U of M budgets $240 million for buildings

by Matt Carlson
The University of Minnesota Board of Regents unanimously approved a request for $193.3 million for new building projects and renovations. 

A total budget of $240 million will be available once the University puts in its own $46.7 million.

The plan is that $100 million would go toward maintenance and improvements of existing buildings, while $80 million would be put into new physics and nanotechnology research centers.  Folwell hall was also said to be in line for a face lift, according to the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

An additional $10 million is marked for an American Indian Learning Resource Center at the Duluth campus and there will be $5.5 million set aside for improvements to the Itasca Biological Station, according to KARE 11 news.


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Root canal therapy the best way to deal with the pain buckle Author : dentists QQ Union in the treatment of pain in the teeth of the buckle when there are more common , some patients before the inflammation is untreated dental infections have been deducted pain , while others in the course of treatment the pain caused by improper operation of the buckle . during root canal treatment when the buckle teeth pain because there is generally the following : 1. in the root canal preparation time , there is no damage to determine the length of the root canal root , this is generally to the patient referral occurs when the teeth are + buckle pain. If it is sealed FC , ​​that deduction will be more powerful pain + + + . Resulting in root damage and pain medication to stimulate the double deduction if the referral letters FC buckle when pain is generally the best first two days and closed drainage drugs , if only a simple root expansion led to apical damage , return visit pain can occur buckle closure drugs, sealed the root canal with calcium hydroxide + iodoform week. If the buckle is closed there is pain in the FC appeared after a closed drainage . Must determine the root canal length , otherwise there will be smooth and old root canal dressing old and buckle pain situation. 2. not for root canal preparation , the teeth have been deducted pain , drainage , and this generally required treatment with antibiotics , usually given antibiotics spiramycin + metronidazole + VC + ground plug betamethasone oral drugs . 3. inactivation agent some time off common cause of drug-induced periapical inflammation buckle pain , this must pull a clean pulp , root canal expansion drainage washed first time, the next sealed with calcium hydroxide + iodoform + add to rice a week.

chimpanzee is the closest to the human species, past studies have shown that they can create tools to obtain food, and even empathize , that is, to put themselves try to figure out other similar ideas. They look in the mirror and know that is their own , rather than the other chimpanzees . They will struggle with hugs and kisses to appease the victims. Kind of death, they will be obvious sadness of the entire group will be quietly mourning . City Express

This is a recent occurrence in the West African country Kamailongsa Naga Young orangutan rescue center scene . Dead chimpanzee名叫多萝茜, died of heart failure . By the age of chimpanzees , it is almost 50 years old. Staff gently placed it on the cart , sending it to the cemetery in the last time before stroking its forehead . Dorothy 's companions were holding hands , quietly watching this scene , looked very sad .

Chimpanzee companions died from heart disease go hand in hand watched .

animal is also with sadness, More and more evidence in favor of that , this is not a uniquely human ability , many animals will not only mourn the dead relatives and friends , and even seem to understand how death is all about .

chimpanzees were holding hands , watched the death of the companions were taken away for burial. Look at this picture , you feel their grief ?

29, British media reports, the latest issue of the United States, companion of the dead and grief , and know how to face death .

Financial management is an important management activities in the part of financial management in the corporate pursuit of profit, even to the most profitable process has played a very important role. Today's modern financial management is not just in the past is only concerned about financing and the specific use of funds, also participated in the firm's capital structure balance control, long-term investment financial assessment, short-term control of assets, performance budget planning, risk analysis and Dynamic allocation of other projects, and this is indeed a financial management enterprise vendors an important role in the business process. manager for financial management with the interests of those who feel extremely mysterious, or too professional, but in fact to be clear about the use of corporate financial management and financial tools for financial management of the company is not difficult, then to quickly conduct financial analysis, the use of financial ratio is a basic method. current financial management of the main symptoms are: 1) financial management, financial deliberately mysterious concept of conservative financial management led to a mystery, always felt that any financial problems are top secret, but secret, in fact, financial management and marketing management, human resources management for enterprises have different levels of confidentiality, in accordance with the financial ratio analysis derived from the fox over the wall to climb house special skill, in fact, any business are not secrets at all . Thus, with a sound regulatory framework and management team, as well as means of legitimate business, who Tony jealous of your wealth, you also prepare for the Who, resulting in stakeholders and managers nervous it? 2) financial lack of basic knowledge of educational settings over the past problems caused by the current number of business owners and managers who lack financial knowledge, managers should be appropriate and reasonable business decisions, financial knowledge is essential. Managers need to know if do not understand, and ultimately in the work process creates many deviations and take many costly mistakes, is the ultimate cause of the second element manager nervous. 3) business and investment tell family-oriented,Dr Dre headphones, way of diversification, because private enterprise is too subjective human factors, tell on the rational use of funds, robbing Peter to pay the Western Wall , the effective use of funds in the enterprise on the issue of no planning, financing issues lead companies scramble easily lead to relevant managers and business operators nervous. First, to establish the overall concept of financial improve internal cost control and cost analysis, the use of this control can effectively monitor the effective use of company assets. Effective use of external assets, and financial managers also play an important role. Such as capital investment budget to avoid the errors, prevent unnecessary investment. Determine the direction of a large probability of a good nervous natural decrease. Second, the transparency of financial analysis based on quack fox understanding of financial analysis can be divided into liquidity, debt, profitability and debt and other types of analysis to prepare, Of course the most important is to manage the best value of the equity open, which is the treatment of enterprise equity managers are an important means of nervous. Third, learn the business financial ratios to determine the status of senior corporate managers to properly grasp the business operating conditions, you must first check the number of financial ratios, and learn how to use ratio analysis to judge the health of the company. Financial ratio analysis financial analysis ratio? based on the liquidity of financial analysis, debt structure, profitability and debt preparation can be divided into: 1) solvency ratio (capital cash rate) and the debt ratio; 2) viability ratio; 3) debt service reserve ratio; ; 4) profitability ratios four categories. first calculation by the balance sheet can be obtained, current ratio = current assets / current liabilities, quick ratio = (current assets - inventory) / current liabilities, debt ratio = total liabilities / total assets, to pay attention too is the current assets to current liabilities ratio of 200% or more of the parties for the health enterprise; second rate system to measure the viability of the company to use resource efficiency, this ratio involves sales levels, inventory turnover = sales / inventory, fixed assets turnover = sales / fixed assets, total asset turnover = sales / total assets; The third category is the debt service reserve ratio shows the financial costs and the ratio between the solvency, financial risks can be understood and assessed accordingly; fourth category profitability Its main role is the ratio of capital to understand how the square of its profitability. The higher the ratio the stronger its profitability, sales profit margin ratio = net profit after tax / sales, return on total assets = Net income / total assets, return on equity = Net income / net worth. ratio analysis is used to display certain characteristics of the company's operation, the old fox that its mystery for the treatment of corporate financial panic caused by nervous important drug, the analysis should always be, in order to facilitate timely found that the health aspects of business operations.

