausted. According to the actual situation of the child to develop learning objectives, let the kids jump up to pick the peaches. Like the friends of the children, learning objectives should be set to master basic concepts, let the children do first point is relatively simple questions, such as exercise books on the Class A title, but also in less quantity, the title really understood . In fact, in the A class on basic concepts reflected in the title, do not understand is that the subject is more critical, examination questions the basic concept holds considerable weight. Only in this way to give them step by step, down-forward. four, make the best use, let the children enjoy learning every child is a separate entity, they grow up because of the environment and its own reasons, not only the variation in levels, learning styles will be different, which requires us flexible education, wit, make the best use. In this way, children will be in a pleasant state of mind, to learn as a pleasure, to improve learning efficiency. To charge many children choose their own learning. If the students like to enhance their knowledge through discussion, and some students like to think quietly alone. For the former we should try to create an atmosphere of discussion, while the latter, we should give them a quiet learning environment. Some children like to help by word-building memory of English words, while some students are good at reading to increase vocabulary. For the former we can give children the books on word formation, the latter shall provide a comparable level of English and have fun reading material. Some children like to do the excerpt, and some children are used to re-read favorite article, which can achieve the purpose of improving writing skills. Therefore, the latter do not necessarily have to require that children extract and provide the appropriate extra-curricular reading the same books so that children can achieve learning objectives. To grasp the child's psychological characteristics, according to the child's interests and hobbies, find the right way, and guide children. If like Starchaser, can explain to them how successful the stars, in order to stimulate the children motivated and heart; such as individuality, self-control are the corresponding strengths of children, allowing them to develop their own regulations, so that the child feel they are respected, it is more able to consciously abide by the; appropriate for self-control is weak, but like a supervision to develop the children good habits. five, individualized, every child can become useful Nobel Prize winner Otto? Wallach just in secondary school, his parents chose a literary way. A semester, the teacher gave his comment was: son's interest, so he switched to painting. Wallach composition can not be good, but not polish, is not keen understanding of art, performance in class is the last first, get the comment was: disappointing, the future will be difficult attainments. suggested that he switched to chemistry. Wallach switched to chemistry, the potential is activated, and eventually won the chemistry Nobel Prize. successful expert Robin said: , as parents, should have clear understanding of their children, to understand children's strengths and weaknesses, and tap the child's potential, abilities, weaknesses, every child can become useful. good parents want a child to create a good future, the spring to draw attention to the following: one: the child as an equal member of the family, respect for the child's personality, the dignity of the child independent thinking, freedom of choice. Let the children choose not to say that parents do nothing, parents can guide can help you analyze, the final choice in the hands of children. If the child is the wrong choice, she will assume responsibility, once the sense of wrong, she quickly corrected. If you do choose to help her, even though, she will not necessarily do well; If wrong, she will hate you because of your responsibility. II: patient carefully listen to children's views, to make friends with the children, the family can not engage in Particularly when the children about the things that parents must discuss with their children, listen to the views of children, on the advice to accept, not to explain the views. When parents make a decision on something at home, they should seek the views of children, which is conducive to the healthy growth of children, the children will feel that they are equal members of the family, the family in the future will be positive for the sake of the other ability but also conducive to the completion of things. three: for the children to understand, in-depth understanding of the child's inner world of the child's desire to respect the child's choice, to support the child's legitimate demands. As well as to the children open their mind, let the children know their parents thinking, emotions and feelings of parents towards the child's trust and understanding. This is true not only help parents become their children's friends, but also help parents better guide their children grow up. four: over-growth of children put into use in practical, reasonable way. Do not make the evaluation of the child's behavior, issued instructions to try to guide children to think about. Be more concerned about the child's thinking and behavior, for the problem, through conversation, negotiation, communication and achieve mutual understanding, and finally obtain a fair and reasonable answer. five: do children's friends, does not mean to give up their principles, to accommodate the child's error. We emphasize to the children the freedom to develop interests and hobbies, but not laissez-faire. Should