White Castle Complaint Dropped

by  Matt Carlson

A woman scooter-riding former stripper has dropped her complaint against White Castle Restaurant for their refusal to serve her in the drive through when she rolled up in an electric mobility scooter.

According to a Star Tribune article, the woman, Ariel Wade, was "madder than fish grease" over the incident.

Last June Wade was refused service at the Rice Street White Castle restaurant just after midnight when the only part of the store open was the drive through.  According to White Castle, she was not served because her scooter posed a safety threat to other customers using the drive through, according to the City Pages.

The Department of Human Rights agreed with White Castle, saying there was no wrong doing on the part of the fast food chain.  Wade's private law firm, the Minnesota Disability Law Center didn't have the resources for a private claim, according to the Star Tribune.

Wade said that some in the community support her, while others say she's exploiting the system to receive special services due to her disability.  Either way, Wade said in the Star Tribune article, "I can't go anywhere without being called the White Castle lady."

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