classic Photoshop skills Daquan, if you are the level of the initial stage, familiar with the article and master, immediately advanced to intermediate level. Oh definitely not advertising. common techniques 1. quickly open a file double-click the Photoshop background blank (the default is gray display area) to open the selected file browser window. 2. free to change the canvas color Select the Paint Bucket tool and Shift-click the edge of the canvas, you can set the canvas background color for the currently selected foreground color. If you want to revert to the default color, set the foreground color to 25% gray (R192, G192, B192) Shift-Click again to the edge of the canvas. 3. selection tool by pressing the shortcut keys shortcut keys to quickly select a tool in the toolbox, each tool follows the letter shortcuts: box-M Mobile lasso-L-V-W magic wand gun-J-B Brush-N rubber pencil-S history eraser brush-Y-E-R Dodge fuzzy-O text pen-P-T-U metric gradient-G bucket straw-I Hand-K-H scaling-Z default foreground and background color foreground-D switch and background color-X edit mode display mode switch-Q-F In addition, if we hold down the Alt key and then click the Display icon in the tool, or hold down the Shift key and repeatedly pressing the shortcut key letter to cycle through the hidden tools. 4. accurate cursor can press the Caps Lock key and the magnetic pen tool cursor appears as precise reticle, and then again to return to the status quo. 5. show / hide control panel press the Tab key to switch the control panel display or hide all (including kit), if you press Shift + Tab is the toolbox is not affected, only to show or hide Other control panel. 6. quickly restore the default values ​​are not good at Photoshop some friends in order to adjust the twists and turns really satisfied with the results and found that the best is still the original default, under this perplexing, should not regret it did it! How to restore to the default value it? Try to gently press the tool icon on the options bar, then from the context menu, select 7. free control of the size of the shortcut key for the zoom tool can zoom; the same press Ctrl + tools you can no matter how much percentage to show the picture to the case of both full-screen view! If you want to use the zoom tool automatically adjust according to picture the size of the window, you can zoom tool in the properties section, click 8. using non-Hand Tool (hand tool), hold down the space key can be converted into hand tools, you can move the visible range of the image window. In the hand tool can double-click on the image to best fit the size of the window displays, double-click on the zoom tool can display images in a 1:1 ratio. 9. in the use Erase Tool (Eraser tool), hold down the Alt key to switch to the eraser function to specify the steps to restore the state record. 10. using Smudge Tool (finger tool), hold down the Alt key can be simply applied to become coated with the foreground color. 11. To move use the Type Mask Tool (Type Mask tool) to play the font selection, it can be switched into Quick Mask mode (using the shortcut keys Q switching), and then to move, after As long as you can then switch back to standard mode. 12. Hold down the Alt key, use the Rubber Stamp Tool (rubber stamp tool) to open the image at any window click of the mouse within the window set in the sampling location, but will not change the role of window. 13. using Move Tool (move tool), you can press the arrow keys on the keyboard directly to the distance of 1 pixel on the moving image layer, if the first hold down the Shift key and press the arrow keys are the distance to each 10 pixel moving images. Press the Alt key while dragging the selection will move the selection of the copy. 14. using magnetic lasso tool or the magnetic pen tool, click 15. measurement tool in the measurement of distance is very convenient (especially in the diagonal), you can also use it to measure angles (like a protractor). Visual premise in the information panel, select the measure tool click and drag a straight line, hold down the Alt key node from the first line again and again out on the second line, so the angle between two lines and line length are displayed on the information panel. Measuring tool drag to move the measuring line (you can also just move the measuring lines of a single node), the measurement lines to the canvas on the outside, it can be deleted. 16. using drawing tools such as (such as the brush, the pen, etc.), hold down the Shift key and click the mouse, can be a straight line connecting the two click points. 17. Hold down the Alt key to select the color with the Eyedropper tool to define the current background color. By combining the color sampler tool (Shift + I) and the information panel to monitor the current picture of the color change. Changes before and after the color values ​​displayed in the information panel next to the sampling point number. Through the information panel on the pop-up menu to define the color pattern of sampling points. To add a new sampling point on the canvas with just a color sampler tool to whatever place and then click, hold down the Alt key and click to remove the sampling point. But a map can be placed up to four colors on the sampling point. When a dialog box in Photoshop (example: Levels command, the curve command, etc.) pops up to add a new sampling point must hold down the Shift key and then click, hold down Alt + Shift click on a sampling point can be subtracted. 18. Cutting tool we all must be used, in which case you may have encountered; adjust the cut in your grip, and the crop box and relatively close to the border of the image when the frame will automatically cut the image affixed to the edge, so that you can not accurately crop the image. But as long as the adjustment of cutting the time frame to take over replication techniques 19. Hold down Ctrl + Alt key to drag the mouse to copy the contents of the current layer or selection. 20. If you have recently copied a picture exists in the clipboard, Photoshop in the new file (Ctrl + N) when the picture will be the size of the clipboard as a new map of the default size. Use of this feature to skip the last set, in the open while holding down the Alt key (Ctrl + Alt + N). 21. If you create a new work, the need has been opened with a picture have the same size, resolution, file formats. Select Free Transform tool (Ctrl + T), hold down the Alt key (Ctrl + Alt + T) to first copy the original layer (in the current selection) after the copy layer to transform; Ctrl + Shift + T to re-implementation times change, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T to copy the original image and then perform transformations. 23. use the ; by copying (cut) paste the new layer command will still put their original place, but through the copy (cut) and then paste it will paste the picture (or selection) of the center. 24. do not want to directly copy the image name dialog box appears, you can hold down the Alt key first, then run the 25. Photoshop the clipboard is useful, but you also want to use the Windows system clipboard directly, directly from the screen image on the interception. Well, press Ctrl + K, in the pop-up panel will be 26. in Photoshop to achieve a regular layout copy doing when we will often display certain elements of a pattern to seek a form of beauty, through four in Photoshop shortcut key combinations can be easily obtained. (1) circle you want to copy the selected object; (2) Press Ctrl + J to produce a floating Layer; (3) by rotation and move to the appropriate location to confirm; (4) can now hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Shift after continuous press (Just hold down the Ctrl + Shift is just a regular mobile) 27. When we choose to copy the file object, use the Edit menu Copy command. You may not feel a replication trouble, but multiple copies, click once on a very inconvenient. Then you can first select the object with the Selection tool, then click the Move tool, then hold down the When the cursor changes to a black and white overlap with the two headed arrow, drag the mouse to the desired location. To copy many times, just repeat the relaxation mouse on the line. 28. you can use the Marquee tool or the lasso tool, drag the selection from one document to another on. 29. for the current history state or snapshot of a copy document can be: (1) Click on panel menu, select a new document; (3) Drag the current state (or snapshot) to snapshot) from the pop-up menu, select a new document the history of the state in the history of the state of a current picture of a window onto another picture within the picture can change the purpose content. Alt-click on any of the history of the state (in addition to the present, the most recent state) can copy it. And after copying the state becomes the current (most recent) state. Alt-drag action steps you can copy it to another action. selection technique 30. the selected area or layer drag from one document to another, hold down the Shift key to make it centered on the purpose of the document. If the source document and the purpose of the document's size (size) the same, the dragged element will be placed in the same location where the source document (rather than on the center of the canvas). If the purpose of the document contains the constituency, the dragged element will be placed in the center of the constituency. 31. in the action palette, by clicking the triangle button, select from the menu to load the action into Photoshop Goodies Actions directory, under which a button, specifications, orders, image effects, text effects, textures, six frame action set contains a lot of useful stuff yo! In addition, the directory also has a ACTIONS.PDF file that can be used to open Adobe Acrobat software, which detailed the use of these actions and the effect. 32. click on the toolbar of the brush type tool, the properties shown in the following section, click the small triangle brush right of the label, the pop-up menu, then click the small arrow to choose . To Photoshop's Brushes folder in the directory selected *. abr. There are so many lovely old things. 33. draw a nice marker, would like to reuse in the works? Easy to handle, use the Lasso tool selected it in the Brushes pop-up menu select If you want to choose between two options for the regional part of any of the existing next to a selected area, hold down the Shift and Alt keys to drag, draw the second selection area (the mouse cross appears next to a multiplication sign, indicating that coincidence of the region will be retained). 35. delete the selected area in square or round, the first increase in any of a selected area, and within the selected area, press the Alt key to drag a rectangular or elliptical mask tool. Then release the Alt key, hold down the Shift key, drag to your satisfaction. Then release the mouse button before releasing the Shift key. 36. from the center outward to delete a selected area, a choice in any area, press the Alt key and drag a rectangle or elliptical mask tool, and then release the Alt key and then hold down the Alt key once, Finally, release the mouse button and then release the Alt key. 37. in Quick Mask mode, switch to quickly select a mask regional or regional options, first hold down the Alt key will move the cursor to Quick Mask mode, click the icon on it . 38. use the marquee tool, hold down the Shift key to draw a square and the perfect circle of constituencies; hold down the Alt key constituencies from the starting point for the center outlined. 39. use the 40. constituencies using the lasso tool to outline the time you can press the Alt key and polygonal lasso tool lasso tool to switch between. Outline the constituency can be moved while holding down the space bar is outlined in the constituency. 41. hold down the Ctrl key and click the layer icon (board level) to load its transparency channel, and then press Ctrl + Alt + Shift key and click to select another layer of two layers of transparent channel intersection areas. 42. zoom or copy images between the first switch to Quick Mask mode [Q] can keep the original selection. 43. cursor Or in the same pair of images simultaneously select two or more of the marquee. When using , so that you can leave the picture you need. When using the cursor, so you want some. want 44. (Methods and the (Methods and the (Methods and the (Methods and the (Methods and the (Methods and the angle; End Scroll to the lower right corner; Page UP Scroll to the top of the image; Page Down to scroll to the bottom of the image; Ctrl + Page Up Scroll to the image on the left; Ctrl + Page Down to scroll to the image on the right. 47. Press Ctrl + Alt keys +0 to make the image 1:1 display. 48. When you want to 49. will be set within the dialog box back to default, first hold down the Alt key, Cancel key will become the Reset button, then click the Reset button. 50. To quickly change the value displayed in the dialog box, first click on that number with the mouse, the cursor in the dialog box, then you can use the up and down arrow keys to change the number planted. If you use the arrow keys to change the value before you press the Shift key, then the value of the rate of change will accelerate. 51. Photoshop 6.0 in addition to the past, the familiar keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Z (free to the history and current state of the switch), but also increased the Shift + Ctrl + Z (to keep the order in accordance with operation the gradual recovery operations), and Alt + Ctrl + Z (so that users can follow the sequence of actions to phase out the constant operation) two shortcuts. Press Ctrl + Alt + Z and Ctrl + Shift + Z key combination, respectively, in the history backward and forward (or you can use the History panel menu to use these commands). 52. fill function: Shift + Backspace to open the Fill dialog box; Alt + Backspace and Ctrl + Backspace key combination were filled with foreground and background colors; by Alt + Shift + Backspace and Ctrl + Shift + Backspace key combination to fill the foreground and background color fill only when the existing pixels (transparent area). 53. D key on the keyboard, X key to quickly switch between foreground and background colors. 54. with any drawing tool to draw a straight line strokes: the first starting position at the click of the mouse, then hold down the Shift key, then click the mouse cursor to the end. 55. open the Curve (Curve) dialog box, press the Alt key and click the curve box, make the grid finer, and then click the mouse to restore the status quo. 56. using rectangular (oval) selection tool to select the range, hold down the mouse button down, press the space bar to freely adjust the position of the marquee, can be further adjusted after the opening of the size of the selection. 57. to increase outward from the center to draw a rectangle or oval, any increase in a choice area, press the Shift key and drag a rectangle or elliptical mask tool, then release the Shift key, then Press the Alt key, and finally release the mouse button and then release the Alt key. Press Enter or Return key to close the slider box. To cancel changes, press Escape (Esc). To open the pop-up slider in the dialog box to 10% of the incremental increase or decrease the value, hold down the Shift key and press the up arrow or down arrow keys. 58. To preview the screen image to CMYK mode RGB color mode, you can do Preview 59. Shift-drag the marquee tool box limited to square or round; press the Alt key drag the marquee tool to draw from the center box; press Shift + Alt-drag marquee tool starting from the center to draw a square or round box. 60. to prevent the use of cutting tool box adsorbed on the picture frame, and drag the crop tool in the box on the control points while holding down the Ctrl key. 61. to correct tilted images, the first measuring tool on the graph can be horizontal or vertical direction of the base as a place to draw a line (such as the image frame, door frame, a horizontal line between the eyes, etc.) Then from the menu 62. you can use the crop tool to step rotation and shear work: first, draw a box with the crop tool, drag a box on the marquee of the control points to adjust the angle and size, Finally, press enter to achieve rotation and shear. Measure the angle measurement tool will also automatically fill in the digital transformation tool ( 63. crop the image after all the pixels outside the cut would have lost. Can be cut with no loss in order to use the While Photoshop will warn you to do some cutting, but for some reason, in fact, not all 64. merge visible layers, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E to copy all visible layers into after the current layer. The same can merge the layers while holding down the Alt key, will copy the current layer to the previous level after the merger, but the Ctrl + Alt + E when the hotkey does not work. 65. press Shift + Backspace key to activate the within the marquee. 66. press Shift + Alt + Backspace key to fill in a marquee in the foreground color and transparency settings, press Shift + CtrBackspace key to fill the background color transparent within the marquee set. 67. press Alt + Ctrl + Backspace key to fill the selection from the history or layer, press Shift + Alt + Ctrl + Backspace key from the historical record and fill a selection or layer transparency settings. 68. Press Ctrl + 69. move the layer and selection, hold down the Shift key to do horizontal, vertical or 45 degree angle of movement; press the arrow keys on the keyboard to do each one pixel movement; hold down the Shift key and press the arrow keys on the keyboard to do the move 10 pixels every time. 70. create a reference line, press the Shift key and drag the reference line can be close to the reference line at the ruler scale; press Alt-drag guide lines can be changed to refer to horizontal or vertical orientation. 71. In the Click to select multiple control points, control points, hold down the Ctrl key and click a control point to delete the point. 72. To copy an image on a layer to another image window size of different central location, you can drag to the destination window, hold down the Shift key, drag the image to the destination window will automatically center. 73. using the a control point can be adjusted symmetrical deformation; hold down the Shift key and drag a control point can be scaled to adjust; hold down the Shift + Ctrl key and drag a control point can be adjusted for the effect of perspective; by Shift + Ctrl key and drag a control point can skew adjustment; press the Enter key to apply the change; press Esc to cancel the operation. 74. In the Swatches palette, press the Shift key and click a color block, then replaced with the foreground color; press Shift + Alt-click the mouse, then click the foreground color at the new color block insert; press the Alt key, click on a color block, then the background color of the color; Ctrl-click a color block, the block will remove the color. 75. in the layers, channels, paths palette, press the Alt key, click the bottom of the tool palette button, a dialog box for the tool's dialog box to change the corresponding adjustable settings. 76. in the layers, channels, paths palette, press Ctrl key and click a layer, channel or path will be loaded as a constituency; press Ctrl + Shift key and click, then added to the current selection; press Ctrl + Shift + Alt key and click, then cross with the current selection. 77. In the Layers palette to use a layer mask, press the Shift key and click the layer mask thumbnail, there will be a red cross,dr dre beats pro, which disables the current mask, press the Alt key and click the layer mask thumbnail, the mask will display the whole image, easy to observe the adjustment. 78. In the Paths palette, hold down the Shift key path in the Paths palette, click the mouse on the bar to switch the path is displayed. 79. to change the settings of a dialog, to restore the previous value, to hold down the alt key, the Cancel button becomes Reset button, reset button click.