take some measure, put forward strict requirements. The child is indeed wrong, it can not accommodate any, must be seriously noted and make the appropriate explanation, so the next repeat. If your child the courage to admit it was wrong. To use their own behavior, style and make an example to the children, and guide children to form good character. six: the idea of ​​active mind and children sharing. Communicate with their children, the purpose was to promote mutual understanding to their views and demands clear to children that parents let children understand the meaning, is communication. In fact, just this is not enough, because it is only one-way, the purpose of just let the children know their parents, asked parents of children can be expected. These parents ever thought: Do you require that children listen and understand your point, but you have to understand the child's mind? Communication, ask their parents to take the initiative to express to the child's inner world, while more than listen to the voices of children, mutual listening, mutual understanding. Thus, in order to understand the hearts of the children are thinking, then best not to say the following ten words of the child: 1. Why are you not to like ----- children were compared, it is likely to increase their instinctive hostility, and even heart. should be clear to your child's specific requirements. focus put you want him to change bad behavior. 2. how can you be so naive then stabbed the child only knowing students treason, make things worse. to be pleasant, patient and unreasonable, in order to achieve the intended purpose. three you really stupid enough to house a words can only hurt their hearts are great. some so inferior, do not make progress. parents to encourage a positive and effective help is so that children develop good habits and life skills to master the basic method. 4. go away, I can make them quiet for a while people feel is superfluous, not to name the resulting loneliness. if you really want to stay alone for a while, you can patiently explain to your child: I am happy with you, but too busy now, please forgive me. 5. less wordy, shut up kids think their parents is not my opinion seriously. If this trend continues , no child will become assertive, strong dependence, think of himself as a nonentity. 6. honestly do, or --- - empty threats will ultimately harm the prestige of the parents. the child but will continue their bad behavior. Look at how you do. The best way to choose is based on the actual compensation of specific penalty means. 7. mother begging you award regardless of fear there with education, punishment can not make. children do not eat soft and hard, but do not say my mother please. say this means that parents surrender, the child will be more strips from the heart, as you 8. I can not hack and children talk to their inferiority complex revealed. the vast majority of parents of the child's sense of inferiority by induced. parents if assertive, optimistic, then the child is confident in the future. ; 9. Zousi you When you say this, that you no longer get any good solution. This is one of lying can not be honored. children and will not stop his activities. 10. you roll it, want to go where ultimatum then let the children can not cope with, although he did not want to run away from home, but do not want this bow. wayward child may boast a back hero, really ran away from home. should be clear that the child's fault, even in the criticism when the parents should make him feel the love and concern. your child, no matter who you tube? your child, you do not love who love? please do not forget the gift every day to children: 1. let the children unrestrained 2. to teach children to care for others 3. from the heart laugh 4. recognition must have skills to encourage children to self-confidence 5. to bring art into the child mind 6. smile, let the children manners 7. timely concessions 8 to show their children the opportunity to 9. teach children appreciate what he has 10. let the children acquire new skills 11. teach him to control his behavior 12. to teach children to understand responsible for their actions

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the drugs do not give you to eat

time to ambush, heat generated by, suddenly heard the good news in the lonely, bored, cross disciple Li Hebiao beating incident, to this new strand of the hot summer wind blowing. Li Hebiao, Shandong, Beijing Branch DeYunShe Crane character actor, and Shi Aidong partner, on behalf of programs will find a church, school dance, mood bathing. Part honest, frank disposition, sentence evaluation is a good boy. The only drawback, a good impulse, easily fooled. The incident, Li Hebiao famous saying: , palpable joy and excitement of the state to make chrysanthemum in full bloom. He may believe everything rumors, which there must be reason. In fact, I am feeling all these years I came back and forth to life to create surprise, to commute back to life are the beat of my! Ye Hao, life is breathing, the call is to export gas; smoking is to Zhengkou Qi. Without further ado, the book The True Story. had to buy a house, the developer will be small courtyard enclosed with stakes, I have not extended inch, the only change to do the old pile of new pile it. Some people do not believe, get the developer of the theory, I keep waiting! Neighbors who have atrocious disgusting, that I call Committee set up clandestine underground, four slander. I have repeatedly explained to face, but no one appeared, I can not see the light of a guilty conscience or your guilty conscience? These bits are kept to seek virtue and moral blessing for all beings, I'm