Minnesota needs the Vikings, Pawlenty says

by Matt Carlson

Governor Tim Pawlenty recently said in his weekly Friday morning radio show that Minnesota needs the Vikings.

Pawlenty focused on the issue of the Metrodome.  The team has leased the bubble through 2011, but does not plan to extend the lease.  While saying something has to be done to keep the team in the state, Pawlenty did go so far as to endorse a mostly public-funded stadium.

A far less costly plan to renovate the Metrodome has been proposed by the venue's operating commission, according to KSTP news.

While Pawlenty claims that the team needs a new stadium and the state needs the state, he remains neutral in his political action.  Considering a jeopardized 2012 presidential election bid, Pawlenty would be straying from a fiscally conservative philosophy.

Pawlenty would contend, however, the Vikings are an asset to the state and give great joy to many people in the state.  He also said, even though the public doesn't like to spend its money on private industry, it is the state's responsibility to provide "infrastructure for public amenities such as hunting and fishing grounds, the arts and bike trails," as was written in the KSTP article.

Callers on Pawlenty's radio show called for a public-private partnership to get any new deals in the works, according to the Star Tribune.

Pawlenty will be attending Monday night's border battle between the Vikings and Green Bay Packers at the Metrodome with Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle.


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Finally referred to the non-off is not the point, my wife tells me statement, she did not want me, just before the divorce, I promised her to a condition. Wife's condition is simple, is to give her a month's time, because in another month, the children had finished the summer, she did not want to let the children see their parents separate scenes, and, in this month even as before way of life. I took the wife to write the agreement, she asked me, He Ning, do you remember how I came to marry it? Then, abruptly, on the wedding of those memories coming in, and I nod, say I remember. His wife said, is that you will hold me come in, but I have one condition, that is, to divorce, then I hold you right out of the house. This way a go, you call the shots are good, but I asked this month to work every day, you have to hold me out from the bedroom to the door. I laughed and said: Good. I think his wife is in this form to leave their marriage, or there are nostalgic for the sake of the past. I will request his wife told Luer, Luer laughed some frivolous, that no matter how or divorce, do so many tricks to do. She seems very disdain for his wife, so I thought it more or less uncomfortable. one month, the first day, our actions are very stiff. Because once the note, not so long that we have close contact, even the routine twice a week canceled **** time, every day the same as pedestrians. Patting hands from behind his son said, Dad hug her mother, father hug her mother, screamed I am a little sad. From the bedroom through the living room, out the door to door, ten meters away, his wife in my arms, eyes closed gently, said to me, we are starting today, do not let the children know. I nodded, just go down once again rise to the sad. My wife on the gate, she went to other public transportation, I went to drive to work. next day, my wife's movements are random a lot, twisting her body against me, I smell her fragrant fresh clothes, his wife is really old, how many days I have not She had seen so close, smooth skin, with thin wrinkles. I discovered how his wife did not have wrinkles, or are not aware of how long they have is their familiarity to the bone in this woman does. third day, his wife attached to my ear told me that the demolition of the yard and flower beds, and be more careful, do not fell. fourth day, picked up his wife in the bedroom, I kind of illusion, we are still very intimate lover, she is still my baby, I was heart Qubao her, and all the imagination of the Luer , have become Ruoyouruowu up. fifth day, six days, his wife said in my ear every time some small details, hanging clothes ironed where cooking oil to be careful not to splash with, I nodded, mind the kind of illusion have become stronger together. Luer I did not tell it all. Feel increasingly difficult, seems to be the result of exercise, I am the wife said that now hold you, not very hard for. wife in picking clothes, waiting to hold her while I go out. Wife tried a few, are not appropriate, he sighed, sitting there, saying the clothes are long fat. I laughed, but only half laughing, I suddenly remembered that he increasingly difficult, not my strong, but rather lost his wife, because she will be pressure in the heart of all thoughts. That moment, my heart hurts tightly together, I reached out, trying to ask his wife's forehead. son came, my father, my mother out of the hold up. He urged us, it seems that many days to see my wife holding out, has become one of his shows. Pull over the son's wife, hugged, I turned to the face do not go, afraid that they will all regret not bear to turn into a reason. Starting from the bedroom, then through the living room, door, aisle, I carried my wife, her hand to embrace the natural light and in my neck. I hugged her body tightly, felt at that wedding day, but his wife's body more light, but often I could not help but want to cry. the last day, when my wife picked up, startled, where not to go. Son to school, and his wife also stared at me, in fact, really want to let you hold to the old way. I firmly hold the wife said to her, in fact, we did not realize that life is a little out of this hold you close. stopped the car, I locked the door too late, I fear the time delay will give up my idea again. I Qiaokai Men, Luer look of Xingsong. I said to her, I'm sorry Luer, I do not divorce. Do not leave the. Luer do not believe that the general looked at me, held out his hand, touched my head, that you do not have a fever ah. I opened the Luer hand, looking at her, she said, I'm sorry Luer, I only say to you I'm sorry, I do not divorce, before she and I might just as dull life taught us turn a blind eye, and not no feelings, I came to understand today. I hold her into the house, she gave me have children, we must hold her to the old, so only say to you I'm sorry. Luer seems to have come to understand that anger me a slap in the face to fans, close the door, burst into tears. I went down, drive to the company. Passing the house at work go through the shop, I set to his wife a bouquet of her favorite Qingren Cao, gift shop lady brought the card I wish to write words, I smiled to write on: I want to hold you out of the house every day, until the old. men should carefully look at every man to your success, and perhaps will have this experience, learn it, do not let yourself regret it when the old, the greatest harm to the child, not his wife if successful, might as well do not succeed, a tough times may also be happy.