going against the bright sun , you reminding us of scenes a hazy dream , like nothing , so a very tender soft light yellow , not marginal diffuse in the clean and shallow eyes . Dimei eyelashes on the nod , looming sadness into a string of thoughts , yo You Meng in the wake of the flooded ... ... silence of the few black , moderate gray light of the ambiguous facing indifference , are mottled fragmented into a loss , but it can cascade into the vicissitudes of life crumbled in the forehead wrinkles , the shallow deep ravines . Are buried not so quiet melancholy , the free corner in the winding , thick tail pattern of knowledge and ignorant of the Ming with gorgeous , graceful breeze was blowing , and seek seek seek seek , sway into your hand kite , swaying empty mind the vast wilderness ... ... Disquietude surrounded expectations , very few if Spark , in worrying about the Chi- Chi to ignite . Frown groan you whisper , melt the dim afternoon . Broad-minded too familiar in the vast , find attached the dendrite . You Wei Zhao prudent walled , insight into the detention of the freeze-frame noise , Earned if the dream , if melancholy loneliness . Walking help to keep looking at the coming and going ... ... deserted depression , pulling into a faint trace strands of unconscious nightmare. Qieqie facing west toward the boundless winds too , bit by bit to stick in the arms of the wrist means ,Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, only the subtle fragrance recalls the thoughts , are released into the atmosphere in these years ... ... thin yellow

or injured eyes could not bear to see you . .

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can no longer convince myself ,

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These lightweight headphones feature high-definition sound and noise-isolating technology to let you hear clearly while the ControlTalk feature allows you to have control of iPod playback and provides hands-free calling for music phones.

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Beats is a name, like Bose. Buy what you want, but the audio is mediocre at best...

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players have asked him: are used when the clothes are holding in your hand? 4, the most One night, a man walks into a bar, the bartender said,?! Of course, but this very expensive Oh. five, the most a boss car trip a few days, because of intolerable loneliness, then to a nightclub seek a beautiful lady, It Happened One Night, spending a thousand. To avoid his wife in charge of finance inventory, with the opening and maintenance receipts, notes: hot weather, tire burst,

six, the most a seaside village, the village most of the men are often not at home at sea for a long time. Almost every village woman who has an affair, but in the betrayal and then the priest would go to confession. After a while, the priest suggested that those women: [falls] to convey the meaning of the word a new priest, but the new priest took office, but forgot to tell the new village priest about it. Women still do , like go to confession the priest, the priest told every day that I fell today. Because too many people fall, so the priest went to the village head, he suggested to strengthen village road construction, so many people often fall. Unexpectedly, the village head, but laugh listening. Priest to know why so happy to see smiling village, very angry and said: p>
a funeral industry working late one day, his work is usually sent to the dead body before burial or incineration to do a detailed inspection. When he checked Mr. Wang's body, he was surprised to find something that Mr. Wang is seen in his life the longest, the biggest one. into the bag to take home. The first show to see his wife:! a middle-aged couple, and they have two beautiful daughters, but they have been longing for a son . They finally decided to make a final attempt, after several months of efforts, and help their heaven, the wife was pregnant, nine months after giving birth to a healthy little boy. The happy father rushed to the nursery to see his newborn son, but was terrified he saw his son saw his life turned out to be the ugliest baby. He went to see his wife and told her that he absolutely can not be the baby's father, and questioned him very ferocious wife: nine, the most Lao Zheng lying in bed dying, his wife a small meditation at the bedside, holding his hand burst into tears, murmuring prayers. Lao Zheng opened his eyes and looked at the little Zen weak, pale lips open, said softly: good, do not talk! I know, this is why I want to poison you the reason! ten, the most two women in the countryside drink, drink the day has dawn. On the way back, they are in urgent unbearable, so bite the bullet and went into a roadside cemetery. Because it did not bring toilet paper, the first woman will be wiped off his underwear, and threw the underwear. A second woman found next to a wreath, then wiped his tear elegiac couplet. Home not long after the two women, their husbands will exchange phone. I will never forget you '! recommended beauty fly er, 2011 will be the latest hot red figures, please pay attention to her! below QQ



2, corn: rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and carotene, but also rich in fiber. Vegetables, corn oil, can reduce cholesterol and soften blood vessels. Corn cholecystitis, gallstones, jaundice, hepatitis and diabetes, the role of adjuvant therapy.



9, dates: eat can improve the body's antioxidant and immune system. Dates to lower blood cholesterol, triolein is also very effective.

6, white fungus: Tremella have significant lipid-lowering and anti-thrombotic effect.

- Hawthorn
10, Hawthorn: can strengthen and regulate the heart, increasing the ventricular and atrial motion amplitude, and coronary blood flow, can lower cholesterol, promote fat metabolism.

some normal human diet obviously, why excess body fat is it? The answer lies in the food,dr dre studio headphones, some foods you eat less will only encourage your body fat, while there is some food, you eat more, just scrape your body water .


8, Celery: contains more dietary fiber, particularly with blood pressure lowering ingredient, but also fat, lowering blood sugar.


12, Apple: the pectin has a lower blood cholesterol. Apple is rich in potassium, can rid the body of excess sodium, such as eating three apples a day, to maintain blood pressure, lipids are good.



- potatoes
7, potatoes: a strong reduction of blood cholesterol, maintain blood acid-base balance, anti-aging and anti-cancer effect. Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber and resin type material such as volume of bowel movements, described as

3, onion and garlic: onion rings contain acid such as allicin and sulfur compounds, helps dissolve blood clots. Onion almost no fat, can inhibit the high fat diet-induced cholesterol, help to improve atherosclerosis. Onion extract of onion hormone, to treat cardiovascular sclerosis. Garlic can lower total serum cholesterol, triolein content. Secondary metabolites of allicin - methacryloyl trisulfide, a bolt to prevent coagulation of quality A2 synthesis, it can prevent blood clots. Garlic can treat obesity.

1, oat: with lowering cholesterol and lipid-lowering effect. Since oats are rich in dietary fiber, this soluble oat fiber, found in other grains. Because the fiber is easily absorbed, and due to the low heat content, is conducive to weight loss, but also for heart disease, hypertension and diabetes on the therapeutic needs.

- yam
4, yam: the mucus proteins, can prevent deposition of fat in the cardiovascular system, maintain blood vessel elasticity, prevent atherosclerosis and reduce subcutaneous fat deposition, to avoid obesity. Yam of dopamine, a dilation of blood vessels and improve blood circulation function. In addition, the yam can improve the body's digestive function, enhance physical fitness. If indigestion during the Chinese Lunar New Year, you can use yam, lotus seed, Gorgon add a little sugar Gong Zhu.

11, chrysanthemum: the function of lowering blood lipids, with stable blood pressure. One o'clock in the green tea mixed with chrysanthemum, good for cardiovascular health effects.