sorry, I do not believe, not drunk alcohol to drink less, fans do not see color is touched! Why two of the gentlemen so natural? ! beating and being beaten for things uncompromising, hard to just angry people who each stand in his place just to see this, Li Hebiao who has publicly addressed the beaten apology, other things worked out. But I want to take a beating a few weeks teachers advice: I am not a reporter,Justbeats By Dr Dre, but I have numerous correspondents friends. People can deceive, but we own people necessary? You tell the truth, you arch Li Hebiao his hands at the fire, your heart is not secretly pleased? ! You really do not know Sichuangminzhai wrong? You really do not know your candid unreasonable it? Could it be that you are the landlord of my site do? Keeps the results do not shoot secretly turn, deceive people face to face with the meaning behind the heart must be evil! There you said for the protection of state property to embrace the machine rolled down from the stairs where the screen? My monitor told me that you are lying. The good old adage: the face is someone else's face but their own lost! I would like to point out that your performance at the press conference had some, such as the convergence is all the more true the longer! Looking around, your ass hanging this little light, but not terrible shame it! May also wanes, people clutch joys and sorrows, videotaping is not beaten, the matter ancient difficult wholly! In addition, it is said your statement at the press conference with the manuscript. You do not have to admit, we were feeling, for me to tell the writer man, he can really humanity, to the silly in the way his feet are X throttle, certainly Champion! odds with the [cultural] not my wish. Downstream sites hype before the enclosure, and I did not care, because that fellow Zengyin photographed as early as 2006 it was played. Person may be tired of the world are in fact the most miserable person. Unexpectedly, [cultural] will broadcast this candid, I'm sorry. I take them as friends, so many years of friendship can not even find me normal channels? In the eyes of the ratings is everything you do? After our broadcast negotiations, several head sounded heap Huan: Is it neglect? Coffin box delivery, installation grandson chanting! a back did not care for you, how again? And they are candid. Your own correspondent also said that more money can shoot GuoDeGang. I am not against making money, you can not bully people can do! Let alone I take you as a friend! After the incident, Li Hebiao alarm, the police will crowd to the police station, police station rushed to the mouth of a female leader would fifty thousand, you can not be poor to dawn? Han Chinese from the law that states: Sichuangminzhai killed or not. You have the right to interview, I have the right to maintain privacy. Let's go on the theory of the unit! In order to get things calmed down, my agent went to Taiwan to discuss solutions with you inside, you do not assert that if the broadcast to fifty thousand, fifty thousand for a while not to make the situation out on the big. And while inducing agent I speak, while secretly turn on the camera, my agent quietly, so you have to over price of children, only one refers to the hidden camera: You are all BTV staff, department head, took advantage of the use of means of the press threatened to use, you lose the people BTV, BTV your reputation is ruined, because there is scum like you I want to say loudly BTV dirty! saying goes, vexatious will have some plans, the difference between good guys and bad guys is that the latter have the right to comment on the former. Light said the beating, you talk about why the beating! Why not just hit you hit someone? Out of context, editing video, confuse, play pig eat tiger, fool good people, you lose the essence of journalists. Malicious speculation, the part group may be more well-known, art center? Very satisfied? BTV executives be happy? Yes, some people will criticize GuoDeGang can also criticized Beijing sets too! You sent three people who did not permit reporters Sichuangminzhai malicious photographed is already a big mistake. Carved plate material also photographed all over the world to send, how do you think? There are sensible people, how many people see the flaws from this session, to conclude that you lied, BTV scolded because of your little smart ah! This is simply more than Li Hebiao also impulsive. these years I see a lot of things very clear, between the artist and television deal is the naked use of each other. I do not need me you can not promote you, I did not the ratings you do not find me, who do not say so noble, that's too sincere to fake it! have good news, in 2006 beating fellow provoke the establishment of what a group of media alliances. Understandable and acceptable. Bit reluctant because of the sensibilities that promised nothing, I do not hate them. I can feel this stock is moss on the old sow dog urine, not a good mushroom mushrooms, meat is not a good meat! His parents are blood type B positive, we have made this type 2B! Very good, hemp rope tied donkey whip, I can not remember (Department) to live you. online these days are busy, the squalling of the goods they were also positive, and true emotion, and the mentally handicapped in life where we may not meet, that dodging on the line, he was shocked to hit your body, you call him he did not understand, understood he does not understand, he does not understand the letter. Some people really sad, famous person is suspected of good, evil is the letter of the celebrity. saying and gentlemen encouragement: Life in the crowd, it is necessary to maintain a certain wolf!

