State's First Winter Storm is a Doozy

by Matt Carlson

We could expect up to eight inches of snow by Wednesday, according to the Star Tribune

That will be joined by heavy wind and temperatures approaching zero degrees. The National Weather Service described it, simply, as "an extremely dangerous winter storm," according to the Star Tribune.

The storm is forecast to be even worse in the south.  With hundreds of schools already closed for Wednesday, the storm hadn't let up. The  Minnesota Department of Transportation warned drivers in 21 counties to stay off the roads, according to the Star Tribune article.

Despite the harsh weather the Minnesota State Patrol reports no fatalities, at least according to the Star Tribune article.  In a similar article about the storm in The St. Paul Pioneer Press, The Minnesota State Patrol said there was indeed one fatality.

A 22-year-old woman from Rogers swerved to avoid a car on the side of the road.  She rolled her car and came to a stop upside down in a pond for 25 minutes.  She died early Wednesday morning, the Pioneer Press reports.

The Pioneer Press article warns the snow will continue to fall through the day on Wednesday with a winter weather advisory in effect all day long. 

The National Weather Service urges motorists to have a winter weather preparedness kit in their cars and exercise caution when driving in winter weather conditions, according to the Pioneer Press.

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