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New Year's Eve , the spring peak . 0700 , Ambrose bridge on the posts , and in the Hankou Railway Station , Jinjiadun bus lane and street vendors around the control , guiding travelers . Fluids and colleagues because of the classes , Ambrose took over the bridge and take the initiative even classes. Stall vendors in order to prevent disruption to traffic , has been inspected in the cold to the middle of the night . When he returned home ,beats by dre studio Ferrari and Lamborghini, first day is 1:00 am . The first day at 7 am , train station, Mr Bridge has stood in the whistling wind .

open inspection of the squadron 's log : New Year's Eve last year , volunteered his duty ; years ago, more than a month , in addition to a number of surprise involved in tasks such as spring protection , he must take into account their own , each days of work at least 10 hours .

young age have the disease , so doctors by surprise.

(Reporter Xiaqiong correspondent Liu Wenlin Zhu Sufang ) Big Year in a row for nearly a month later , 37 -year-old Jianghan Urban Management law enforcement unit directly under the bridge six squadron members Ambrose sudden stroke . Yesterday afternoon, Jianghan Party Secretary Zhang Ping , Li Qiang, head to Union Hospital , visited the bridge and his wife, Ambrose , and sent flowers, sympathy gold and nutrition.

Jianghan Party Secretary Zhang Ping , Li Qiang, head to Union Hospital , visited the bridge Ambrose and his wife .

Big Year early in the morning , suddenly found Ambrose bridge can not lift his right hand , right foot into the shoe does not wear . Emergency hospital examination, he was diagnosed with moderate stroke . After medical personnel rescue , Ambrose bridge finally out of danger .

“Some of these health benefits derive from meditation’s capacity to increase the association between mind and body in emotion,” Levenson says.

The study included 21 dancers with at least two years of training in modern dance or ballet and 21 seasoned meditators with at least two years of Vipassana practice. A third control group included 21 moderately active adults with no training in dance, meditation, Pilates, or professional sports.

“Ever have the experience of getting home from work and realizing you have a blistering headache?” asks Jocelyn Sze, a doctoral student in clinical science and the study’s lead author.

By contrast, meditators practice attending to visceral body sensations, which makes them more attuned to internal organs such as the heart, says Sze.

“The headache probably built up throughout the day, but you might have been intentionally ignoring it and convincing yourself that you felt fine so that you could get through the demands of the day.”

Researchers theorize that dancers learn to shift focus between time, music, space, and muscles and achieve heightened awareness of their muscle tone, body alignment, and posture.

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Dancers who devote enormous time and effort to developing awareness of and precise control over their muscles—a theme raised in the Oscar-nominated ballet movie Black Swan—don’t have a stronger mind-body connection than do most other people.

Participants, who ranged in age from 18 to 40, were wired with electrodes to measure their bodily responses while they watched emotionally charged scenes from movies and used a rating dial to indicate how they were feeling.

Researchers from Stanford University contributed to the study.

More news from UC Berkeley:

Although all participants reported similar emotional reactions to the film clips,beats by dr dre, meditators showed stronger correlations between the emotions they reported feeling and the speed of their heartbeats. The differences between dancers and the control group were minimal.

Increasingly, mindfulness meditation is being used to treat physical and psychological problems.

Dancers are able to shift focus between time, music, space, and muscles—helpful in becoming a better dancer—but not for tightening the links between mind and body. (Credit: iStockphoto)

“These are all very helpful for becoming a better dancer, but they do not tighten the links between mind and body in emotion,” Levenson says.

By contrast, veteran practitioners of Vipassana or mindfulness meditation—a technique focused on observing breathing, heartbeat, thoughts, and feelings without judgment—showed the closest mind-body bond.

“These types of visceral sensations are a primary focus of Vipassana meditation, which is typically done sitting still and paying attention to internal sensations.”

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The study, published in the journal Emotion, offers clues in the mystery of the mind-body connection. Previous studies have linked the dissociation of mind and body to various medical and psychiatric diseases.

“We all talk about our emotions as if they are intimately connected to our bodies—such as the heartache of sadness and bursting a blood vessel in anger,” says Robert Levenson, professor of psychology at University of California, Berkeley and senior author of a new study.

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“We sought to precisely measure how close that connection was, and found it was stronger for meditators.”

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