5, seaweed: known as Seaweed with its low-calorie, low fat impressive, some algae have cholesterol-lowering effect. Kelp and other brown algae, rich in colloid fiber, can significantly reduce serum cholesterol. Seaweed also contains many unique active substances, with blood pressure, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic, anti-cancer effect.

monster beats earphones "To give monster beats earphones the child a bottle of soft drink it ..." Chou turned to leave. In the week the teacher was gone two minutes down the stairs from across the five boys dressed in fancy dress, evidently should be high school students. Walk in front of the second class Kun is a high one, he relied on himself a patron in the school abuses, all middle school students are afraid of him.

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excellent woman (a daughter of the family health mass) is useful for a long

If you're a girl: If you do not have the patience to read, save the next, or help turn what it has time to look at it If you're a boy: no patient would not Kanla, it transferred to your girlfriend, or be transferred to your female friends I am a woman, a woman doing the more pure, skin and body the better, no one entered the menopausal woman can keep the girl's appearance. Three inches below the belly button, after the land is a beautiful garden, ask yourself: Is there inflammation? There is no dysmenorrhea? There is no mass and blockage? Married women are not difficult, as long as there is one, which is the skin of the killer, how much cosmetics are not used. how our back garden needs protection? a woman can not let yourself cool. cold is the source of all trouble. Poor woman cold blood, cold hands and feet and dysmenorrhea. Poor blood, president of spots on the face, the body's energy can not moisturize the skin, the skin is not angry, so many women, like perfect skin like fine china, but not in youth, to say the least sense; and some young women, no matter how long beans beans or great life. Even more frightening is that our reproductive system is the most cold-blooded, once the body is too cold, it will choose a long more fat to insulation, our chairman of fat under the navel. Once sufficient blood warm, these fat no longer necessary, automatically will be vanished. woman body cold, cold hands and feet easily and dysmenorrhea is a common phenomenon. Now more common: First, MM are diet, eating only vegetables and fruits, fear of fat, not eating red meat, fruits and vegetables of cold and cool in the majority. In fact, red meat is a female name a boon, especially beef and lamb, all with a lot of iron, can effectively avoid anemia. MM anemia naturally pale face. Second, MM are mostly white, sitting at the computer every day to work, work backwards to watch TV, high-heeled shoes are really not suitable for hyperactivity. GG Kaijulaijie out on a date, buy a health card does not take twice a year. Because sitting too much, blood is silt in the lower abdomen. Sweep the flow of blood is not always the backlog in our pelvis, pelvic inflammation, how can we not long. Once the inflammation, his face will naturally yellow and spot. Even if will not inflammatory, non-blocking blood flow in the capillaries in the skin, uneven skin tone will be. third, MM are beauty, with the recoil underwear to his waist tightly, in fact, that point with no. Beam too tightly, your reproductive system is no blood supply, more cold, more cold on long fleshy. Now that winter is popular to wear a skirt ah, here is a thin sock, the entire lower body is cold, cold starting from the foot thing. There, MM who love to eat ice, in order not to drink more herbal tea acne. In fact, a woman afraid of the cold, it is best to avoid contact with cold medicine. Doudou in the long yang many people are not too busy, but because of deficiency, yin-yang can not be Han, and its loss of the yang, yin is more appropriate than (later to say this). I have observed, drink herbal tea and more southern Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, such as the woman behind the birth of a more serious case of Minister of plaque (fat after birth is not the yard up, and the fertility and the reproductive system functions had wounds, inflammation, not smooth and restore the system more vulnerable to cold requires more fat protection). Even the ancient prostitutes, in order of effective contraception would take cold medicine, showing that these drugs damage the reproductive system. In the herbal tea, some yin qi, they can take, but the sex is too cold, can not be used, such as aloe vera MM popular raw food, this is terror, the most effective ingredients of aloe emodin is extremely cold , topical aloe vera can cure burns (like Centipede), we can imagine how cold it is, nothing or eat better. Oh, that so much, we do not do is to cold beauty, eat red meat, ginger, red dates, animal blood, rice wine, cherry ... ... In short, relatively mild iron-rich or something ; some good stuff, like white fungus, lemon, do not shoot something to eat during menstruation; pay attention to insulation, do not drink too much ice things, drink hot drinks; not old stay in air-conditioned room, and do not want to grace not to temperature, Lu Qizhuang also wear a cool autumn. Winter is the best insulation foam hot water, not to save gas, taking a dip in the hot water thirty minutes, plus massage, and then the body will heat up the cold. Can not bath feet is required. And then not holding a cup of hot water all day, the embrace of hot water, cold woman is perfectly justified. course, it is best to take the initiative to make their own heat up, too much strenuous exercise is not conducive to weight loss, the most effective is the waist and abdomen and inner thighs stretching movements, such as stretching up in the morning, around the waist, short campaign is focused on the waist, not too short, otherwise one will be more blood to stop silt set in waist. Very effective gentle yoga, Latin dance is also very good. But I also recommend yoga, because yoga is more emphasis on breathing, blood gas line to line. there is to pay attention to taking some blood stasis in traditional Chinese medicine and food. This should be very careful, not everyone has the congestion, circulation had even, it will damage the body, such as excessive menstrual flow caused. Therefore, the amount of MM according to menstrual and menstrual blood viscosity, there are no spots on his face to judge. Blood circulation category of traditional Chinese medicine are: Motherwort, peach, peach kernel, safflower, which is ranked from mild to severe, the more back the more powerful, I suggest to eat the first two on the line. Can take tea (hot tea), peach sparkling wine with a more effective, and the tea and wine can also be used to wipe her face to face spots. two women to hormones. speaking woman is really pathetic ah, from first menstruation to menopause is more than 400 pieces of egg, really is a small one, and so exhausted, we will as a basic little beauty over the fate of , just try to make an elegant lady. Each time the process of ovulation is a hormone metabolism, hormone levels in normal women, his face ruddy and delicate. Metabolic bad woman, his face will be a variety of illnesses, physical examination in the hospital every time I peep those to treat women's diseases of the woman, his face sallow face one spot, all bear. course, too many bad hormones and sometimes the result of too much hormone really is particularly good skin, I know a woman more than 40 years old girl has a beautiful face, and later had to know was very ill with hormone treatment will, as consequence of which is the proliferation of breast and uterus, which is too extreme. Is one such artificial hormones, natural hormones is different, many have two-way adjustment function, can inhibit the hormone too. I oppose the use of synthetic hormones, added to the cosmetics I nervous. Some claim that add advanced cosmetic natural plant hormone, did not personally see a little disbelief. Originally Well, a lot of stuff with natural hormones, not to over eat more Well, I look out Oh: soy, pomegranate, Chinese yam, angelica, fennel, Hashima, royal jelly ... ... the most effective and efficient is to drink soy milk because soy contains a two-way micro-adjust feature of estrogen, can be a cheap drink. said that Japanese women late menopause than Western women is the result of taking high doses of soy products. I attest, since bought a large cup of soybean milk to drink every day, the period extended to 35 days. Normal female is 28 days to go. I have stolen seven days a month, if I still have 200 ovulation opportunity to fight for their 1400 days, almost four years. here fill one, the cycle is not longer the better. Because genital lesions or if there is relatively weak, the menstrual cycle is too long, long time not the normal reproductive cycle, hormones stimulate the will of premature aging. So a few months to make the MM do not think, and can not go to extremes. According to the survey before the age of 40 women taking soy enough. After 40 years of age or royal jelly can be added Hashima (some of the animal stuff is powerful). Hashima good to eat, now you can eat like once a week, up more skin, but good stuff, president of the uterus. Royal jelly to start drinking after age 40, and can delay menopause and alleviate menopausal symptoms. Milk and royal jelly can be topical, raw milk can be used to make fresh water mask, residue can be used to massage the body scrub, royal jelly can also be facial, cosmetics cheaper than natural, all good stuff. very important point is to cherish their own bodies. In particular, married women, if you do not pay attention to hygiene or frequent abortions, resulting in adhesions or inflammation, the reproductive system will suffer heavy losses, and then how to restore it hard to face Oh. An ectopic pregnancy may cause the total loss of ovarian function. In another case, suspect that their infertility of women, increases with the conservative movement to restore traditional Chinese medicine is more secure. Do not use Western ovulation induction drugs, in order to enhance the chance of pregnancy (twins want some MM), Western medicine can promote you once more pieces of egg excretion, but this function is to suppress ovulation after your expense. You want, an organ too hard this month, next month is not to break it. But you can not let it rest Praying eager, ever use of drugs, because even if the row has more pieces of the egg, we can not guarantee a successful ovulation drugs can make you a discharge of 6 eggs, think of a woman's life was 400 , how many months you can waste ah. Once too much, it will seriously inhibit ovarian function and even premature aging, it is premature, the foundation of your youth is gone. As the saying goes there is life there is hope, the Chinese often say, Indiscriminate use of ovulation induction drugs, as the three women to conserve their water. woman is made of water Well, face to juicy, to watery eyes. But according to Chinese claims not to support the water, but to Yin. As I have said, a woman long-Doudou but not so strong yin yang deficiencies, not Han Yin Yang, is shown anger. that fire-fighting water, you drink plenty of water good? Otherwise, more will be poisoned water to drink, will not afford the kidney, eyes will be swollen. That is not true element of the gas. water in the body a woman can not wear and tear over. Relative to our bodies, many of the external stuff can be counted as anger. For example, the flavors had very. Bitter salty spicy food, all we need to reconcile with the gas, which is anger. But then, some MM heavier taste, pressure, or a bad mood one day, I'm afraid to want a bowl of spicy boiled fish Shaanxi Liangpi or happy about. Lunch is included in the food flavors in a taste, in fact, just the food does not matter, the key is the spices, especially spices. China's world famous spices, inside a bowl of food, such as allspice, is the cinnamon, star anise, fennel, coriander seeds, pepper and five spice íí, most will then add ginger, onion, garlic, pepper, orange peel, alas I have a few clear the ... ... these foods taste very heavy loss of our water! If their temperature is not moderate, but especially cold or especially hot dishes, layer on more losses. have snacks! After deep-fried or grilled those things are very crispy. Fried things people know, deep-fried is the process of dehydration thing. Taste is good, but the food into the water off our bodies, it will immediately absorb the water in the body, so eat a lot of you feel dry mouth. In fact, it is not absorbed by water, but the body of fluid. I understand that is a kind of mucus, and water is the same as incomplete. and our feelings, and if you do not Ningjing Ping, but the anger, depression, sadness, ecstasy, wonder what it does in the workplace, but we have to use the body in the air to neutralize it. all comes down to this water in our bodies, as long as everything but the degree of conservation it is, eating light point, feel calm point. Those mild, taste not too heavy, fresh food without too many spices are good stuff. With mucus (colloid) are particularly good things, such as trotters (like stew, spicy forget), frozen fish (frozen fish scales), plastic flowers (that is, the swim bladder of fish), white fungus, chicken cartilage, shark's fin. Light soup taste better, because it can remain in the body longer, and will not be excreted as water too quickly. Woman is out of the tonic, which can be nothing wrong ah. Also, drink plenty of