Analysis: Computer Assisted Reporting

by Matt Carlson

Today more than ever there is a reliance on digital technology in order to produce and publish news content.  From blogs to Facebook and back to traditional news websites, computers are essential to modern reporting.

In an article published in the New York Times, famed director Peter Jackson discusses on of his upcoming movies called The Lovely Bones.  The story is nothing spectacular nor necessarily unique, but it definitely demonstrates the benefits of computer assisted reporting.

The story is presented in three parts.  There is a text article, an audio interview with Jackson, and then a slideshow, which is matched with Jackson's audio.

Computers essentially make this entire story possible because not only was it published online, the only place where it could be assembled the way it was, it was also produced using a computer.

I think this is definitely the future in terms of reporting and possibly newspapers.  I think news agencies will always be around, but paper media may not.

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