Upset by loss, Packers fan stabs man

by Matt Carlson

A Green Bay Packers fan allegedly stabbed a man outside the Leaning Tower of Pizza restaurant on Monday night after a disappointing loss to the Vikings, authorities said.

Minneapolis man Ryan Andrew Hinderaker, 30, has been charged with second-degree assault as a result of the incident, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

According to the criminal complaint, Hinderaker, 30, was arguing with 41-year-old Lefi Heide over the Packers-Vikings when the two stepped outside.

Hinderaker then pulled a knife out of his right pants pocket and stabbed the Heide in the stomach, according to FOX9 news.

Some officers were confused by the incident, given that Heide was reportedly a Seattle Seahawks fan, according to MPR.

Hinderaker later called 911 and turned himself into police custody.  Heide was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for surgery to treat his injury.


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they have this category looks like a very silly bother, in fact, very specific looks like a very strong, in fact anyone else to be fragile seemingly very happy, but the sadness behind the smile Who can understand ...... fact, many times, such people are in self-torture. obviously love love each other, but would rather die of heartache, but also choose to let go. then turned away, free of any tears presumptuous ...... fact, many times, this category easy to understand. they are afraid of loneliness, as a person, they will be cranky. think that they will not end the story, but clearly would think that fuzzy face. Because a person, they feel very insecure. their requirements are always so low, as long as they love the man like ...... accompanied very often, such people are very sensitive, very easy suspicion. a look, a movement, and make them neurotic day. so do not let them panic, do not let them hurt, if you love them ...... fact, many times, this type of people are sentimental. not their sentimental, easily moved by the occasion but nothing more. they like to use words to inscribe their feelings, this is their way ...... a sustenance fact, many times, such people are in a dilemma. is to continue or suspend, is give up or persist. they seem emotional, but often at the end, always make rational control the thinking ...... fact, many times, such people always live in the past. they always inadvertently in the present life to find some sense of deja vu. although they themselves agreed to forget the past, but they forget the past, back to deep-rooted in my mind ...... fact, many times, such people are afraid to see someone else's sweet. not jealous, just before their own and will feel like. then into the memories of past pain to be awaken their consciousness, and then a slowly licking their wounds ...... fact, many times, people are in this category persistent. sometimes do not understand what they insist they are not expecting that ending of the story is still waiting for more damage. they are stupid, in love, will be like a doll, arbitrarily swing ...... this category, too many shortcomings, temper stinks. not only headstrong, but sensitive, suspicious, so either do not close them,beats by dr dre, or treat them with sincerity on. Because their heart is very brittle, injuries can not afford ......