1. I, appearance, crossing the Red ------ landscapes, we pass, in the end, who is the scenery ... I only know that when the distance is no longer the distance, we will meet, to form water, ice-cemented, or will turn into dust ... ... I hope you are my most beautiful scenery, I was waiting for your return people 2. this world , there is always a person waiting for you somewhere. Not here, not this time, there will be, is wound up, waiting for you. ------ A person can miss you is happy. 3. we can no longer go back ------ We can no longer have a childhood; never again have a junior high school; never again have a first love; never again have the joy of the past , happiness, sadness and pain. ------ Yesterday, before the second, all can not go back. ------ Life is not a movie playback out of print! 4. no one has the patience to listen to your finished his story, because everyone has their say; no one likes to hear you complain about life,Beats By Dr Dre Pro Detox, because everyone has their own pain; most lonely world This world is willing to listen, people used to silence, a rare few. ------ I do not want other people to bring their own past, those struggling in the nightmare of loneliness, desolation, or over time, slowly indifferent. ------ Jimmy 5. No matter how good things are lost day, and then have forgotten the deep memory of the day, to love people, have gone to the day, then the United States have a dream waking day. ------ Not retain the abandoned, the treasure will never let go. ------ Can not be friends after breaking up, because the two sides hurt! The enemy can not do, because loving each other too. 6. do not think if ... ... can not bear the feeling of life, is that life is not important to the opportunity. If we had to be, we would not ... ... what how the choice of each fork is actually no real good or bad, as long as life as their own unique creation, not frequently do not look back as if you had the choice of . ... ... Life is only sold one-way ticket, the past is the past, more importantly, take a good way behind. 7. one today is worth two tomorrow. Tear a calendar, a very simple, grasp the day, it is not easy. ------ Trust others, give up, this is the beginning of many people fail in life! ------ In the most difficult time, but also to believe that they hold the hands of the best shotgun. 8. forgotten, we can not change destiny, everything is not aligned like the drawings. ------ All back to the former than in the past, and thus gradually extended, little by little, to stagger. ------ May stagger the things we really should be forgotten. . 9. Do not let the pain of love becomes a ------ If you do not love a person, please let go, so people have the opportunity to love her. If you love to give you, release yourself, so that they have the opportunity to love others. ------ A person does not love to have, but people must have a good love him. 10. life sad thing is you meet a very important for you people, but eventually found that you never meant to, so you have to let go. ------ A sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and you just have to let go. 11. I, appearance, crossing the Red ------ landscapes, we pass, in the end, who is the scenery ... I only know that when the distance is no longer the distance, we must would have met, to form water, ice-cemented, or will turn into dust ... ... I hope you are my most beautiful scenery, I was waiting for your return people.

people most vulnerable areas, is reluctant. ------ No longer bear a wonderful feeling, could not bear a vanity, reluctant applause. ------ We always thought the best days will be very, very long, not so fast to leave. ------ In our soft-hearted and a lack of courage, the best days of relentless passing of 12. Life is a process rather than a goal. ------ Bitter and sweet from the outside world, to appreciate happiness comes from within. ------ Grateful, learn to meet, let the good life overflowing baskets. ------ Heart is fine as long as there is no rain! 14. and what it is ------ is a critical moment of decision; is a choice; is to the left, or right; is to continue, or give up. ------ Is the moment of farewell with the past; is brave clean the wound at the moment; is the future of the moment decision. ------ To be happy, first So, see, sight; remembered, forgotten. ------ In your life, and have been lost. So, invisible, see; forgotten, remember. ------ However invisible, is not non-existent? Keep in mind, is not forever? 16. our lives were not likely to love a person, but often there is a person you laugh the most sweet, most pain so that you always have a beautiful wound, as your body can not heal part! ------ As strange, so brave, because of distance, so beautiful. 17. a love is not accepted, the need is not sad, but time, time period can be used to oblivion. One was deeply hurt the heart, need is not sympathy, but to understand. ------ Because of love, so compassionate; as to understand, so tolerant. 18. ------ Happiness is not the end the path to happiness, love and joy ran, ran into the wind and rain, frustration, pain together constitute the road. ------ But also because they are, we understand the true meaning of happiness 19. When you are a person, not even think about two things, the memories lost in the side; --- --- When a person when you just want to welcome, the sadness behind ;------ a time when you come to a person's romantic, release your emotions, open your mind. ------ In fact, when a heart is aching, tears ready for it. 20. happy moment with you half and half in a dream ;------ painful moment, half of separation, half in silence thinking of you ... ...

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