water to the air-conditioned room or with a humidifier. have a certain body of water and metabolic smooth enough. Water retention in the body would look fat, like extra layer of fleshy, round face, bulging, swollen eyelids. MM usually deposited with ice tea or eyes. It is only a temporary tactic. Body water retention is the kidney and lymphatic problems. It may be too high salt intake caused by food. Many diet pills contain diuretics ingredients, but also to exclude the main body of water, will increase the burden on the heart, lead to undesirable consequences. solve many ways, such as low-salt diet, or massage lymphatic and kidney. More concentrated in the body's lymphatic neck, armpit, thigh. You can add a bath at night moisturizing cream massage these areas, or rub your hands massage the lower back, promote blood circulation of the kidney. there is a therapeutic method, taking the melon. Cut off the skin, the flesh and seeds labeled with juice in blender (must use seeds, the most effective way to it), in the pot, and other sticky juice, add sugar and cook for a while, after cooling condensate into one. Eat is the amount of tea with a spoonful of drink. Summer drink This is really super clean the kidneys of waste, or a good way to eliminate excess moisture. Your little face will become very strong, small waist is Oh. four, UP, is the upward force. remember a man named Josephine, said the actress, a woman, ah, over 40, in addition to age up long, what are the down fall. Oh horror, our skin, internal organs, Mimi, buttocks are always under gravity, DOWNDOWN, 55555 ... ... my family tree on the balcony, a steaming spring foliage on Proton to Upward. Plants have a written a book that plants rooted deep in the earth, its vitality can land the deepest energy has been put on the clouds. Inside the human body has such a vitality in order to partially offset the effect of gravity. In fact, compared to the skin and Mimi, our earlier sagging viscera, offal is not much support. Middle-aged woman likely savings and physiology of fat, middle-aged men but also chairman of beer belly. Some belly fat, more of the internal organs of the host should have been falling, and the stomach becomes particularly large. Without the support ribs, I'm afraid some people will drop it with heart and lung. Women also have this, supposedly, only the fat of the abdomen should be soft, but many people who gain weight, the abdomen is hard and small,Beats by dre headphones, which is down because of internal organs, intestines squeezed reasons. MM are not only attach importance to the surface of effort, so keep up the healthy attitude organs, face and other parts of the body will be straight. regular massage the abdomen to maintain vitality of the abdomen, the most recommended abdominal breathing of yoga. Very simple, whenever possible, concerned about their breathing, abdominal breathing to swell, belly breath so adduction. Waiting for the bus before going to bed or when training a few minutes, the abdomen will be able to get a good touch. Hand massage is an external force, and with their own body can mobilize the power of the atmosphere. There is also a simple enhanced: empty stomach, when standing with legs shoulder width, can be slightly bent legs, try to breath out while striving to inward flat belly, and breath move up, adhere to the moment, the natural inward tight anus received, attached to the sternum chin, then slowly inhale, return to normal until the lower abdomen. This action is very tired, like three times a beginning, and gradually added to five times. Often do, the degree of adduction of the lower abdomen will be more and more, massage internal organs to get better, intestinal dirt will be removed from the body more effectively, waist thinning, digestion will become better. standing or lying down when the pressure is often lower my eyes, look at his lower abdomen, but also can eliminate up gas, excluding oil and waste in the intestines. To use their energy to exclude these things. And a different diet pills, your body is very aware of what they should excretion, drugs do not know, it would like the body of water with the good things taken out, and body fat savings environment has not improved, and soon will pile up . with dynamic internal organs, skin and have sufficient flexibility to offset the downward gravity of the protrusion after Alice's place is not ambiguous. five, dieting to lose weight? Do it! my digestive system is simply a strong metal has melted, the fear of fat that point what to do. Metabolism of normal people will have the best looking body. Breast waist Buttocks is e good fertility performance, as to how to maintain good fertility have said before. Grow out of food from the soil, with tremendous energy from the soil, I planted onion parsley chives, cut round and round, my husband said no wonder the leek than to revolutionary, revolutionaries kill endless , ha ha ~ However, the very particular way of eating the food, most people only consider the nutrition in food, in fact, there are invisible energy that we UP, let us not be stuck in a blood place the kind of energy. First of all, the season should be to eat the food, now I have almost no seasonal flu, because fruits and vegetables are sold throughout the year, we should have winter in the summer to eat the food was produced, we the subtle body and the natural link between the cut off. Seasonal foods that are often most able to cope with seasonal changes in the body. Eat eat Luobu Xia Jiang past winter, spring onion leek to eat, eat a large melon in summer, are very reasonable. Although summer heat, but yang in the table, the chi, the visceral negative is cold, easy to diarrhea, so eating warm stomach ginger; winter yang adduction, internal organs but is dry and hot , Qing Wei Huo eat carrots. Again, I eat meat, but not eat the same meat every season, autumn and winter I eat a lot of red meat, the spring and summer, eat more fish and duck. If we are to eat, regardless of season, may need to clear the fire Shique eat something hot to death. Moreover, there are a lot of add-season vegetables, chemical composition, swelling agent sweetener or something, like a beautiful but no flavor, chemical residues accumulate in the body and damage our liver and kidney. Chemical stuff too much, they are good heavy task of detoxification ah. say area, a place of its eating habits and customs related to climate, like hot places, are generally prone to food poisoning or humid places. Do not eat spicy Sichuan girls get angry, because Sichuan humid. However, fatal to the dry north, but also to eat Sichuan food, had no water addition point of re-wet, not long Peas strange. Mexico and India, spicy food, because those parts of hot, spicy and more can be in addition to intestinal parasites. We did not eat insects, alas, are bad in Zhe Zhangzui on. six, eat food full of flavor. now do not know why things have grown so large, cut a small piece can be fed. Species also greatly enriched. Some people also dedicated a small portion of food to eat, such as eating lips, duck tongue, sin ah. a complete food, energy and utility is complete, separated not so matter. Such as eggs, protein is cold in nature, the yolk is warm, add up to eating, sexual level. Lychee is the most heat, the lychee skin is cool, so I taste lychees way to eat enough of this, a chance to clean the skin to a few to drink tea. Eat a lot of orange at the fire, but the orange peel but can phlegm. Rough or even suggest that you eat raw food, is to ensure that some parts of the food has not been removed. We eat rice, rice germ was basically removed. Then made rice cakes, basically no useful things for people. sometimes those things we throw away more useful than eat. We do not know why they eat eat. Such as corn, corn in most cosmetic effect of corn germ, corn cob is that close to a small semi-circular thing, which is rich in vitamin E, and we spend big money to buy and eat wheat germ oil is an effect. I eat corn super awkward, is to ensure that those left out a small germ. Besides fish throw away the scales, in fact, contain a large number of collagen in fish scales, fish scales and bones of boiled fish-scale freeze, freeze better than leather. Grape skin and seeds more useful than the flesh, but we eat the flesh, the skin and seeds spit, and then spend money to buy grape seed extract has always been cosmetic. In fact, the market buy the raisins with seeds, dried seeds inside, crunchy, good food, but also laxative, treatment of allergies. May be cheaper if they feel ill-treated MM stuff his face it. go to a restaurant for dinner, even worse, no matter what food, oil, salt and seasoning a lot, completely overwhelmed the flavor of food. MM were recommended to eat whole food, eat a little food, STRING small fish sesame shrimp, their energy is the most complete. hate ah, and everywhere in the ads do vitamins, like vitamin is not modern people do not eat. There are a lot of strange food. Eat, or eat? I think we can eat a little bit, but there are three principles: First, you have to understand why eating; second, the food does not meet the needs of the circumstances under which to eat. Third, do not eat much. pills do not care who you sell it, he told you a million vitamins and minerals, medication, who are good to eat. And sell you complex vitamins, you will plan a easy way. Excuse me if the lack of anything, you should consider is a change in diet. selling vitamins will tell you a lot of nutrition is not absorbed from food, this is definitely a lie! Human food is based on the existing over evolution is our physical environment to adapt to the existing food, can not adapt, we should have is extinct like dinosaurs. try to get enough vitamins from food, but sometimes our bodies will be some special circumstances: for example, feelings of tension, the dimension of B will be a substantial body metabolism, in order to ease the pressure we can add dimension B. For a woman syndrome, premenstrual tension, stress big time, and a woman drinking coffee. Vitamin C can prevent sun burns the skin, exposure or after the summer came back from the coast, you can add an extra dimension C. When adding calcium to Victoria D, but at the same time more than the sun. Preparation for pregnancy or early pregnancy miscarriage can add dimension E (doctor). Vitamin supplement little more than some big, water-soluble vitamins such as B, C, eat a lot of yellow urine up, pull-point belly bulge. And some will make more toxic, such as fat-soluble A, D, E or to listen to the doctors. Distinguish between the two is very simple, is water-soluble tablet, capsule generally is fat soluble. In fact, less medication and better, fill-dimensional point B as oral pollen, soak up vitamin C than lemon tea, as to be regarded as a beauty products saint of vitamin E, eating corn, sesame seeds to make up. seven, eating into his mouth and wipe the face. put on the face of all my stuff is saved from the mouth, can wipe a lot of things, but we face relative to the five internal organs Neifu only a peripheral organs, can not it be too tired , can not stimulate it all day. milk: drink a lot of tricks, rose, ginger, and longan, and a variety of almond milk, bananas, strawberries, papaya, tomato, a variety of milkshakes, a province, a Canadian paper membrane can be attaining. Milk is attaining a super good stuff. Can be white, calm the skin, especially after the summer sun and the skin to restore moisture. Milk containing milk acid, mild acid than cosmetics. Attaining a must in the evening, the day the sun had been president of attaining a longer trace. Winter with ordinary milk, use skim milk in summer, but the acid in milk fat in milk, whole milk is not so good effects of skim milk. My compromise is to make their own semi-fat milk: the milk in the microwave, cooled to form the top layer of clothing, that is, fat can be removed once a part of it torn off fat. Every one would be exposing a layer, a fat-free milk, basically. So you can control the amount of milk fat, milk attaining not long Peas, is secret Oh. honey: sugar is more heat, and eat dessert, you can hot drink instead of sugar, honey is a cold. Honey is not bad, it in itself inhibit bacterial growth. Ulcer of the stomach to drink it in the table form a protective film, the ulcerated areas are protected. Similarly, honey skin can inhibit bacterial growth of skin, with honey attaining a more simple, even the paper membrane are saved, by the way you can use it to massage the lips, hands and feet, so they get a little special care. olive oil: olive oil to soften skin. Self-made mineral drops in a little olive oil spray, used to head hair, hair, hard, dry, spray after become supple, but also to prevent sunburn hair. Olive oil can also be put on the body, has been wiped by hand to foot, it does not have imagined greasy, wiping washed with hot water after a while just fine. In summer, the first wipe, and then shower gel. Olive oil to soften the skin better than any lotion I used. pearl powder: Victoria B and calcium is a super combination of (Amway is the dimension of B tablets of calcium) and dimension B and pearl powder is the perfect combination of calcium. When people in the mental stress and vitamin B, calcium excretion also sped up. So whether it is working too tired, premenstrual tension, or drink coffee, you should also add these two stuff. Lack of dimension B on the skin a great impact, it will cause infection is not easy to heal (mouth ulcers or skin infections) and peeling (hands and feet of the dander or dandruff). Pearl powder has