Anti-Drug Leader Slain in Honduras

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by Matt Carlson

Gen. Julian Gonzalez, director of the Office for Combatting Drug Trafficking was killed on Tuesday according to a national spokesman, reported by CNN.

The shooting took place in Honduras' capital, Tegucigalpa.  Gonzalez was traveling alone without a typical entourage of bodyguards to drop off his daughter at school, according to CNN.

He was shot six to nine times and died on the scene.  The shooters rode on one motorcycle and it seems they waited until his daughter was dropped off and took the first opportunity as Gonzalez stopped in traffic.

It's one of the highest murder rates in the region, according to the BBC.  Honduras is tangled in a political mess at the moment, but the shooting has been deemed unrelated to political tension, according to the CNN article.

Although others some say the shaky political situation could create an atmosphere can prosper, according to the CNN.

1 Comment

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