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O blood type personality: O-type people more docile when young, but with age, they will show a strong positive self-advocates and self-expression, even a very bold person. From childhood to old O-man is the biggest change, often docile young and old to tough. O-type people's attitudes in three ways: a good balance of power with the people, for good and evil sensitive, credit stresses friendship. O-type people do not understand the unknown, and its bottom line intent of the people smart and twice as high than the average person does not, it should be said to be five times. Beginning to engage in blood often hear people complain about the investigation: What information were used? of acquaintances, O-type people pay attention to the other's attitude is very friendly, or hostile, and feel particularly sensitive in this regard. Especially in public places to express their views, he told his people in favor and against are very attention. O-type person who is a trusted friend that the other side, their attitude will be hundred and eighty degree change: straightforward, cheerful, friendly easy-going; warm and active care, although with the imposition of the color, but full human warmth. Mentioned earlier, the mind will be fully manifested caress; also like family communication. It can be said, make friends than most O-type people. Conversely, if the enemy is identified, then the other, O-man's response is strong enough. O-type people who showed Huodataiduo weak, while much stronger than themselves, will be subject to the unconditional surprisingly, however, were evenly matched encounter,dr dre headphones for sale, there are good high and low side. O -the most hate seniority, unwilling to succumb to the illusory and no real ability to place Venerable. O-type people love: quiet, and blazing a steady burning of the two. On fire, there are also different , some like the charcoal as the hula hula braved the flames, and some just general red light. Static blazing love and love, their characteristics and tendencies are often diametrically opposed. This may be called the dual nature of love it. O love is the quiet type who focus on reality-based. Its tone is: men generally dependent on the performance of their wish to protect the woman's love; the women want to marry a powerful man, the performance of May also develop this love for the possession of love. Therefore, he (she) looked for the brightest objects. Unconsciously calculating skills to find a man with life skills, or reliability of women. some O-type people to pursue romantic love, revel in the love letter band delivery, spoken rain, so forget the O-man is his focus on reality. So a while to Banhun Shi, married or living together to enter the stage to see some unexpected side, they went to pieces up. O- type people, another feature is that too much to believe his own eyesight, he considered himself the object selected is beyond reproach. So, generally not for others to persuade the move. Conversely, others remind him, as long as the question about the relationship between men and women often do not even listen to listen to. O-type people love at first sight O-type people tend to ignite the fire of love blazing. Love drama is often missed O-figure, it would be difficult to play. So, O-people love how burning up? strange thing is, O-type people, can in an instant insight into each other's everything? O-type people love so much is produced in conversation with each other, but rather that most of the trigger in the accident, once ignited the flame of love, like the other forgotten items sent for their friends, or together with other caught in a dilemma friends and so on. These episodic events are likely to be O-ignite the flame of the hearts of attachments. O-people love the basic requirement is a sense of trust, we can say it is not difficult to get through action. O-man's heart the flame once ignited, will be brilliant brilliance, fire most popular, and I love the O-man for oil than the flames of the fire, a little on is their common characteristics. O-type people is not only a brilliant brilliant flames of love, and with specificity. They can focus on what goals firepower, not to the other side melted a great tendency to never give up, which is also reminiscent of the oil burner. Their purpose is strong, how to think how to do it, so in love on stage also showed a direct-style features. In a variety of blood, the ability to receive love the most when the devaluation of the O-man. O-type people's love, with the oil burner, it would not have even burned the other of the accident. We often see couples in the O-man will always be strictly limited in their daily lives in the smallest range. The indomitable spirit of life, non-stick three O-twist four people is a major feature . But in the event of opponents, a strong sense of competition also makes the O-life confusion. Not very fond of the original object is also in hot pursuit, happened in this case. O- lovelorn people tend to upset a while. But when they did not want to know fully, they will be surprisingly calm at this. It is also a bit like closing the valve stations, will own the oil burner flame. combustible, easy off information on the nature of the investigation and still less now. Accurate and complete grasp of the actual data may also meet the needs of more than a century of time. Nevertheless, the people through a period of observation and communication survey, identified a number of general tendencies. O-type people love a good mood and directly linked to sexual relations, is truly **. Of course, as the O-excretion of prostitutes like the kind of sexual relations is another matter, it is only a means to earn a living woman nothing. However, in general O-person relationships - whether between husband and wife or short-term cohabitation, have cherished the exchange of love consciousness. in love, emotional love straight sex to pay more than the O-man. However, it is worth noting that, O-people love to have sex with the flame sometimes goes out of the end. Therefore, O-boyfriend before marriage and sexual relations, or caution. glance, O-Hao Sezhe people seem more interested in talking about sex then. Unexpected is that these people who mouth words are often in the waves made waves, but the flesh is not so enduring. Sometimes they desire especially strong; sometimes in a state of complete desire, time on the stage clear. The lives of couples, O-man gives the impression that even the poor. Although driven by the lust for love, share, and sometimes unable to extricate themselves, but those who indulge in bed the first of the joy seems to be little. in action in intercourse, O-type people seem to have selfish tendencies. Part of the survey data reflect the time is too short. This is a general, is unclear. O- type people have a few people, perhaps childhood persecuted, or inferiority complex experience that is difficult to ignite the flame of love. This is the exception. This small number of people go to the opposite, there is danger of indulgence.