other advantages: on the computer to see the MM can be eyesight, poor sleep MM can soothe the nerves of the skin or other parts that can detoxify toxic hot to me that it can Tatu po tocolysis. Just buy the real pearl powder, not the shell powder! beer: a missing dimension in front of that B will play dander, and brewer's yeast contains a lot of dimension B, so drink the rest of the beer can be used to wash your hair. Water to wet the hair first, then topped with beer, with a towel wrapped over a very kind and then wash like normal. O'Neill has previously used the beer shampoo felt very good, now can not find. pollen: vitamin content of food in the two most complete most abundant, is the pollen and mushrooms, so under normal circumstances, do not eat the pollen has more vitamin supplements. Pollen is the plant's sperm ah, containing a lot of nucleic acid, nucleic acid is the best food sources. Want a baby can eat the MM Oh, sure you can pass on good genes. Pollen contains trace hormones, however, do not eat after a pregnancy. Pollen generally has a layer of pollen wall surface, it is not broken, it can not absorb the nutrients inside. So it's time to brew a little hot water, and crushed them all with a spoon to drink. eight, Yin. Yin we say, in fact, relative to the different organs of anger said. Anger different people in different places, some big stomach fire, heartburn, bad breath; anger some people busy all day, get angry; some have lung fire, heat cough. But I think most of the MM are no disease, just a temporary imbalance in the body, there is nothing a little bit of anger, no need to mess medicine. I do not agree to what the fire was busy all day, so the body it is really a fire to go. Because it is difficult to grasp the scale, been to, and too cold and stomach injury. Usually the best light varied diet, emotions do not go to extremes, the heart level air on the flat. Yin lot of things, as we drunk wolfberry, nourish liver and kidney. Wolfberry root, the system is over after Rehmannia, is Liu Wei Di Huang Wan of the main ingredients. I do not eat because Liuweidihuangwan drug, three-drug, it is better to put in the porridge that wolfberry. Another example is the bitter, to the apex, the South used it in the summer soup, pineapple juice drink or labeled as bitter melon. there are many: white fungus, gelatin, Sang Shenzi, Ligustrum lucidum, Polygonatum, duck eggs, sugar, ginseng, duck, lily, cuttlefish, lotus seeds, coconut and coconut milk. bird's nest, very nourishing. Yin is to nourish the body's Yin Ye. Swallow nest is saliva, after condensation into gel to protect Xiaoyan. Once picked, her mother had to swallow and then spit, to no saliva, it will ┬ blood, that is, people think the most nourishing blood Yan. Hashima, the Northeast one kind of Rana's fallopian tubes, and the effect is similar to bird's nest, but Hashima with hormones, as bird's nest of peace. If once a week to eat a small amount of hormone is good, generally increases with Hashima stew coconut milk, coconut milk is relatively cool, so no problem. hand, if we have to get angry, go nourishing, as from the start not to get angry, get angry or stressed modern easy, because eating too much grain too little and manufactures flavors too rich. In fact, grains are righteous, complements the gas is the best. nine, a tree flowers. two years ago bought a potted plant, very bright. Can take home the decline began soon, only a week, spend the whole off the light, the leaves are turning yellow the. Experienced people say that this flower is a hormone spray, in order to sell a good friend, there may just cut down the flowers inserted into the basin, the following is not the root. I can not verify these claims, the past year to use every means necessary to buy a flower, flower fertilizer to spray. This flower has always been listless listless manner. Until one day, the family kept a dead fish, and I buried it under the flower. Hot days, and the chance to change the water more than the fish, fish poo this whole cheap flower this spring, suddenly opened a flower, then the same as Mars, call pull fully open. If it is not gardening, I do not understand how a woman should care for themselves. After 25 years I tried various brands of skin care products, give me the biggest blow was a series VICKY whitening essence, after the skin with severe allergies, blisters. It turned out that this series of added stuff is? Acid (also called kojic acid), soy sauce is a byproduct of the time, in the scientific community is widely suspected to induce skin cancer. Then tried the multi-SKII Essence, exhausted after the long look of beans. friends suffered by modern beauty, in an upscale salon skin care, remember it was autumn, her skin becomes moist, red and tender, I relented. Can be made to the following spring, her face serious allergies, his face still red one white one peeling. Dermatology is now registered in the hospital all year round, as long as a withdrawal soon turned into a large painted face. I think we really are sprayed with a hormone to seek sell flowers. Like plants, people understand, to bloom lasting, we must have enough land to support fertility, those buds blossom on the point that you can immediately pharmaceutical, one out on the withered flower. so a friend sent me SKII whitening mask, said super-effective, used a lot of white skin immediately, I heard did not dare to use. X. fertilizer. retting process of manure, not afraid to spend money trouble, the family with a child shell, ash, do not eat fish gills intestine, Taomi Shui, steep stuff out of a bowl to water the garden smell. Now we see this kind of eating out of food, and are reminders of fertilizer out. fertilizer were also reminders out to do the chewing gum, for example, ingredients: xylitol, maltitol, gum base, D-mannitol, spices, gum arabic, glycerin, gelatin, Brazil Palm wax, emulsifiers, sweeteners (contains phenylalanine), lemon yellow, indigo, antioxidants ... ... MM have snacks can also take a look at its list of ingredients, you will understand that you face is where those spots come from some of the metabolism of our body can not completely to waste. the human body from the natural environment, access to adequate food nutrition. But if we all get manufactured goods from agricultural products rather than nutrition, food processing companies how to survive? So they advertise and even change our concepts of nutrition, so we feel that after numerous processed foods to more than just the stuff off the ground better. In fact, we leave the land for the maintenance of things longer, the worse the effect it. Chinese medicine beauty secret, is to emphasize the timing of many. Such as backyard, they are off to the face for us, is likely to have experienced hundreds of procedure and separated by several years. rice wine is a good thing, especially in winter, it can fill the stomach, lung benefits. Gas temperature can be raised, upright strong, the body will warm up. In the winter, add some red dates, longan, peanuts, blood is simply a prime breast side. However, glutinous rice wine, can not buy in the supermarket. Hours Homebrew rice wine, several kilograms of rice wine, it was a pound. Count a large bottle of supermarket wine only a few dollars, plus a lot of sugar, no grains of rice. Homemade ways: steamed glutinous rice and let cool, mix some wine and song, and then dug a hole in the middle (the wine that is seeped into the hole), with a blanket to wrap the jars, place a few days wine is blowing out. If the wine Riga Ligustrum lucidum or wolfberry, is the daughter wine. very ordinary sesame green beans beauty ah, if you eat the green beans and sesame paste cake did not add too much sugar and preservatives. As for who knows it is not added. Industrial society is so Well. MM also believe that if the natural stuff, but also try their own compost material. í Q: Zhangdou MM fear not dare eat red meat, long beans very common situation, all that red meat heat. If you do not like the meat itself can not eat, use other means, iron supplementation can. Such as eating dark red fruits, cherries, strawberries, mulberry, red dates. Temperature will eat the fruit of light is too low, for fear of red meat, do not add too much hot spice, like a stew. Better add some vegetables, such as roast beef, carrot, lamb hot pot while eating tofu and cabbage. long beans, there are many possible, if the hormone, you can drink milk with soy milk mask; special period made beans, drink some Motherwort of blood stasis; for pressure, eat foods rich in vitamin B and calcium food. Hot days, attaining water with honey can be sterilized (honey, not a bad place, it is itself sterilization), pearl powder can also remove facial oils rich in vitamin B. Will not have side effects. Do not eat too much too cold things, like the turtle Yin Ling cake itself is good stuff, but eat too much, or eat too much ice will hurt the stomach. Once a small bowl, eat the cool autumn on the line. Cold hands and feet, and beans do not trace the old Consumers also shows that the body there is congestion in the period before and after a certain warm, eat warm things. Stomach is not good MM, you can do when the Canadian barley stew, steamed or pressed into the mud to eat barley, can be nursed back to stomach. Barley to improve large pores and dark spots effectively. thirty long after the ripe beans are called, not Qingchun Dou. Qingchun Dou is caused by the sebaceous glands strong, our general there is a small non-endocrine adjustment caused a lot of activities in the pelvis, lower abdomen so that the whole blood smooth, such as the hips, shaking hips or thighs stretched ligaments, have contributed to this site blood circulation. Peas, there are two types of stomach Yun-heat, Peas red, attack wide areas, and can be out of powder, dry mouth, constipation, toothache while bad breath embolism; blood stagnation type, Peas color dark red or purple, menstrual exacerbations. Q: fruit vs. juice only lazy women, no ugly. Seriously in favor of this sentence. summer is coming, supermarket cola crazy promotions, Hedy, Huiyuan Juice. But I drink their own freshly squeezed orange juice. See the bright morning sun, drink a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice bar. Sour taste with a special rich vitamin C, can be calm, anti-inflammatory, skin whitening. Vitamin C is very easy to be broken, and only their own freshly squeezed orange juice to be effective Oh. In short the sun the greater the more acid drink, drink iced tea when fierce add to lemon juice. Spring is the season of rising yang, a winter's accumulation of heat to be distributed out. Warm weather suddenly suddenly hot, the body is easy disorders, skin prone to allergies from the beans. Rich in vitamin B, C of fresh fruits and vegetables can enhance the skin's resistance to sunlight and allergens. MM this season because the sun will play some small spots, they With lemon juice and other acidic stuff mask, be careful in the spring, because spring skin too sensitive. listing of all the fresh fruit juice and drink. Tomato cucumber juice with a little rose is super white beverage. Pineapple juice (add a little salt when squeezed) not only tastes better, and Bromelain can help digestion, to eat the fleshy and the MM is the savior of guilt. Ye Hao papaya, papaya contains papain and papaya enzymes to help digest, break down fat, white breast Oh ~ Some may say, do not eat the fruit directly on the end, doing strenuous labeled as juice it. Fruit is generally a strong sense of fullness, the stomach to eat two fruits to eat, you can drink more fruit juice labeled, nor increase the burden on the stomach. You can also process a variety of fruit juices with the compound. Q: milk made the best supermarket in the sugar too much. Their system can add rock sugar, rock sugar than white sugar moist. There are other benefits of home-made, would like to add kidney beans, peanuts can be added to blood, can be done almond tea. Lungs and cough can drink this fall. Q: hot tea, hot tea reason only that it is afraid of everyone in the hot and dry weather when the greedy to drink herbal tea and iced tea. Speaking of thirst, hot tea better. Hot, the gastrointestinal function almost normally, and then iced things very hurt stomach. Drink hot tea that was the feeling is not fun, but after the body is to quench their thirst. In fact, tea will warm the food in the effective stuff to run faster throughout the body, iced tea is no such effect. Recommended: Mangosteen a small, rose flowers 3-5, 3-5 pieces of red dates, wolfberry 10. Hot brew, this pot of tea, the Mangosteen Qingre, lung, cooling, clearing the lungs relax and thirst; although there are sweet and calorie-free; dates spleen and stomach, qi and blood; wolfberry eyesight, nourish liver and kidney; roses blood to regulate menstruation, liver qi. A cup of hot tea, hot day when you'll feel the sweat on his forehead immediately, Q: morning drink salt water without high blood pressure or kidney problems, nothing bad to drink salt water. A little light as possible on the line. Salt water can remove toxins and stomach anger. Constipation to eat sweet potato is very effective. Q: spot spots now generally corresponds to the uterus of the problem, and cheekbones and a long spot on liver qi stagnation. If the nose and mouth in anger around the stomach is relatively large. Q: Wei Huo Wei Huo large Notional. Real fire manifested as eat good hunger, abdominal discomfort, mouth pain, dry mouth, dry hard stool. Available gardenia, light bamboo tea to drink. Virtual fire performance of mild