wash your socks with socks when irrigation ,monster beats by dr dre headphones, electric fan loved to listen to when vibrato , always to drink water when ... ... a child blowing a lot of us worked very silly now to think of something , but these Your child has done what stupid does ?

wanted to return to Beijing to fight once again , I do not believe I can not get high salary , I am now very confident of their skills . Salaries reflect the ability of a person do ? Patience , patience , patience,dr dre headphones for sale, how much , there is little likelihood of success . reality , let me helpless, but I always focus on my ideals . I want to be very H- technical workers, skilled accompanied my life have I accompanied a loved one I am very satisfied .

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woman really want? This topic is very heavy, very painful. fact, not every woman wants more: a stable emotional warm family, plus a fixed working good atmosphere and harmonious living environment. but I do not know why, is too complicated society,beats by dr dre, or God's quest for those things that women are too greedy? Until now these women have not many, of course, women do not want to be more of these endless, the more often, not a woman do not want these things, but women can not afford to dream of these things, not think about these things . addition they believe no such luck, there are women chasing these things in the past, and continue to fight the pain of regret, let them forget the old things they seek, but so little, but so far away. woman for love and marriage expectations, always so beautiful romance, but not every woman will have as happy, even if some woman happy fingers shaking, can not really into happiness door. In addition to this there feelings between men and women shaking uncertain, there are men and women of the world to different temptations, the temptation to each other when we, when, when the emotion is nothing but speculation and suspicion of each other to go into the desert. sometimes want to give God a woman like water tender, brilliant if peach face, why the modern, but all women become like a In a market driven economy, stop the fighting, this battle seems never to cease Daijuan not even dare to have any depression of the state. whether a woman in the face of feelings, or in the face of business, when the trade-offs can not be reconciled when the woman rational choice of a career, because a woman he is very clear differences in some emotional, emotional swings and shaking, there is no real potential to tap their true opacity. many men say that women now selfish self, but the original sinking, gentle and tender woman's heart, whom the cold is extinguished? Clever woman will have a guilty feeling experienced when confused, even some one say: a woman or a silly point to do good, good, or woolly-headed, even if a woman did this, the result? Not allow a woman that they are injured. that I have been subjective: a woman or a selfish point is good, not that selfish to others critical of harsh, but that woman in the face of emotional self-time, still have to learn to selfishness, love can eat it? Those vows and lies can make you eat meal? woman for myself more than anything else, take good care of their feelings and emotions better than anything else, do not think anything can rely on to have a share, to rely on is very warm, like a key in the movement When a bend and stuck, but when all the beauty and dreams seem to have become no longer natural. person's mind that he's selfless and for a given individual, but also that he will measure the pros and cons in the minds of each other's values, in this ambiguous world, from the recruiters is the fundamental survival, the so-called sincere and beautiful fairy tale, when the prince and princess met when the glaciers, and how much Jack? Escape Jack touches abound. Human life only once, regardless of how the process, had to learn to live good lives for themselves and their families. modern woman in addition to independent self-reliance, had to learn to let go, do not care about other people ask you what you want in the end? But in the end you want to understand what you own, thought about what kind of life? A lot of time you live for yourself, not live for others? marriage choice is to pay two-way interaction and thinking, rather than individual choice, to do word problems in addition to marriage, the more often do the proofs. This question is proof of just how good, is indeed a major problem. Although many women are fond of saying: I love you but has nothing to do with you. But do these really the Love with others, not as careful management of their lives. woman only learned to know themselves, to take care of their own good, and have the capital to win the happiness of love. Mutual appreciation and love are, as to attract the relationship between global and local, no matter what we have experienced in the past, we had to live for their own good. Whether or not you are now gone well, had desperately to live his life more abundant health. no comparison between a woman, even if you do not lose can lose yourself. Lost to normal people, this society, he is the survival of the fittest.

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