cough, eating less, constipation, abdominal distension, tongue, little coating, can eat a yin role pear juice, sugar cane juice, honey and so on. Well done to not justify the level of medication, diet to restore just fine. Less popular Sim irritating, fried food, eat light food and fresh fruits and vegetables. Q: yellow skin, uneven color, eye corner spots, cold hands and feet, dry skin, yellow skin liver and kidney function that is not busy; eye spots corresponding to the uterus flavor poor; hands and feet MM cool is a common problem; reproductive system is generally more cold; blood does not reach the body of energy General skin, the skin will be drier. Skin is only a peripheral, it corresponds to the vitality of internal organs. to restore the reproductive system is a whole thing, not to eat a little food or medicine on the line. Exercise, diet and lifestyle have a relationship. Once nursed back to health is good, it's not just a good site, ovaries, pelvic, uterus and other organs will be correspondingly better, the skin on the elimination of all kinds of problems only side effect. Objectively speaking, to seek to survive on two drugs at once a cure is not possible Peas or spots, throughout the human body is a loss for both a prosperity. Q: period pain special weapons combat, is ginger. Many people may have tried ginger in pain when drinking it. Drink one or two results are not necessarily obvious. Ginger is the best warm body, and the drink did not have side effects such as Motherwort. Must be ginger, in the coming days or the first day of feeling pain when eating. Whittled the ginger slices (ginger skin must be retained), as much as a few pieces, the better the more spicy, add a few tablespoons of brown sugar. Do not be afraid of high heat, women in this period will not be a lot of sugar and fat. You can add a little red dates and longan. Hot ginger tea to drink with boiling water. Drink hot ginger tea to be effective. Cup brown sugar if not available then soak time, the two cup sinks, will drink Chuyishenhan, the pain can be immediately reduced. The key point, enough ginger to tea to hot enough. woman taking care of their own care is important is to help the lovely female alumni. Believe it or not: to make you invincible beauty 60 beautiful motto! 1, pocked is the enemy of beauty, if not Concealer pen, you can use a cotton swab dipped in a little water, a little powder coated parts needed, but also can play a good concealer effect. 2, Young head straight to do every day, and turned down the level of the side ring turned around several times to practice and remain upright in life, can cut collar fat off meat chin. 3, either at home or in the cafeteria to eat, try the weight than you actually want to eat some containing less, so that will not be subject to temptation and eating too much. 4, the drops of pure essential oils of lavender on the pillow, pajamas by the collar or drops the ball again in the cotton plug in the pillow, make you sleep a beauty sleep. 5, select your favorite essential oil (fruity, floral, fragrant grass) drop on a paper towel, then placed in a sealed jar of sugar to save at least a week, you will be able to have a unique aromatic sugar. 6, add the spices in the food: olive oil, garlic and fresh black pepper, so delicious to eat when you will feel much can be satisfied. 7, the steering wheel in the car, put a drop of 2 drops of basil, lemon or rosemary essential oil a piece of cotton, can prevent car asleep. 8, carry a small bottle of moisturizing spray, not only to moisture, such as hair or dress does not meet the Macabre stick to the thighs, you will find it more beauty. 9, even if you use the lock color lipstick, are bound to make good food and wine which makes the color dark and light color transparent lip gloss shine to lips attractive to quickly honor, not the lip relative to the previous exclusion. 10, after dinner cup of espresso or cappuccino. Caffeine is a mild appetite suppressant that can help you promote the metabolism. 11, moisturizing liquid foundation using Shu Uemura supple Zhexia can not only strengthen the skin! 40% of their body fluids and body composition close to deep ocean water, make your makeup fresh and supple. 12, mascara should always be careful to start from the roots of the lashes applied to the tipping direction, at the corner of the eye should be applied to the hair, a little mascara applied to the outside you can change out with a cotton swab . 13, each color a different lip gloss can be used alone, or by using different harmonic ratio, and then, or can be superimposed in order to use your lips for the lure of the evolution of the more beautiful. 14, train yourself to eat only at meal time. May take 5-10 days to kick snack time, in this process, if the mouth to chew something, try to divert attention. 15, weight loss should still young, or older, sagging skin, slim down once more to form wrinkles. 16, every day no matter how late at night, do remember that the end of the first week to strengthen the repair period, which is the reconstruction of the endocrine time to eat sleep, on the contrary, the rate of aging will be doubled. 17, do not smoke, smoking can cause premature aging of the skin around the mouth, but also due to less subcutaneous microvascular blood supply, and speed up the wrinkles. 18, both white-collar or blue collar, or in the beginning of a wife in the apartment, as a woman you never Taidalielie, catch. Remember, there are degrees of everything; modesty is always the highest quality. 19, self-massage is a hair coup: the Roudong finger gently on the scalp, the scalp according to the direction of blood flow to the heart, according to the forehead, hairline, temples, neck, back of the head hair of order. 20,25 years of age do not care, it will accelerate the aging of skin! But do not have to spend lots of money to invest in expensive skin care products, choose products with antioxidant ingredients have been enough, or plant extracts such as Vitamin C can be complex. 21, OL because they do not often move, the blood return is not smooth, foot fatigue, so as far as possible the use of leisure time in the office move, often wear comfortable flat shoes, regular foot massage. 22, with a hair dryer blowing very thorough without blowing up the only dry hair root, forming a natural fluffy. And the hair is allowed to dry in the semi-state, so that the hair care products will be more convenient care. 23, consumption of a variety of green tea, vegetable juice (celery juice, tomato juice), fruit juice, or potatoes, grains, seaweed and other foods can help detoxification, two days a week you can eat vegetarian, Let the stomach rest. 24, through the campaign is that many women choose to breast the way, not only breast but also to prevent sagging, the prevention of breast cancer. 25, at home, bath oils can be added, such as lemon grass 3 drops Marjoram 3 drops + + 3 drops of rosemary, can remove the stool, resolve toxins. 26, while movement time to add water, you can drink water or green tea, but not drink carbonated beverages, apart from the sports drinks will affect the movement detoxification, be alert! 27, if you love sugar, it is best to eat less chocolate, candy these simple sugars, eat fruit or starch as polysaccharide, one can reduce the body burden to the other, to carbohydrates purposes. 28, the 3 spoons of brown sugar, heated until dissolved to viscous turn off when, after cooling to 15 degrees wash applied to the face 15 to 30 minutes after the wash, two times a week, which is IN beauty of Japan's most laws. 29, maintain a healthy nail to eat zinc, iron and essential fatty acids in food; such as lean meat, eggs, etc. Dry weather, often with some professional foot cream to keep the foot moist, delicate. 30, let the foot breathe, is a good way to prevent foot odor. If a company allows, you can put a pair of slippers in the office, if not, take advantage of the toilet, what shoes off, let feet breathe. 31, night cream containing the acid in many, A acid composition, because of its high absorption of photosensitive and does not apply during the day. Such as the popular lemon, citrus acid whitening effect, certainly not during the day! 32, lose weight is to be decided hyperactivity eat. If you want an emergency lose weight, eat dinner, the best vegetable soup or a small pot, Wu Shi sweet drinks or snacks, smaller meals a few days later, the face at least a little tip. 33, if skin allergies or unexplained red dot, then should enhance moisture, make-up water can not wet the affected area of ​​alcohol, not too oily and then cover one o'clock the condensation moisture. 34, everywhere you can buy them with the eye pillow bubble of hot water and then soak with cold water, turn heat the cold in the eye a few minutes, remove the temporary eye puffiness. 35, after applying hand cream, hand dipped in hot water, dry your hands again after a few minutes, apply a layer, so that hands will become warm and soft, rough to prevent changes hands aging effect. 36, drinking or lack of sleep will make your eyes look very tired, bloodshot, drop a drop or two on the fatigue effects of eye drops with ease, can relieve symptoms of ocular capillary congestion. 37, with colored pencil in the arm, with the eyebrow brush dipped in color, evenly brush the eyebrows, you will be pleasantly surprised to get a more natural and gentle make-up effects. 38, the slightly damp makeup sponge into the refrigerator after a few minutes, then wipe the sponge a good shot in the foundation of the skin, especially your skin will feel fresh, make-up also is particularly fresh. 39, plus a small amount of mild shampoo conditioner can be used to clean brushes, make a soft brush; detergent diluted with warm water the old eyebrow brush, eyebrow brush to make the best way to restore the original appearance. 40, if you wear glasses, hyperopia, the lens will zoom in his eyes and make-up, this time to dim the eye color should be selected; wearing glasses make eyes look small, should use bright colors. 41, if you want shiny, you can try pure red lip gloss. This important color, your face will become magnetic, in many important occasions are successful women's favorite. 42, the morning cup of fasting SJ Zaohua honey or honey, can prevent wrinkles, but also detox, long-standing cosmetic effect is very obvious. 43, 15-20 minutes a day chewing gum helps to beauty, it is because chewing can promote the facial muscles, improve blood circulation, improve skin cell's metabolism. 44, if there is no stomach problems, especially for women, green tea and oolong tea, tea is the most natural, most effective weight loss agent, and then there is nothing better than the tea, remove the fat gut. 45, when you apply cream when out of a group smaller than usual rubbing with the palms open warm-up, which is more easily dispersed in the emulsion on the skin. 46, from the age of 25 years, an average annual increase of half a pound of fat you are, especially in the face and neck. Regular sex life can enhance the physical ability to breathe, bringing more oxygen to the skin 47, in use on wet skin moisturizer, moisturizer can produce the best results, because they can help save water, rapid wetting of the skin. 48, around the eyes painted in cosmetics must be very careful, because this particular delicate parts of the organization, not a pull or pull action, which makes eye skin becomes loose. 49, the night is the best time to deal with acne, skin experts believe that oil containing antibacterial ingredients and components (such as zinc) to care and skin care products, it is possible to make it disappear in one night. 50, attached to the party if the day should be between the two parties to arrange a health conscious snacks, with salad, steamed, or boiled green leafy vegetables. 51, as long as you think fit a certain period of time, it is that you exercise reasonable time, it completely when you want to take in interest in the sport. The key is to every day. 52, night skin moisturizer when applied to the neck, massage 20-30 from the bottom under until lotion is completely absorbed. Massage must not straight up and down, but rather use the circle method. 53, specifically with a small box to store perfume. If stored properly, a good perfume smell can last for 18 months or longer. Summer to winter perfume store into the refrigerator. 54, perfume before applying lotion. Because dry skin will make the rapid dissemination of fragrance, it should be a natural oil-containing lotion and fragrance mix, you can make a more lasting fragrance. 55, fragrance will be distributed over time, so every 4-6 hours will be re-sprayed once. Similarly, if you want to convert the same day fragrance, fragrance should be applied after 4-6 hours. 56, sunscreen does not mean that everything is all right. Usually the amount of sunscreen applied on the skin as 2 milligrams per square centimeter, in order to achieve the desired protection from the sun. 57, because the skin absorption effect during the day significantly lower than the evening, in order to play the largest role, essence is best to use both in the evening, so its use can also extend the deadline. 58, during the period of tooth whitening do not drink coffee, red wine, tea, if you can not help, you can try with a straw, and not drinkable. 59, the most simple and convenient method of whitening is to drink plenty of water. This will not only promote skin detoxification, but also to the underlying skin by ultraviolet irradiation of melanin melanoma proliferation also be discharged. 60, Sunny is best not to eat

Maintenance Tips

Fuyang city in Anhui belongs to the scale, I am not very clear, but its reputation is far more than a similar Changzhou such a , as usual, will have to Changzhou Railway Station Fuyang temporary trains, and two years ago, organized by the Changzhou composed of dozens of buses mighty car workers went to Fuyang, also became a story. From this perspective, we know Fuyang, is a city rich in labor, of course, it means that their economic level and the Yangtze River Delta cities, there is a certain gap. Fuyang another name of the first, is producing a lot of corrupt officials, Wang Huaizhong, Wang Zhaoyao, Xiao Zuoxin has the famous corruption is typical for Fuyang, Wang, Xiao came to power during Fuyang, Fuyang corrupt can be said is one after another, as of October 2006, according to media reports, The scandal, Chuanan in the country also opened a first of its kind, with a dark to describe the official in Fuyang, it is hardly excessive. Corrupt officials run amok, it will inevitably mean that the people's livelihood can not be guaranteed during Taitouwawa event, Qi Pei-yu was chasing drowning death case, Price resigned long event for the local bonds have caused a sensation in the country. always thought Fuyang after 2006, which is liberated days, a series of anti-corruption actions, give the people of Fuyang, it must be a clean and honest government has spared no effort in serving the public, Fuyang People on the current government is not as satisfactory as the people of Changzhou, which is, I have not investigated, of course, no say, even Fuyang's economy is not made progress in recent years, GDP growth how, I do not information, not say categorically. Touches after only two years, Fuyang once again become a hot pursuit of the national media, this time because of the emergence of large-scale Fuyang infectious diseases. eat whole grains, sick it is a natural thing, and some patients with infectious characteristics, it is no wonder people. The problem is that for people to conceal the fact, let this strange disease spread, it is obviously mismanaged the Fuyang city government, according to media reports, according to Fuyang city government to say, they can not hide the disease, and lists a number of reasons , no way to justify the reasons I detailed study, but the discerning eye can see it, on the buck of a failing government, a government ignoring people's lives, no matter how justified, will not be respected by the people. things already to this point, went to Fuyang, Anhui Province, are long, and by convention, should thank the party and the government's concern, and it seems in the Sky, Fuyang this series of problems behind , is the biggest crisis. That is our personnel selection problem. If 06 years ago in Fuyang, was due to nepotism, because Wang Huaizhong, Wang Zhaoyao, Xiao Zuoxin ruined Fuyang, who led the official style, then in 2006, the Fuyang cadres, should be through our party's carefully selected, believe that the provincial government at that time also spent a considerable effort, made a commitment to rectify the bureaucratic style of Fuyang, according to published online resume, Song Weiping was party secretary of Fuyang's arrival in 2007, he served as the former is the director of Anhui Provincial Communications Department, must shoulder it was the trust and confidence in the leadership, but why is this leadership, in the face of problems, remains unchanged in the old method of using a set of bureaucratic, so that This led to a situation now? fundamental reason is that our system, the bureaucracy is like a big vat, and only in line with those rules of the game in order to survive in official circles, and the rules of the game, in many places, due to the kinds of reasons, has become very dark, which resulted in those who can survive in this game, are well versed in the rules of the game but never tired of people distorting the personnel selection system resulted in the distortion of human nature, in turn, distortion of human nature but also to consolidate the personnel selection system of this distortion, resulting in a pool of troubled waters. This is why, despite the two between the King and Shaw, has a similar complex conflicts like the Three Kingdoms, but does not affect corruption in Fuyang have previous team, which is why, in the effort spent on the Fuyang The official for consolidation, only to find unexpected problems encountered, the current leadership and the leaders of the past, there is no difference between the methods used, because the so-called maintenance of social stability is the first official rules, regardless of such a society stability is to establish on what basis. Fuyang, but most of China is a middle of the city, but the phenomenon of Fuyang is a microcosm of China's large bureaucracy, bureaucratic system that can not tolerate a heterogeneous, of course, impossible to produce a different past The new leadership, even if there is the arbiter, and can only rely on the Fuyang, Fuyang is still Fuyang, Fuyang People's really troubled, if this does not change the bureaucratic system, the people suffered such a disaster of Fuyang, Fuyang People's just not it.

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